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InLinuxLowerFileZillaInstallation first decompress: tar jxvf FileZilla_3.0.8.1_i586-linux-gnu.tar.bz2.

Put the decompressed folder in your home.

Cd directly to the decompressed FileZilla3/bin folder

./Filezilla to run.

Create shortcuts on the desktop.

Cd to/usr/share/applications

Sudo gedit filezilla. desktop

Enter the following content:

  1. [Desktop Entry]
  3. Encoding = UTF-8
  5. Name = FileZilla
  7. Comment = Ftp Client
  9. Exec =/home/wenjun-ubuntu/FileZilla3/bin/filezilla // This is the absolute path of your filezilla File
  11. Icon =/home/wenjun-ubuntu/FileZilla3/share/pixmaps/filezilla.png // This is the absolute path of your filezilla Icon.
  13. Terminal = false
  15. Type = Application
  17. Categories = Application; Network;
  19. StartupNotify = true

Now cp filezilla. desktop ~ /Desktop

Double-click to run the task. Vxcf explanation: j-refers to calling the compression software, x-extract the file, and vf-display in detail

The article explains how to install FileZilla in linux! I hope this article will help you!

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