Install Win7 What to do if Windows Installer is unable to configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

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  Method One:

When prompted, press SHIFT+F10 will open the Command window, into the C:windowssystem32oobe folder, enter the Msoobe carriage return, you can enter the next step into the user name and password operation.

At this point the error box is still there, don't bother. Follow the on-screen prompts to enter the appropriate information, click on the Red Fork on the error box to close the dialog box, the system restarts, also skipped this error, until the system successfully installed. After installation, WIN7 system has no problem.

  Method Two:

Download the Windows 7 x64 F6 drive to Intel's official web site, which is a driver that can be added ahead of Windows 7 installation, and can be added to when the installer chooses or manages the partition's procedures

  Method Three:

Install the system this work, perhaps a link will be stuck. The tip you're talking about should be a sudden hint when the system is installed and the hardware detects and the corresponding driver starts: Windows Installer cannot configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware

Then, it goes into the dead loop, constantly reminding, constantly reloading, all useless. So, each master of the road, rearrange the layout of the system, and constantly change the installation disk; The idea was right, but it didn't catch the key. Here are a few reasons: 1, most of them are installed Win7, especially 64-bit. 2, mostly with the new 2.5-inch 750g7200 turn of the hard drive. 3, the Machine BIOS option has SATA Operation (SATA operation) This option is used to configure the operating mode of the built-in SATA hard drive controller. With these points, we can clearly find the cause of the solution. The reason is to configure the operating mode of the built-in SATA hard drive controller. Because the new technology is endless, inter, the hard disk manufacturer or not, Microsoft. The pace of follow-up is inconsistent, there will be fighting phenomenon. In fact very simple, nothing more than a chip patch inter, such as inter F6 patches. In fact, to see the 3 points I mentioned above, it is easiest to start with the working mode of configuring the built-in SATA hard drive controller. First F12 or F2 into the BIOS, look at the model depends. SATA Operation (SATA operations) are then selected in the System Configuration option, which is generally optional: ATA, AHCI, and RAID. Just choose AHCI. Never select Disabled (disabled). Save exit.

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