Installing a Docker personal virtual machine under Linux

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First, prepare an ISO file system, then load it with a virtual machine, and if you can't go to

Guaranteed 64 for System kernel 3.0 or above

Many ways on the internet have not been possible, but this is the author of the pro-test feasible

First step: Check the kernel: uname-r

Yum update is possible if the kernel is not supported

Step two: Remove the old version and legacy files

$ sudo yum remove Docker                   Docker-client                   Docker-client-latest Docker-Common Docker-latest Docker-latest-logrotate Docker-logrotate Docker-  SELinux Docker-engine-selinux Docker-engine

Step Three: Install the required system Tools


-y yum-utils device-mapper-Persistent-data lvm2     

Fourth step: Add software source information

sudo yum-config---Add-repo /linux/centos/docker-ce.repo

Fifth step: Update the Yum cache

sudo yum makecache fast  

Sixth Step: Install Docker-ce

-y Install docker-ce  

Seventh step: Start the Docker backend service (stop if the service is stopped)

sudo systemctl start Docker

Eighth step: To prevent Docker from shutting down after rebooting, you can set this

sudo systemctl Enabel Docker

So the installation is complete.

Installing a Docker personal virtual machine under Linux

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