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Editor: the blue ideal was founded in 1999 October, as one of the largest design sites in the country to build website design and development People's home for the purpose, to introduce network development technology and Web site design communication as the main content. Its website content production is excellent, every day will have the member meticulously produces the tutorial release, selflessly to the Netizen to help, but also has held many design competitions and has developed many is still many websites application the related procedure. And the published works and reviews by a number of media attention and experts praise, but also established its own network design and development of the authoritative position.

Over the years, the blue ideal site has been some well-known domestic websites, traditional media focus on the promotion, and has been Google, Baidu, Yahoo , Sohu, Sina, excite and other major search sites included, Now the blue ideal has developed into the most influential web site design, development of one of the professional website. Blue Ideal currently (August 2005) Alexa Global website ranking is 1099, members up to 190,000 people, in the domestic design of the site is one of the highest of several sites, this ranking for many commercial sites are also very envious.

Blue Ideal Webmaster Zeng Jianyang

Blue Ideal site webmaster: Zeng Jianyang, Network name: Blue. Hunan Governor Sha. 1997 graduated from Hunan Province of light industry, Science School of Fine Arts Department of Film and television advertising professional. Blue is the website design experts, since 1999 has been involved in the production of a number of websites, including Siemens China website, GM China website and so on. Of course, the biggest achievement of blue is the creation of a well-known web design technology website "Blue Ideal". Today we invited the Blue ideal webmaster Zeng Jianyang to chat about the blue Ideal website's growth course and future development direction.

Visual League: Blue Hello, First brief to our readers about the Blue ideal website basic situation?

Blue: Blue Ideal website set up very early, at the end of 99 was established, at the beginning of their own learning site in the construction of experience sharing and works show, behind slowly become a platform for technical exchanges. We have simply stated our guiding ideology in our homepage title--The home of website design and developer. Our positioning is a network for the vast number of designers, developers to provide services to the site.

Visual Alliance: What's the biggest difficulty in building a website at the beginning?

Blue: The initial difficulties feel a lot, because they do not know anything, in addition to their own study, but also to solve the problems encountered by others.

The website will encounter many problems during different development periods. A general list of it, perhaps some webmaster did not encounter, we can also estimate their own to meet the problem.

In the beginning that is to want space and domain name, now it seems, these problems are not big, rich, in 99, these two expensive, and do not know where to buy. There are a lot of early Chinese domain names, are bought by friends in the United States.

Then decide the site theme, content planning and web design production, is simply to make a website to, and then the promotion of the.

User groups have a certain accumulation, it is necessary to increase the interactivity of the site, then the choice of procedures and production is the focus, in 99 such resources are very few, we do not have the ability to do this, of course, now do the site easier, the Internet download a program on the line.

Then there is the database and server issues, because to provide more quality services, the use of virtual host is not enough. This is the time to put in the most, it is not easy to take out tens of thousands of to buy servers and hosting. Most of the webmaster, in this will have a lot of experience. Our site is in the Internet is the most bleak time to this stage, each company is in the compression of expenditure, we have changed nearly 20 hosts in the country, are friends for free. It was not until the end of 2002 that the first own server was available.

On the scale of the website, after management of the problem is highlighted, because the increase in personnel, management costs increased, put a lot of energy, a lot of people's web site, to balance the various relationships is not easy, I line management team members have more than 300 people, they further down the management of more than 100,000 people.

To maintain the concentration of the site crowd, give up a lot of people do not belong to the positioning of the crowd, resist a lot of temptation. Focused, sustained and responsible to develop.

In 2002 with the server, there is a fixed expenditure, it is necessary to face the pressure of profit, no money is absolutely not. Balancing inputs and outputs is a learning discipline.

2003 began content construction, is to do the media operation, this is a new knowledge.

After the beginning of the content construction, the procedure technology again in front of the eye, many places need to perfect, the design. The training and management of editors and the promotion of website operation are all problems.

After a period of operation, distributed site technology has become a difficult problem, a single server can not support a large number of visits.

We have solved and weathered these problems, and perhaps there will be repeated. But we are not worried, in the process of website development, there are many problems are fatal, do not blindly expand the scale of development.

At present, we are solving the problem is to establish the core value of the site expansion and branding, diversification, product operation. Provide value-for-money value-added services to members. Increase the site's own hematopoietic function, improve the ability to resist various risks. In addition, we use our ready-made management and operation experience to penetrate and spread to different industries.

Overall, talent, capital, technology, is the constant theme.

Visual Alliance: How many core members were there when the site was first established? What's the status of everyone now? What do you think of the team problem?

Blue: At the beginning of the establishment of the core members have three, a back home, just married, and a car accident. So, I'm the only one left.

Anyway, I think it is not very good to do the site, if you can give up the network, living ordinary People's life is very good, I am very happy that they chose the network has nothing to do with normal life. I'm a pathological Yixiwei, so it's good.

Of course, our current management team has been very large, six years of cumulative moderators have a good hundreds of people. Everyone is working hard.

The team is of course very important, talent is a big problem ah, to manage the difficulty, I am still groping in this respect.

Visual Alliance: Why is the blue ideal website successful, what do you think of the Blue ideal "killer application"?

Blue: Blue Ideal in everyone's joint efforts to achieve some results, but I think we have a distance from success, there are many ideals have not been achieved, we just live within our means, there is no utilitarian, try to be careful and responsible for member services, seriously cultivate this experimental plot.

Killer application, I think our members are our Killer class bar, the backbone of the country's major sites, have our website to cultivate members, each member, in doing what the time, think: "I also do something for the blue ideal?" ”。 That's a lot of exaggeration. Ha ha.

Visual Alliance: We heard that you are now moving to Changsha, is to make a big impact on the site, the blue ideal site will change the direction of the future?

Blue: Yes, I have returned to Changsha. There are a lot of resources in Changsha, the second is that the manpower is not expensive and the quality is high, you can do more with limited funds. Big action is not easy to say, just more input to the site to do it, I am still very dissatisfied with our website.

We will not have too many changes, our positioning is accurate, members are concentrated. Same, to change will only become better.

Visual Alliance: You were a professional graduate of advertising, how to choose to do the site this way?

Blue: I can only say that the world is wonderful. Because all the advertising agencies in Beijing don't respond to my resume, and only one internet company wants me to go for an interview.

Visual Alliance: Many people say that the blue ideal site is biased towards technology, what do you think of the relationship between technology and design philosophy ?

Blue: Technology is very standard, not too much controversy, but also the bottom, we must first popularize technology, the site to establish authority, we must first do technology. At least, people know that the Blue ideal website, learn the things, not wrong. If it is a pure design concept, this is a matter of opinion, the struggle to fight, also do not know who to listen to, there is no unique standard. So there's no way to say it's too authoritative.

With the foundation of technology, and then to do the design, there will be less constraints, in addition, the design can be achieved. So the right technology is necessary.

We already have members, we have established authority, and our members are also unusually loyal to us. The future of the website will be to the art theory, Humanities aspect enlarges the proportion. After all, with the history and culture of the precipitation, the site is more dynamic and stable.

Visual Alliance: There is a message that there are venture capital enterprises on some domestic design-related sites have investment intentions, how do you think of this problem?

Blue: Regardless of whether the news is true, I personally heard the news is still very happy, after all the efforts of many years, have venture capital began to pay attention to our industry. But objectively speaking, the investor is to see the profit, now everyone can not see the prospect of profit, the whole industry is not standardized, the diversity of employees, coupled with the target population itself is not very large, doomed to short-term investment will not have immediate effect, if it is me, I will not want these investments to affect my long-term operational objectives. There is no large enough monopoly of the site, no strong self hematopoietic function. Can not be brought to the investors return.

Visual Alliance: How does the blue ideal website Enter the benign capital cycle? What are the specific measures?

Blue: Reduce expenses, live within your means, and do not easily provide services that consume no output. If you have to provide, you need long-term planning, detailed testing, once provided, we must do the best, not halfway.

Visual Alliance: What do you think about the current status and development prospects of current design websites in China? What web site development model is worth learning?

Blue: I think it is a big problem to repeat the construction, repeat the content and the pattern is single. And everyone's profit model is not clear, each other competitive pressure, limited advertisers are not concerned about, we all have a very bitter, this is our status quo.

The future, I think it is very bright. National size so many designers ah, designers are mental, knowledge-intensive crowd, high income, higher consumption, there will be a lot of people concerned.

Website mode, let's not talk about it. Hope we can come out a way, for you to draw lessons from. I believe we can see our model within one or two years.

Visual Alliance: Please use a word to summarize the future development of domestic design website.

Blue: Climb This mountain, you can see the sunrise.

Visual Alliance: For those who have supported the blue ideal for years, say a few words.

Blue: Thank you for your support, blue ideal for us to bring a lot of things, accompanied by our joys and sorrows.

All the difficulties will pass, the blue ideal is our designer's home.

In the future, she will always help us selflessly.

Visual Alliance: Thank you very much for accepting the interview with the Visual Alliance website, and finally wish the blue ideal website to develop smoothly!

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