IoT framework Serversuperio.core (. Netcore) Cross-platform, one set of device drivers-all-in-one embedded, PC, cloud services

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1. Overview ... 2

2. Serversuperio.core Cross-platform development environment ... 2

3. Serversuperio.core features ... 2

4. Serversuperio.core and Serversuperio difference ... 2

5. Embedded applications ... 2

6. PC Application ... 2

7. Cloud Service Application ... 2

8. Application and test instructions, take the Linux platform as an example ... 2


Our data-receiving services for the Big Data Platform (cloud) platform are based on Serversuperio development because of the more integrated features that cannot be implemented across platforms and now run under Windows. But cloud-based, standardized construction, cross-platform is a must-go technical route. On the basis of Serversuperio tailoring and adaptation to achieve Serversuperio.core cross-platform applications.

Serversuperio.core cross-platform meaning is that a set of device drivers can be deployed anywhere, the core device driver interface is always consistent, such as: embedded, PC, cloud, and so on, from the bottom to the cloud as a whole link to achieve arbitrary deployment, greatly improve efficiency and save costs.

Serversuperio.core Cross-platform development environment

Serversuperio.core is now developed based on. Netcore 2.0, which is a cross-platform adaptation of serial port (COM) operations and network (NET) operations. The original version was developed using the VS2017 environment and the Vscode tool was used for cross-platform development debugging. The whole universe is the first ide+ cross-platform development tools, or more convenient. Serversuperio can also be cross-platform based on mono without the integration of OPC, but it feels that mono is still heavier if it is based on. Netcore for service-or transactional-based applications. The class map is as follows:

Serversuperio.core features

(1) Lightweight high performance IoT communication framework, combined with application business, suitable for a variety of application scenarios, polling mode, automatic control mode, concurrency mode and singleton mode.

(2) device driver, IO Channel, control mode scene coordination and unification.

(3) The device drives the interior command drivers, command buffers, custom parameters, and real-time data elements.

(4) The framework platform supports scheduling according to the priority level of the device command, ensuring that high-level commands are sent in a timely manner.

(5) A device driver supports both serial and network communication methods, can monitor IO channel data.

(6) A device driver that can support TCP server and TCP client two modes of operation during network communication.

(7) network communication can be set up a plurality of controllers, load balancing the operation of the device scheduling.

(8) Support WebSocket Network communication protocol.

(9) Built-in service component interface, can be customized to complete the OPC service, 4-20ma output, led large screen display, SMS services, as well as multi-functional gateway services.

(10) You can create multi-service instances to complete the split of different businesses.

(11) Support cross-platform deployment, can run on Linux and Windows systems.

(12) Support the data connector interaction between device drivers.

(13) Support the data connection interaction between device driver and service driver.

The difference between Serversuperio.core and Serversuperio

Embedded Applications

Using Serversuperio.core can run in Ubuntu Mate, Raspbian and other embedded operations, if the pure Linux kernel on the cropping system run, no practical application of this, interested users can test.

Host computer Application

Serversuperio itself is based on the development of Superio, Superio is mainly used in the development of the host computer, but with the development of cloud, big data, industrial Internet, to adapt to high concurrency, standardization, systematic application of new trends, Refactoring developed the Serversuperio framework. The Superio framework is not currently maintained, but it can be developed based on Serversuperio or serversuperio.core, such as:

Cloud service Apps

The data interaction service for our big data platform is now based on Serversuperio, but it is recommended to use Serversuperio.core for cross-platform and containerized development. Of course, can also be embedded, the driver of the host computer cloud, deployed in the cloud, no need to specifically modify the code. Now our platform is running in real-time services:

Application and test instructions, take the Linux platform as an example

(1) Environment preparation

Installed on Ubuntu 16.04 operating system. Netcore 2.0 or later, and Vscode development tools. To download the official website, the process will not repeat.

(2) Download the test program

Download the test program to, download the extract and copy it directly to Ubuntu operation.

(3) Open the program directory using Vscode

Since already using Vscode debugging, can start debugging directly, run Testselfmain project. The default listening port is: 6670.

(4) using TestDevice.exe analog equipment

(5) Actual operation effect

1.[serial] "C # communication (Serial and network) framework design and implementation"

2.[Open source]c# cross-platform IoT communication Framework Serversuperio (Ssio) Introduction

2. Superio (SIO) and open-source cross-platform IoT framework Serversuperio (SSIO) building a system's overall solution

3.c# Technology Roadmap for industrial IoT and Integrated system solutions (data source, data acquisition, upload and receive, ActiveMQ, Mongodb, WEBAPI, mobile app)

5.github Address:

6. Help small and medium-sized enterprise cloud, promote industrial Internet platform flourish, complete solution.

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