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Iot Significance

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A friend who has read the Count of Kidu mountain by Dazhong Ma, I believe that he will remember the father of Prosecutor Verf and the right-hand assistant of Napoleon, Mr. nodié.

Notier, Xiao Xiong of smart intelligence, planned Napoleon's complex operations and successfully defeated the British and German coalition forces and moved Napoleon back to France on the island of erba.

Napoleon escaped from the island in February 26, 1815 and led 1000 people to return to France in March 1. The army of the French kingdom, which was originally sent to stop him, continued to support Napoleon. In March 20, Napoleon returned to Paris. At this time, he had a regular army of 0.14 million people and a volunteer army of 0.2 million people. Louis 18th fled and the hundred-day dynasty began.

Mr. novet is not only talented, but also chooses a inferior weapon in a fair duel, the former French army's best musical master, General queesnell, was killed under his sword.

Unfortunately, a sudden stroke took the health of Mr. Nortier. After the stroke, Mr. Nortier was unable to move like a zombie. In the morning, he sat down in the chair and pushed it in the room. At night he was taken out of the chair. There was a big mirror in front of him, and the mirror looked at the room, so that he doesn't have to turn at all-he can't turn at all-he can see all the people who come into the room and all the circumstances around him.

Although his brain is as keen as he was before he became ill, novet cannot take care of himself in his own life.

The Internet, which is confined in the cage of the digital world, is like Mr. notier after a stroke. The emergence of the Internet of Things is like turning back time and recreating the Old Glory of Mr. notier.

The Internet is equivalent to the brain and sensor of Mr. nodiné, And the actuator is the skill of Mr. nodiné, the sensor network is a neural system that leads to the Internet, the brain of Mr. notier.

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