Is FrontPage obsolete by Microsoft or by the market?

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A few days ago, Microsoft announced the elimination of FrontPage, which ranks top three in it News rankings for a website. To be honest, it is estimated that many people who use computers or even web pages have not used FrontPage. Why, because in this market, Dreamweaver has become the industrial standard of facts. Why? Apart from the human nature and power of Dreamweaver itself, as well as its coding is more standardized and complies with W3C standards, it also supports fireworks, Flash, freehand, even Photoshop can be used properly.

When I got online in my 98 years ago, HTML files were a wonderful thing. At that time, I remembered hotdog as a mainstream web tool, and I forgot some other tools because of their names. When FrontPage was launched in the past, it was really good because it could easily convert office files such as word into webpages. However, it was later known that due to the nonstandard format, apart from good ie browsing, other browsers such as Netscape and opera cannot be browsed normally. I personally think that Microsoft FrontPage was not successful because it was positioned as an office tool in the first place. In order to be compatible with office, it lost the opportunity to be compatible with industrial standards. This may also be why FrontPage is placed in the office suite, rather than at least there is a chance to sell as an independent product as Visual FoxPro does.

Therefore, FrontPage is not so much eliminated by Microsoft as it is eliminated by the market, because Web page makers have long abandoned this tool. Microsoft announced the elimination of FrontPage because quasi-standby pushed two more professional new products, expression web and SharePoint designer. From the product positioning point of view, Microsoft is imitating Macromedia's webpage tool sanjianke. In response to previous comments on Microsoft, Microsoft has always been a follower of IT technology, not an innovator. In terms of webpage creation, the habits of the artists and the training methods of the tutorial guides determine the inertia of web tools. This is evident from Apple Computer's position in advertising, art and other markets.

That's far away. In short, FrontPage is not a memorable product. It was abandoned by users before Microsoft sentenced it to death.

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