It turns out that this is the most challenging time for everyone.

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1. I attended the medical school and took the GRE, new TOEFL, and my usual class and trainee course in the last 10 professional courses.
In other words, medical schools do not select courses. The school will arrange all the courses for this semester Based on the semester you are studying. The courses are full from morning to night. You are free to choose only two kinds of courses, one is an optional course in the evening, and the other is to repeat the previous course. Therefore, the normal arrangement of medical schools for that semester is 10 professional courses.
In order to take the GRE test, it only took about a month before and after the test. In that month, almost all the lessons that can be escaped were reviewed at home, and I thought it was impossible. Every night, you can get up at, get up at around, and go to bed at pm. All the time except for eating and sleeping, you are carrying GRE words and doing questions. Go out once every 7-10 days. When you go out for more than one hour, you will visit the Lianhua hypermarket to buy delicious food... I remember seeing my neighbor walk the dog once when I went out, and I laughed at myself in a funny way. Alas, the dog is really leisurely. Every day, I have time to go out and go shopping, I have been free for more than a week to go out for food... I have never touched English again since I passed the cet6 test in my sophomore year. After many years of hard work, I got a good GRE score, then it is a good foundation for applying for a good school ~~~

After the GRE test, I began to take the remaining eight medical tests without a stop. After the examination, I started my internship in the hospital. Then I took the test of the new TOEFL and prepared all my graduate school applications. All processes are completed within six months of that year. Now, I am still preparing for a more important U.S. doctor's license exam. In contrast, the GRE + 10 courses in the past are obviously just a piece of cake ~ In fact, this is how life comes up step by step, and there is always a reward to pay. If you look back, seize the opportunity, and work hard, you will not regret it. Come on ~

2. when I was a senior, I spent a month in the library. I went to the library at a.m. and went back to the library at a.m.. I tested the software designer for another month and passed the cet6 test, I got a first-class scholarship that year. It was a very substantial part of my learning career, and I didn't have the college entrance examination ......
After work, there was a project in danger and had no experience at all. It took about ten days to complete the planning, design, and material production until the overall planning and implementation of the meeting. I only slept for four or five hours a day, during the rest of the time, we worked at home, coordinated with suppliers, designers, companies, customers, and the customer's five business divisions. During the period, we also changed three suppliers, and the customer's site also changed three times, the five major business units are still in a bid. Fortunately, the ordering meeting for more than four hundred people was successfully completed. After the shower, I almost fainted in the bathroom. After sleeping for several days, I still floated. I lost six catties in a week ......

3. from small to large, my brother said that I have grown up in pampered ways. My IQ is okay, and EQ is not good. So I didn't make any effort in my school, and I did not work very hard in high school, but my performance was good, now, I regret it. If I work hard at that time, it is estimated that the national key points should be okay.
I want to talk about my second job after I graduated from college. It may be a rare thing for many people. It is not even worth mentioning, but I will remember it.
My second job is to do sales, because it will feel that the sales salary is high, and more importantly, I feel that I am suitable for doing it. Our company runs projects. Because of the high-end products, we generally run large projects, such as state-owned enterprises, banks, and foreign companies. These projects are generally in the suburbs of cities or development zones, every company is far away from each other. There is no snack bar on the road, no mall, no restroom, and there is a high fence between every company.
I remember one time I went to the dock to find a project. I got up early in the morning and took the bus to the development zone. There was no bus, because the company had factory cars and there was no other store. No other transportation means, the sun shines. from morning till noon, I will return to my aunt, haha, looking for a project and seeing that there is a project under construction that is about to pass, then I asked the person in charge to talk about our products. The dock was very long and it was like this. There were no transportation tools and there were trucks dragging containers from time to time. It was very dusty. I remember very clearly, I will go to the China Communications Administration, and I will be in front of an Audi A6 and Shanghai license plate. Two or three people in suits and suits will look back at me and go to the construction site. I guess I was thinking about what this girl was doing here. Then I went in and asked someone to ask about the project location.
In the afternoon, I took a bus back to the bus station and switched many buses back to the city. About six o'clock P.M. Don't eat or drink a day, because the weather is hot, people have no appetite, just drink water, eat a meal at home in the evening, find project information online, finish sleeping, continue the next day. During that time, I lost a lot of weight and got a lot of pressure. I thought about many things every day. But looking back, I have learned a lot and the society is very realistic.

4. after I graduated from college, I used to learn computer science. I found a job in a securities company, which is like a mountain. I really don't know what it is. I cannot tell the stock funds clearly, not to mention the option warrants... According to the regulations of the company, you must obtain the securities Qualification Certificate within one month. If you fail to obtain the qualification certificate, you will be covered. Several books !!! Finally, I rented a house next to my company and spent more than ten days in the house. I thought it was a waste of time for me to eat instant noodles. I added shaqima to my cross-leg sausage every day. Later, my so was like a ham sausage, serious lack of nutrition and vitamins, get up every day to get dizzy, fingers are all stabbed, gums are bleeding all the time... Go to bed at two o'clock every day and get up at seven. Except for sleeping, my eyes didn't leave the book... My shoulder is also swollen. If I want to break it, I can't get it. I just need to knock out my umbrella ~~~~~~ But then I successfully completed this difficult task...
PS: Thank you very much for passing the exam in ty .. Haha ~~~ I pray for blessings every day before I score ~~ Later, I finally got the highest score from the company ~~~~~ Willingness to accept ~~~~~~

5. Lose weight in college. It should be at least 1500 m a day, plus not much to eat. After two or three months, let's lose 35.
Next, I got up at every day and went to bed at a.m. for 8 months. During the summer vacation, there was a typhoon in Shanghai, and several trees were pulled from the school, when the water reached the level of the library, I wore slippers to go to the library to read a book. There were only four people in the library, that is, my postgraduate team ~, In the end, everyone's score was surprisingly high.
Then I took the CFA test. The preparation time was not sufficient. I slept for 10 hours five days before the test. I floated back to the test room and slept for 16 hours.
This is my best practice. Next I want to take the CPA exam again. The study and the exam are just complete ...... It's really depressing ....

6. The advertising industry is probably the least effort-consuming job in all hard work. Let's talk about yourself. When I came to Xi'an in 2006, I spent four years in this unfamiliar place, starting from my monthly salary to my annual salary. I once wrote a draft with other companies for a whole month and eight days without leaving the company at dawn. I used to come up with a project's annual strategy and plan to stay out of bed for 40 hours. I am used to working overtime and having no rest for several months. When I was exhausted, I drove alone on the second ring road at three o'clock in the middle of the night. Then, the next day, after three hours of sleep, start to handle various tasks.
In the workplace, no one will pity you for being a girl. When girls face more pressure, they will not accept it from all sides, and they will need to prove their strength.
Desperate work is just a process. As long as you move in that direction, your goal is firm, your teeth are patient with all kinds of trivial issues, and your work will not let you down.
Only by cherishing the rare rest time and having a hard time after work can we feel that this is the meaning of life.
I am me, and I am not here. The purpose of my effort is to realize the value of being born.
If you want to go to a higher platform, you must pay more sweat. This is the truth.
The road to the future is so long, and everyone who is unwilling to waste their time is working together!

7. I am still a student. In Japan, the most desperate task is to work continuously every day. For more than 12 hours every day for 15 consecutive days, people are dizzy. I have eaten fried rice with eggs every day this year, and there is no nutrition at all. I was estimated to have crashed my tests a few days ago. The only thing I'm proud of is that I am able to support myself, not sell my bodies, not sell my motherland,

8. When I was a sophomore, I could report all the results and asked myself to pass them all. There was no slack or luck at all, and it was completely in the preparation status. Then, on the same day, I passed the CET-4 test and cet6 in the morning. At that time, I was so proud to be alone.
Postgraduate Entrance Exams, long-lasting battles and assault battles, never relax, any interference with me will pass the past, only one mind to prepare for the exam, and then pass.
During the postgraduate entrance exam, you still need to guarantee the course, but usually all the time is on the postgraduate entrance exam. So, three hours before the final exam, the course for the entire semester is completed, passed, and received a second-class scholarship. At that time, I was so surprised at my potential.
I graduated from the undergraduate course. I stayed up till four o'clock in the morning and checked out the window with my friends. I was surprised how the sky lit up. So I climbed up to bed and continued to design, compute, and draw pictures after three or four hours, don't go out all day. If someone goes to the canteen, it will bring back the dry food of a dormitory, and go back to bed at four o'clock in the morning, get up in three or four hours, and then go back to life .... High score passed during graduation reply.
When I was a graduate student, my tutor arranged to go to a construction site outside China. At that time, I had already registered for a registration examination. I was so busy every day that I had no time to read books, but I was forced to pass the examination, every day, I spent some time in my death and tried to read books. About a month ago, I had about 19 courses. In any case, I have to take a leave of absence, take the test, take the test for 8 hours a day, and pass. At that time, I thought that I had to fight for everything.
When I graduated from graduate school and started my work, every project had to die. The best time, from getting the building conditions to the final structure construction drawing, including modeling calculation and drawing, was a week ago, crazy, and I had to figure it all night. What I was thinking at the time was that I just wanted to design a building instead of building it.
Next, I want to prepare for another registration exam. I hope I still have enough strength. Come on!

9. When taking the SAT test ...... At that time, I still had classes at school. I slept at one or two o'clock every night. I got up at six o'clock the next day and went to class. I made more than one thousand pages of books a month and killed GRE hongbao by the way, the only extracurricular reading book every day is China Daily. Once I saw the English in a week after the examination, I wanted to vomit. So far I have never recited another word ...... Now, let's get us history. A full-English teaching material on Monday may also be faster to read ~ It is a pleasure to strive for your own ideals.

10. I tried my best to take a postgraduate entrance exam. I was originally a man with no determination. I could spend one afternoon playing mine clearance on my computer. I often find various reasons to play for a while when I learned half of my skills, I went to the bathroom, drank water, and watched a TV for dinner. Later I felt like this was not good. In the winter, I took a blanket and stepped on a hot water bottle and bundled my feet, in this way, every attempt to take an exam is very troublesome. At last, I was so excited that I thought I could see the results, and then I was lucky to pass the exam ......
Then, when I was studying, I suddenly woke up and didn't work for a long time like my comrades, but I went to the lab at every day during my study. I went back to work hard at AM, it has always been very fulfilling ......
I am working now and occasionally need to work overtime, but I am afraid to work hard for a long time. having to go to bed for more than 12 o'clock at night, it will be a headache for more than a week, so I am not afraid to work hard, first, the rest are clouds ......

11. I want to cry. it's time to think about my best effort. at that time, I learned three years of Science College Entrance Examination failure to review the transfer to liberal arts. after learning for more than a month, political and historical knowledge is useless. so I worked hard one week before the test. in the classroom corridor dim sound control lights insist on learning two night assault. not sleeping at night, still full of spirit during the day. it's really impossible to even walk. after the test, I fell asleep in the test room. later, the score was 13 in the full grade. I cried when I saw my score. you know, I have no foundation at all, and others have been learning for three years. I have been very poor at mathematics. it is always between 40 and 90 (out of 150 ). but for some reason, I know that I want to learn mathematics well. I went crazy to learn. one question can be studied at a.m. then, from countdown to frequent first. compared with my previous experiences, I am actually very degraded in college. next year. I decided to try again. true. as long as you work hard, you can't do anything. let's join us. the future will be better and better.

12. There are still 70 days. I have been here for more than half a year. I have never been to Tianya (except this post of course), I have never been to a blind stroll, I have never been to a KTV, and I am in my study room every day, but it is not a long time, on average, I only have 8 hours a day, because I have to attend classes at ordinary times. Alas, I still need to strengthen my work. I am so ashamed to be a comrade upstairs. I have to fight for the last 70 days.
The pressure is really huge. The key to obtaining a professional qualification certificate is that I am not a professional and have no foundation at all. I rely on the efforts I have made over the past six months. If I fail to take the test, I will be put down to death! So I often cried out when I was doing my questions or reading books. I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. I sat down in bed and sat down in a daze. Then I cried too much. No one can see this. I only allow myself to relax when no one is there.

13. During the graduation project, due to miscalculation of time, the time was too long for the answer.
Start from every morning, eat, draw a picture of the classroom to, and go back to the dormitory cat at noon. Because it is summer, there is only a small fan in the drawing classroom, and the body is full of moles, and it is hard and itchy. In front of the building, I went back to the dormitory for washing. When the dormitory was powered off at, I sat down on the floor and painted the building with a bench and a big picture board.
Later, I went to the internet cafe to draw CAD files and stayed up all night without going to bed. I finally completed the work on the day of my reply.
I would like to thank my boyfriend at that time for staying up late with me after finishing my graduation project. I was so tired that I could not walk back to the dormitory with me, watched me go upstairs, and then sneaked into the drawing room to draw my picture. I love him and now, but we cannot be together ~~~~ So sad ~~~~

14. There was no day of rest for three consecutive weeks during the surgery internship. Every three days, a 24-hour shift, basically no sleep on duty, seven or eight emergencies received in one night, five emergency procedures performed, and no night shift left the next day, the earliest night shift was over five o'clock P.M. the next day. Take care of 17 beds, usually at 7 o'clock in the morning to ward rounds, change the medicine, open the knife, go to work in the afternoon, people go back, they start to collect patients, discharge the hospital, write the course of disease records. At that time, there was no computer system, so all the text work was written by hand. I can only go back at 10 o'clock in my free time. I often don't go back too late. I live in a hospital and have stayed in the hospital for a week, when I went out again, I found that all the open spaces outside were built on a ground floor .... Just a week after entering the subject, I lost five catties. By the time I got out of the subject, I was already yellow and thin, and I was not able to go any longer. In retrospect, I still feel very hard and cannot imagine how I persisted at that time, but I am very grateful for this experience.
There is also a surgical rotation in the rice country, that winter at minus 28 degrees, getting up at four o'clock every morning, eating, checking the room at five o'clock, entering the operating room at seven o'clock, always standing and opening the knife, often from in, after nine o'clock AM, if lunch and dinner are good, you can eat while you are on the road. When you are busy, you cannot eat at all. In this case, the first time in my life, I fainted on the surgical platform ..... From then on, I learned to hide chocolate, cookies, and so on in the locker room and quickly add some energy between the two procedures.
Now that we are old, there is no such passion any more. Very ashamed.

15. the first job is totally different from the profession. when I first got to work, I had one hundred questions a day. I had hundreds of queries, but I still couldn't understand them. I couldn't ask my colleagues one by one. I was anxious and annoyed ~
When I got off work, I went back to my apartment with 16 people. At, I waited for everyone to go to bed, and started to study again. I checked the apartment, searched for it, and wrote it in my book ~ It usually takes midnight. Sometimes it's three o'clock in the morning and the days outside the window are white. But I still don't understand it. I'm in a hurry and anxious .. even if you are asleep, a lot of problems are lingering in your mind .. the next day, I had to get up at and never had to delay. It was probably too stressful to go out to work.
Three months later, I solved the headache of the company's boss, and mastered the basic industry processes, one of them has been working for a year and has no score. during that time, he had been getting angry and his mouth sore for two months. when I took a photo, I had dark circles, coarse pores, and looked awkward. I suddenly looked like I was five years old and did not dare to show it to my mother. this is the only three months that have worked hard so far.
I have never worked hard since I was a child. Now I have resigned because I decided to take the postgraduate entrance exam. However, my professional foundation is not very poor, but I decided to take the best graduate school in the industry to challenge myself. I really want to learn more with that kind of strength.

16. I am ashamed of myself. from small to large, I want to work hard for many times, but I always lack persistence.
When I was in junior high school, I spent a month traveling for 1 km every morning at in the summer vacation in order to exercise my health. I gave up because of a problem. As a result, my health is still thin.
When I was in high school, I got nervous for a while and got up at every morning to read a book. I still had to spend less than a month.
When I was in high school, I was originally aiming at Tsinghua Peking University. I worked very hard for a while. Later, I didn't want to leave home too far and chose the province's key point. I was so nervous that I used to go to bed and play between classes every morning, go to the game machine room after school. Fortunately, I got to the target school successfully.
When I was in college, I skipped the course because I had to skip the class twice. When I was in the sophomore year and next semester, I failed to take the English class three times and failed to take the test once. In order not to make up for the exam, I had to take a four-level essay for a week. I also took a 70-plus exam and passed the exam successfully (even if my school passed the four-level English course that semester)
At work, I had a day to catch up with work. On a Saturday day, I had to catch up with the schedule eight to ten times a day. It took almost two years. But even in such an environment, I cannot concentrate on one thing every day. Although it is more efficient than others, I can do the same thing in only half of the time. However, I can't focus on things. When I do things, I just need to go online and read novels. The time is almost the same as that of other people.
I always feel that I have only played a part of my ability. If I can concentrate on everything, my achievements will far exceed the present, but I cannot concentrate on it, or if you can't stick to it, the slack will take a few days.

17. I tried my best to take the Postgraduate Entrance Exam and reported the key schools of the 985 colleges.
I get up at 6.2 every morning. I buy a cake and eat it while walking. I arrive at the classroom at 7: 00. Basically, the classroom is lit every day.
At noon, I ran to the canteen for dinner (there were few people at that time, so I didn't have to wait too long). About half an hour later, I went back to study and went back to the dormitory for a half-hour, continue to study until 11:10 in the evening (lock the door at half past eleven in the dormitory), and go out for dinner in the middle for about half an hour. Go back to the bathroom and lie down in bed at night to continue watching politics for a while, and go to the dormitory to turn off the lights and everyone goes to bed.
About a month before the test, I suffered from severe insomnia. I couldn't sleep all night. I had no use of food stability. My mind collapsed. I sat in the classroom and my heartbeat would accelerate, but I still insisted on learning for a while, after a few days, I was unable to continue. I basically did not study. I took the test room with my mind of giving up. unexpectedly, I took more than four hundred and twenty exams and won the first place in the school, higher than the second professional with a score of over 60

18. Catch master thesis 3 days and 2 nights not eye-catching, Bai Tianyang glare, worried, hemorrhoids, toilet stool bleeding. When I stayed up late, I finally drank a bottle of liquor and went to bed. I woke up halfway, vomited and diarrhea, and had a stomachache. The month before graduation was just spent in hell. At that time, the idea was that you could do anything you just had to survive this month. But now I am always worried about some small things!

19. when I was an exchange student in miguo, a semester took 7 courses and had to work with the company as a project... for most of the courses, We need to write a paper on 10 pages. We need to do presentation and group work... I live on long island in the middle of Manhattan... every morning, take the bus to the terminal of F train, then take the subway to Manhattan, and then take a cut of the road. It's about in the morning... after one day of lessons, I often take a calculator in the subway to write my homework... sometimes I fell asleep and forgot where I was when I sat in the subway station... I often stay up late to write my homework and vomit, sleeping for 4 or 5 hours... the place where I live is the basement. There is almost no heating in winter, and I can't sleep with freezing trembling... because of my poor foundation, the most difficult one-course midterm exam failed and the lowest in the class, but I did not give up. I finally got a, and the professor was surprised, I also wrote an email saying "proud of me. B is the worst in the last seven courses, with 3 A and 3 B + probably... during this period, I also registered to participate in the United Nations volunteers... at that time it was the end of the semester, and the exam paper continued, but I insisted on Come, 3 days and 3 nights without going to bed. In retrospect, we feel that we have grown a lot and are strong.

20. A college student in our class is a boy who plays every day and stays up late before the test. This is not uncommon. Many people stay up late to pass the test. The problem is that if you have been driving a night car for more than three days, it is useless to take coffee for water. He stepped on the bottom of the bed and put the book on the top of the bed. What do you mean? Isn't there a small railing to prevent people from falling down on the key bunk? He stuck his neck there to read a book, so that you could not sleep. Because a sleep and relaxation will have the hanging effect, and then suffocate and wake up. I don't know if this is what the ancients said, but he has been passing through it all the time.
After graduation, I quickly got married to my girlfriend. Then I realized that my man's responsibilities and career were very hard-working. I was a child struggling with life and death every semester. Now I am a city model worker, when the only torchbearer in the system became the General Manager of the region, we did not think of it...

21. in order to take an exam for a civil servant, I lost my hair a lot and felt sick when I saw greasy hair. I took a lot of medicine every day and went to the hospital for an injection the next day. Another friend called me and cried every night, continue the next day... To tell the truth, the mental pressure on people exceeds the fatigue of the body ~ I got the test. I believe that as long as you work hard, nothing can be done.

22. Do you know that you may suffer from procrastination? I mean, it's very serious. I graduated from high school with a bunch of blank papers. At that time, it was in a semi-autistic state, like a puppet who had no heart to earn a line. I felt it one day before the examination. I thought that I would not feel it when I thought that the college entrance examination would be completed the day after tomorrow. I felt terrible only when I got to the next day, and the delay was too long. Start to stay up late. Wait until midnight. Take the test in the morning, take the test in the middle, and take the test again in the afternoon. It will take three days. There will be 2 points and 2 books. It's amazing. Oh, don't laugh, or it's three edges.
In college, you don't have to say that you should stay up all night before ). Two days of Computer Level 2 and three days of Financial Management Division, I was lucky enough to end with it. Level 4 is never done. It's not a day or two. Now we are still fighting for it. It can be delayed and we can't go through it !! I have taken the test four times. I am a junior. I don't know if this is the case.
Every time I see such a post, I want to cry for a while, but I don't think it's hard to cry. I will never tell my mom that I don't regret it. I am very good. I like my current school. This is what I want! When you look at the young man with a smile, you say, "Why were you so aggressive ?!", I am facing a puppet with a blank head floating in the air. Do you have any regrets...
I just want to prove that I am not hopeless for my work, escape, or ideal! You can think about your four-level dilemma. What if the College Entrance Examination looks like a day and a month? How about a format for computing? Clearly remember to deduct 3 points for a biological question because the format is incorrect. I have never seen what the format looks like.
Past and future efforts. I always tell myself this way, but it has little effect. However, it is futile to make a determination when the psychological barriers fail. I read some books about psychology. I hope that one day the quantitative change equals qualitative change.

23. I have read the stories of many people and think that I used to think that I was really old. Now I am not willing to take a gun on myself.
I think of several desperate experiences. First, I had two final exams for my sophomore year and sophomore year. Because my sophomore year was busy with work and had many professional courses, many of them had to go into battle, I am not very good at my major, so I finally took notes from my classmates and tried my best to read a book. I slept for a few hours in a week. The competition was so bad that the physiological cycle was not normal and it took a summer vacation. In our senior year, due to postgraduate entrance exams, we had to arrange more professional courses in our unlucky school. Then, in the test week, we put down our postgraduate entrance exams, I went out and bought a big bag of bread in Holly and put it in the study room (the study room was fixed at that time). Then I didn't go to the dining room for dinner. I just read a book and eat a loaf of bread, answer the questions as quickly as possible during the exam. You should submit the answers in advance, because you should take a look at them before you take the exam. In the last two weeks, I had to rely on the support of the will. After the last section of the study, I went to the bath and then fainted in the bathhouse =. =! However, both of the results are good, and both are scholarship.
When I took the postgraduate entrance exam, I felt that the time was very urgent. I just bought two breakfasts in the morning. Basically, I had to cook a pancake or something. I couldn't bring it to my study room, and I had to drink coffee. However, at that time, I often saw a girl in the study room and worked harder. for the study of a good mentor, she spent more time in the study room than I did. When she got sleepy, she stood up and read... Sigh ~~~~ In this way, the hair is exhausted, because the nutrition cannot keep up, and now it can no longer drink coffee.
After that, the graduate students entered the lab and program editing process, and also experienced the experience of staying up late or not having dinner. They thought it was worse than the competition test in college.
However, I hope you will not feel as though I have a procrastination. My body is the most important thing. Now I can't stay up late and have a bad appetite. It's easy to get a headache if you think too much about the problem. I don't know whether the inertia is increased or not. But at that time, the hot-blooded young people were excited.

24. I got up at half past six from Monday to Friday that year, and took a taxi for nearly an hour to go to work. I had to switch to work at half past one and start work at half past five and start lunch break at. I got off work and got a taxi for nearly an hour. class class half past seven class 11 class is good the cram school is not far from the place of residence on Saturday weekend on the other training class at night to do a cram school a week of something similar to "homework" at that time often said to friends "I am tired every day, just like a dog "...... The reason why I even remember this clearly is that at that time, I felt that I had no time to go to bed and eat, but I felt that I could not spare any time to feel free to allocate my silent silence. I am more and more convinced that "people are forced to come out."......

25. There are many desperate things. One of the most challenging things in the world is physical exercise and the other is examination and study.
I think the first time I spent my physical strength and energy, I was in the third year of high school. At that time, I didn't think much about it. I didn't understand the society, the pressure on my studies, and the pressure on my society. Every day, when I ride a bike to school, I go to sleep while riding, and I have to take a penalty when I go to school. People are also about 110 Jin, sanlepulp, gold partner, rehabilitation to nourish the gods with tablets, gold throat and throat, brain platinum can be refreshing all eat. In the end, I finally got a 40-point exam to a famous university. The mental impact on me is that I often dream about college entrance examination in my sophomore year. I was so sweaty. This symptom does not disappear until the third day of the year.
The second time was an exam. I graduated from my senior year and had no job. My parents were unemployed. But I won't take the test. At that time, my junior year had no chance to take the test. I had to take the test this time. The pressure on society is really huge. I don't know how many days have passed since I got started. Pneumonia occurs during the exam. After the examination, go directly to the hospital and put on water for seven days. The last 400 points floated above.
Of course, there are still a lot of tests that have been paid, and there are successes and failures.
Recently, I 've been watching CPA. This is a tough task.

26. I tried my best to take the exam. At that time, after breakfast every morning, I went to the fixed classroom and sat in the location of the old teaching building, carrying words for reading, and a very thick 18000 words fell down from the pages of my book, there is a clear black and white line between the back and the unbacked pages of the book sitting every day, sitting sore. I am very tired and close my eyes and fall asleep every day when I go to bed. But what's even worse is whether you are physically tired or not. If you are under pressure, you are really tired. You don't know if you can stick to this kind of effort and whether you can achieve your goal in the end. One weekend, after dinner, I continued to study in the school building. When I heard the school broadcast station for a weekend program, I immediately called and sent myself a very touching message. At that time, the School Broadcasting Station immediately gave me a video. When I heard that "not all flowers have results, not all efforts can reach the other side of happiness, my tears burst and I sat down under the basketball frame and burst into tears.
After graduation, I got a very stable and decent job. However, before the formal work, there will be a two-month physical fitness assessment period. These two months were generally the devil's training. When we got up at six o'clock every day, the intensity of the army was just over a dozen hours. At that time, the highest temperature in my place was 40 degrees. I was wearing thick clothes and began to sweat from entering the training hall. It was like someone carrying a spoon of warm water pouring slowly from your head, then the feeling of getting down. Sweat flows down the arm along the fingertip. It is really a stream, not a drop, it is almost a constant stream. At that time, I had to drink five or six bottles of pulsation every day because of too much perspiration. Then my feet were swollen, and many of my colleagues went to the hospital to be revealed because of their high strength and toy nails ......
I have never suffered so much. You must know that we are all girls. On the first day, I felt that I couldn't help myself, because my eyes suddenly fainted when I stood and stood for the first time. As a result, I have survived these two months. Now I think it is incredible that the potential of a person is infinite .....

27. I have nothing to do with it. I feel as crazy as you are before the College final exam. In addition, the IELTS students have misplaced their waist. Fortunately, the results are good. Now I am studying in the UK.
The worst thing is that this winter at the end of last year, the dormitory is empty, and all foreign students go home for Christmas. on their own, the lights in the room are broken and only one small desk lamp can be used, my room is in the corner, and the sun is not seen all year round, so a small desk lamp is on 24 hours. At the same time, fourteen thousand words of papers were arranged around the holiday, in English .. The requirements here are extremely strict. There are at least 60 bibliography ............ In the last three weeks, I went to bed at every morning, got up at noon, and wrote it to the next day. At the same time, I was burned by boiling water, and got n big blisters, so I couldn't wear my pants .... My daily, all kinds of suffering... My parents' tears came out.
Now, it's incredible to think about it. People are really forced to come out.

28. When I went to work in 2000, my family only had my own salary for some reason. Therefore, one month's mom only pays 70 yuan, and the remaining two hundred yuan will support the family. 70 yuan includes a round-trip fare, 2.6 yuan, and a lunch at noon. At that time, I was desperate to support the family and work overtime. One-month overtime is higher than the salary.
Later, in order to pay off the debt, I did not buy clothes for months. If I want my family to give back the money to my colleagues early, I will mention the money repayment. What my mom scolded is a miserable one. Mom gave me a chance to raise you so much, you have paid thousands of yuan for your family, and you have to go to school at home ...... This case. Within half a year, I paid four thousand Yuan to my colleagues. At that time, the monthly salary was only 600 RMB! (Not working overtime every day, alas)
Later I went to the office every night to get my diploma. In the summer, they can be killed by mosquitoes. However, there is no way. It is too sad to take the self-study exam. Invigilation is strict. In this case, the student passes the examination for five years. Haha. Now let's think about it. If you have a hard time in college, you can still read this book ~~
Later ...... Alas, no more ......

29. I have not worked very hard before the test, and then a small universe exceeded a week before the test, starting at that night until the test in a week later, I read books or recite things every second, when I went to bed, I was driving a recorder to listen to English. At that time, I was forced to listen. Of course, I didn't force myself to "not go to bed" because it was unrealistic to not go to bed, however, every time the tape is turned around, it will pop up, so I will wake up at that time, and then I will remember some ancient poems and other things that need to be recited as soon as I change the tape, continue to listen.
What impressed me most was that the first day of the examination was too bad. Then, the second and third days of mathematics and chemistry were not my own strong points. Later, I continued to read this book endlessly at night, tears fell, but suddenly, while reading a book, I felt that the man I fell in love with stood by my bed. For him, I told myself to endure. Later I got a good test. I am not a very persevering person. At that time, although I tried to work hard for only nine days, it was worth it.
The next step is to take an exam. If I do not take the exam, I will finish it. The tactics I take are still reading books constantly. In a month, the alarm will go off at in the morning, at that time, I only gave myself a response time of 1-2 seconds every day, and then quickly started to pop up, pick up the books around me, and started to read them. I also wanted to watch them when I was eating, but it was not recommended, in this way, my stomach has a lot of time difference. When I take a bath, I put the book on the edge and put it on display. In short, I must be in every minute. Go to bed. This is a 6-hour sleep. However, I spent 18 hours watching the entire day and reading the book every minute and second.
At that time, it was the first to stick to the pillow and then began to shout. I don't want to talk to my parents, so I didn't talk to this super talkative person during that time. Only cough sounds like this.
This year I had a very important and important exam, but I couldn't find it for a long time. In retrospect, I felt that if I had been playing a protracted war for three months, I would lose my mind... But how many beats can be made in life... We hope that this preparation plan can be implemented again as soon as possible.

30. In September, I took a half-month vacation from the Organization and went back to the postgraduate entrance exam. I only knew that I had to take the exam. Otherwise, I would be killed. Sleep until noon every day, make sure you are full, and then eat fast. After dinner, you will go to the study room to read a book. Besides taking less than half an hour for dinner in the afternoon, you will sit down until and go home. Then you will see zero points. It hurts your ass. I boast of my major. It takes too much time for me to read public courses and professional courses in just half a month. So I have to concentrate on it for a hundred percent, before going to bed every day, I felt a pain in my mind. But to escape from the environment that I hated, I had to fight to change my fate... Fortunately, half a month later, coupled with waiting for half a year, the results of the national review... Sister passed the examination. For the first time, my sister worked so hard to fulfill her ideal fate...
After a long time of intense concentration, after receiving the notice, it was found that there was a slight neurasthenia. It will take up to half a semester of study.

31. Remember that the hardest time was high school. Our school is a boarding system, but I tried to prove that my dad went home to bed... Class at pm and reading at home until PM. At half past six in the morning, my dad sent me to school and watched the English words or notes copied by hand behind my dad's motorcycle .. All the way ..
At, I took a nap at noon. After reading the book at, I ran out of the classroom. I ate a few mouthfuls of bread and ran back to my bedroom for a nap. At that time, I had a teacher checking my nap... But I don't take a nap. When the person who checked the paper passes, I secretly climbed up to read the book.
On Saturday and Sunday, I was hiding in the lab building to read books. The classroom door was closed and I sat down on the ladder to read books...
In the evening, my mom will send dinner, while reading in the classroom while eating at the fastest speed .. Continue reading ..
At that time, when the college entrance examination was the most diligent and crazy .. Originally, I was considered by all the teachers to be able to only have three books, and it was just the same .. I have been in this status for nearly a year. The scores of the most recent simulated exams for the college entrance examination are very poor. They all look like the last three ..
But in the college entrance examination, I suddenly became a dark horse and got a copy .. All people say this is the result of qualitative changes caused by quantitative changes .. All my efforts paid off at this moment...
They finally talked about people who envy me. Who knows how much effort I have put on the back ..
I cried when my score came out. I thought that if I couldn't get three, I would jump to the bridge... Okay, I got on... I made another copy .. Haha ....

32. Take the GRE test.
I have always been a relatively casual person. As a result, I suddenly wanted to go abroad at the end of my junior year. In order to dare to apply for the current year, the GRE of the summer vacation was reported. At that time, I knew only 20% words in a thick red book.
Go home and start the review after the final exam. Take the GRE test 45 days later. I leave the house twice in 45 days, less than two hours. I have been studying since I got up and went to bed at night. On the day of the exam, I got to know 80% million words in hongbao. I have never been so hard, but I miss that monotonous life-it was so powerful when people had an ideal life!

In the workplace, no one will pity you for being a girl. When girls face more pressure, they will not accept it from all sides, and they will need to prove their strength. Desperate work is just a process. As long as you move in that direction, your goal is firm, your teeth are patient with all kinds of trivial issues, and your work will not let you down. Only by cherishing the rare rest time and having a hard time after work can we feel that this is the meaning of life. I am me, and I am not here. The purpose of my effort is to realize the value of being born. If you want to go to a higher platform, you must pay more sweat. This is the truth. The road to the future is so long, and everyone who is unwilling to waste their time is working together! You may complain about how hard you are, but remember that no matter how hard you work, there are people who work harder than you. Do not think that it is rare for people to spend less time in the morning from to every day to entertain and read their own minds. This is what people should do when they want to do so. Their Own Life is what they know, those who have made achievements have the hard work that others cannot see. Don't think that others can play, but you have to face textbooks, because you are responsible for yourself, not them; don't think it's easy to go to bed at every day, some people stick to it for months or even a year to realize their dreams. Everything is very simple once. Only those with strong will and a dream and faith can stick to the end, but you don't even have a dream.
There is only one kind of failure in the world, that is, the end of the road. Maybe you just have a hard-working idea, but you haven't even specified a plan.


It turns out that this is the most challenging time for everyone.

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