Join the old boy Linux training experience

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Join the old boy Linux training experience

Time, such as fleeting, has unwittingly come to the old boy training has been three months. In these three months, I gradually get the growth, professional and technical growth, as well as the way of doing things and the improvement of ideas.

I have summed up the following three points

First, the idea

When I first came to the old boy, the teacher every day before class to talk about a piece of thought, I did not quite understand, do not hurry to class, say this do what? And the teacher is a little earlier, and can recruit a group of students, the old talk about ideas, this is not self-cutting the Giro? With the passage of time, gradually I understand the point. People can learn technology there, but learn technology without thinking, once the new things come, will accept very slowly. Especially in the Internet this circle, software and hardware are updated quickly, once you accept new things too slow, delay the business, the leader is not satisfied, tomorrow may be pack and go.

On so many days teacher's class, I like the teacher's sentence is, "the thought decides the height". Why would I say that, because if people do not have the thought, that is the United States play The Walking Dead? For example, the man who can rule the earth, more than people have the power and speed of the animals more go, such as: Tigers, lions, leopards and so on, the animals that the person can give them a one-on? The answer is clearly not. However, people can overcome them, because people can do weapons, multiply combat effectiveness, with weapons to kill them is very simple. And then the angle of view is different, perhaps in some people's eyes, it is a delicious meal. When thought is raised again, it is to ensure that the entire ecological chain is complete. There is a simple small example: for example, the TAR command has an excluded parameter, but can only exclude one at a time, if I want to exclude dozens of, this is not very chicken? It's impossible to design it in my mind, and then I go to man, and I find that the-x parameter can write a string in a file to exclude the contents of the string in the file, which is thought.

Second, technical

When I first came, I thought the teacher's 16-year-old experience is to attract students, in the training after this period of time, found that the teacher's level is really very high, every time the professional technology is always to the life of common sense to give examples, people easy to understand, more obscure service software principle, Teacher also speak very fine very fine, then let us and the deskmate to deepen understanding, class process is also humorous, and never say enterprise software or services, because that thing has no practical meaning, learning is also white occupy brain memory.

Third, the network

I remember, the teacher said a word, you come to this training is to change circles, only the circle is right, you can go more long-term. I remember that the monitor once said a word, a person may go quickly, but you can not go far, only a group of people to walk together, to go more long-term.

Thanks to those who help me, I do not list them here, and finally hope that now we are proud of the old boys, the future of the old boy proud of us.

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Join the old boy Linux training experience

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