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This article is the basic knowledge of the popular article, JS judge data types. We all know that PHP has the Is_array () function, but not in JS, we determine whether the data type is an array, usually for the sake of insurance, you can write a function to judge. Today, popularize some basic data type judgment method, hope to be helpful to everybody. typeof articletypeof use more time, is to judge a global variable in the absence, if a page defines a global variable. If you make the following judgment://haorooms is a global variable if (haorooms!=undefined) {}//js will complain that "uncaught referenceerror:haorooms is not defined" solution is I We write as follows: if (typeof haorooms!=undefined) {} After using typeof, there will be no error!   This is one of the TypeOf applications! In addition, typeof can also be judged by the data type! as follows: Var haorooms= "string"; Console.log (haorooms); string Var Haorooms=1; Console.log (haorooms); Number Var Haorooms=false; Console.log (haorooms); boolean var haorooms; Console.log (typeof haorooms); undfined var haorooms= null; Console.log (typeof haorooms); Object var haorooms = document; Console.log (typeof haorooms); object var haorooms = []; Console.log (haorooms); object var haorooms = function () {}; Console.log (typeof Haorooms)//function In addition to judging the data type can also determine the function type is obvious, for TypeOf, except the first four types, null, object, array return is the object type; instanceof ArticleYou can use it to determine if it is an array. var haorooms=[]; Console.log (haorooms instanceof Array)//Return True constructor chapter constructor is the constructor that returns the corresponding object. ways to determine the various data types:Console.log ([].constructor = = Array); Console.log ({}.constructor = = Object); Console.log ("string". Constructor = string); Console.log ((123). constructor = number);   Console.log (True.constructor = = Boolean);     function Employee (name,job,born) {this.name=name;     This.job=job; This.born=born;  } var haorooms=new employee ("Bill Gates", "Engineer", 1985); Console.log (Haorooms.constructor); Output function employee (name, JobTitle, born) {this.name = name; this.jobtitle = Job; This.born = born;} by Output Haorooms.constru ctor, you can see that constructor is the constructor that returns the object.

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