Jump out of SEO circle to see the pros and cons of SEO optimization

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With more and more stationmaster, seo this noun also is mentioned more and more. I think, there is no SEO webmaster, seo to our small stationmaster brought a lot of benefits, of course, there is no denying the existence of drawbacks. I am engaged in SEO will be nearly 2 years, thinking has been in the SEO circle, it is difficult to break through, and jumped out of the circle of SEO, but found a lot of new ideas. This is also I encourage the long-term SEO industry people to jump out of SEO to see the reason for the site optimization, today and talk about jumping out of the SEO circle to see the pros and cons of SEO optimization.

Advantages of SEO Optimization:

First, compared with the bidding, SEO optimization more economical

As we all know, bidding is a banknote printing machine, as no economic strength webmaster, SEO is undoubtedly the best choice. Of course, can not rule out the search for professional SEO services company costs must be less than bidding, some optimization costs than the bid is still high, mainly to see what keywords. In general terms, few Web site optimization costs are higher than the bidding. For our small webmaster, through SEO optimization, is to obtain a certain free flow from the search engine, and do not have to pay search engines for this, of course, this will be many owners welcome, but also the first choice for everyone to promote the site.

Second, SEO optimization is through the site inside and outside the adjustment to get rankings, the long-term development of the site more favorable

Website optimization is the advantage of the site through the internal planning and adjustment, through the external link construction, such as to obtain long-term stability rankings, and in the long run, SEO optimization can enhance the weight of the site, more conducive to the long-term development of the site, because a site only in search engines to get a good weight, No matter what the long tail words of the site can get good rankings. Compare the bidding, as long as you have money in your bidding account, no matter how bad the site, can get rankings, but this ignores the user experience, SEO is optimized at the same time to optimize the experience, so that the site more in line with the rules of search engines, but also more in line with the user's habits, such a site can not lose rank, Also broke the position of no transformation of the dilemma.

Third, SEO optimization can get a mass of long tail words of traffic, and not just a few words ranking

This is what I want to do good webmaster will have a consensus, bidding can only get you to bid for the word ranking, and other words need to spend money to buy rankings, no money words can not get rankings. The advantage of SEO optimization is to be able to obtain a large number of long tail word flow through reasonable internal optimization, not a few words ranking. If a website can be included in millions of pages, and the weight of the site is also relatively good, it is easy to get through the SEO massive long tail word ranking, and bidding is very difficult to achieve this effect.

Disadvantages of SEO optimization:

Everything has two sides, although I said above a lot of SEO optimization advantages, but also inevitable to talk about its drawbacks. After all, webmaster seo circle outside to see SEO this industry, there will be many new discoveries.

One, SEO optimization time is long, the effect is difficult to guarantee

If the professional provider of SEO services or individuals should be very touching on this point, SEO optimization can not be as immediate as the auction, as long as the money, in search engines will be ranked immediately. An ordinary keyword through SEO optimization time will generally be in 3 months or so, if a very difficult word, want to get a good ranking in a short time is difficult. In addition to the length of the optimization, there is also the effect is difficult to ensure that you can't guarantee a long stay. The top page or a few, can only be relative to maintain a range, and even if you are very serious and hard to optimize the site has been very difficult to keep the ranking, search engine algorithm is constantly improving and changing, and if our optimization approach is unchanged, Can only face the elimination of the outcome, SEO optimization of the drawbacks are revealed.

Second, SEO optimization to pay more effort is not necessarily effective

I appreciate our webmaster friend's efforts and pay, but efforts do not necessarily have harvest, do not work hard will not be harvested, this sentence is suitable for SEO industry, sometimes we go around the clock to update the site, to send links, and finally it is difficult to get the effect we want, we daily like bees, Care of our efforts-the site, and ultimately not necessarily through SEO optimization of the means we want to optimize the keyword to push the search engine homepage. SEO optimization of this disadvantage I think will always exist, because different words will have different degrees of difficulty, we are more test.

Third, do SEO to keep pace with the times, follow up search engine algorithm upgrade

SEO optimization of this drawback I think we have a deep understanding, you can not three days not to learn, not to focus on the latest search engine changes, otherwise you can only be eliminated, this continuous learning and progress of the mentality must have. SEO optimization of the drawbacks are also in this, because we have to be constantly concerned about the search engine changes, but let us be the search engine led by the nose, we are very difficult to leave it, if the long-term, we become a follower, rather than a strong performer, do SEO optimization is to have a strong executive power, And if we spend a lot of time on the search engine information, it is difficult to have time to do what we should do, youth is so wasteful. But do not pay attention to not, is not we should jump out of the circle of SEO to think about the problem.

SEO optimization pros and cons, any thing will exist this two sides, weigh the pros and cons of our own, just a long time engaged in a career, often let their own thinking in this circle, and if we occasionally jump out of the circle to think about problems, there may be new ideas and new discoveries, Long-term engaged in the SEO industry to jump out of the circle of SEO to see SEO, perhaps you will have a unique discovery. This article is the first webmaster network, LCD splicing www.vdink.com original, Welcome to reprint.

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