Kappa female in the east building of Shanghai is a poor online marketing farce

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On Singles Day this year, Google's keyword search on the hot list was occupied by similar keywords such as "Kappa female in the east building of Shanghai". The video of the so-called Kappa female event in the east building lasted 12 minutes, it is said that a kappa waitress in the east building was photographed and put online in a sex transaction with another person, regardless of the professional AV film, and the picture quality is absolutely clear.

From various angles and details, this event is undoubtedly a poor network marketing farce planned by Kappa to promote its own brand. The reason why I say it is inferior, it is not because of its poor performance. In fact, if we only look at the effect, this promotion and hype is an extremely successful low-cost marketing model, in a very short period of time, he got a huge promotion, attracting a lot of attention and letting thousands of people know the word Kappa. Therefore, only from the effect, this hype is undoubtedly successful.

However, from the perspective of a company's brand, such online marketing may not be successful. There are two ways to be famous. One is to be famous through good deeds, and the other is to be famous through bad deeds. Kappa is famous now, but when Kappa is mentioned, we think of avfemale and pornography, A company's brand is associated with these negative factors, which is a potential harm to the company's brand and is not conducive to the long-term development of the company, wise enterprises will never consider planning such online marketing.

I think this is a network marketing farce, because the traces of planning and operation of this incident are too obvious, the picture is very clear, and the performance is quite professional, it turns out that the video was prepared beforehand. The release of Singles Day in November 11 fully demonstrates the use of pornographic things to stimulate bachelors to search and spread. Kappa immediately started her blog on Sina. She tried to use Sina's reputation for more hypes. the most stupid thing was, kappa disclosed on her blog that she had consulted a lawyer before shooting the video (original article: "I consulted a lawyer about my video. It seems that I am not breaking the law! It looks like it's against the law of the person who posted my video! The lawyer said that I can resort to legal means to protect myself. I think if I am famous, I should cherish it !"), Undoubtedly, he admitted the fact that he had previously planned online marketing.

It is undoubtedly silly to plan such hypes, because there is a huge legal risk to use pornography for hyping. Once the police find the video uploaded, he will face several years of jail time, this criminal risk also proves that online marketing is a poor farce. A company plans such online marketing, which is undoubtedly the result of a broken head.

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