Lamp CentOS Next button installation

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System Requirements

    • System support: CentOS 6+/debian 7+/ubuntu 12+
    • Memory Requirements: ≥512MB
    • HDD requirements: At least 5GB or more of the remaining space
    • The server must be configured with a software source and can be connected to the extranet.
    • Must have system root permissions
    • It is highly recommended to use a new system to install

Support Components

    • Support for PHP with almost all components
    • Supports MySQL, MariaDB, Percona server databases
    • Support for Redis (optional installation)
    • Support XCache (optional installation)
    • Support Swoole (optional installation)
    • Support Memcached (optional installation)
    • Support ImageMagick (optional installation)
    • Support GraphicsMagick (optional installation)
    • Support for Ioncube Loader (optional installation)
    • Self-upgrade Apache,php,phpmyadmin,mysql/mariadb/percona server to the latest version
    • Command line new virtual host (using lamp command), easy to operate
    • Support for one-click uninstallation

Installation steps

    1. Pre-Preparation (install wget, screen, unzip, create screen session)

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install wget screen git      // for CentOSapt-get -y install wget screen git  // for Debian/Ubuntu
    1. git clone and give script execution permissions
git clone lampchmod +x *.sh
    1. Start installation
screen -S lamp./

Component Installation

All the components supported by this script can be installed in the script interaction.

Tips for using

lamp add      创建虚拟主机lamp del      删除虚拟主机lamp list     列出虚拟主机

How to upgrade

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git pull                 // Get latest version./             Select one to upgrade./ apache      // Upgrade Apache./ db          // Upgrade MySQL/MariaDB/Percona./ php // Upgrade PHP./ phpmyadmin // Upgrade phpMyAdmin

How to Uninstall

Program Directory

    • MySQL installation directory:/usr/local/mysql
    • MySQL Database directory:/usr/local/mysql/data (default, path can be changed during installation)
    • MariaDB installation directory:/USR/LOCAL/MARIADB
    • MariaDB Database directory:/usr/local/mariadb/data (default, path can be changed during installation)
    • Percona installation directory:/usr/local/percona
    • Percona Database directory:/usr/local/percona/data (default, path can be changed during installation)
    • PHP installation directory:/usr/local/php
    • Apache installation directory:/usr/local/apache

Command List

    • MySQL or MariaDB or Percona command
/etc/init.d/mysqld (start|stop|restart|status)
    • Apache command
/etc/init.d/httpd (start|stop|restart|status)
    • Memcached command (optional installation)
/etc/init.d/memcached (start|stop|restart|status)
    • Redis commands (optional installation)
/etc/init.d/redis-server (start|stop|restart|status)

Site root directory

Default Web site root directory:/data/www/default

Lamp CentOS Next button installation

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