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Starting on the afternoon of July 20, each group and friends Circle is a blockchain game to brush screen, it is the beginning of the July 8 new blockchain game--last winner.
From mining exchanges, to ram, to last winner, today's recognition of new things and the speed of action have become the most important survival ability of the coin circle.
The last winner game's smart contract code is completely public and all game rules and profit distribution methods are pre-written in the code and cannot be changed by human intervention. Unlike the traditional capital Pan project, under the arm of the blockchain technology, the last winner this substantial fund pan becomes open, transparent, no human intervention, and vividly play the blockchain to the central, non-tamper features, let people have to serve. Players can view and withdraw their profits at any time, as well as the operation parameters of the entire game, but also eliminate the project side cheat or run the human risk, which makes the player more willing to participate in the, and quickly detonated.
Introduction to the game rules
Long and short innings two game modes
Last winner game has two modes: Long mode and short board mode.
Currently, the short-term model is not yet open. But already have a domestic team imitation of the last winner Headquarters website, and opened the backdoor to steal user funds, today has a friend reflects the cheated, please be careful.
In fact, the last winner currently open only long mode, that is, the 24-hour inverted meter model, the rules we have described in this article are also interpreted according to long mode.
When will the game end?
The rule of the game is that when someone buys a key, the countdown clock increases by 30 seconds, and I observe that today's clock has not been less than 23 hours and 55 minutes.
When the price of key is so high that no one is willing to buy it in 24 hours, the game will end.
At the end of this game, the winner will take 48% of the prize pool and the Community fund takes 2%, possibly tens of thousands of ethereum bonuses ... The remaining 50% will be assigned according to the rules of the team mode chosen by the last winner.
The cause of the last winner's red burst
Last winner in an instant to detonate the coin ring, which does contain a lot of inevitability, although its essence is a typical fund pan+ bo, Yi, difficult to climb presentable. But it does from the human nature's point of view, cleverly satisfies the innate greed and the gambling nature in the human nature. This is especially true in a bear market with little investment in the spotlight, providing investors with an imaginative look. More crucially, last winner uses blockchain technology to ensure that the entire project is open, transparent, tamper-proof and non-intrusive.
10% of all ETH revenue in the game will be used as a dedicated pool for airdrop, and the ratio of chickens into jackpot pools is the same. The global drop chance starts at 0%, and each seed order of not less than 0.1ETH total increases the chance of 0.5%. That is, more orders over 0.1ETH, the greater the probability of getting dropped. The drop probability is consistent across the network, not the probability of each individual account. If you win an air drop, the bonus will be credited directly to your bonus account, not to the additional seeds, and may be readily available.
Once your purchase transaction has been confirmed successful in the blockchain, if you receive an air drop bonus reminder, you have won the airdrop.
If you win an air drop, you get the total amount of the drop-down dedicated pool depending on the amount that you invest in the ETH:
Buy 0.1-1 eth, win 10% AirDrop prize pool Total
Buy 1-10 ETH, win 30% drop-off prize pool total
Purchase of more than 10 eth, win 60% Drop prize pool Total
Please note that you are competing with other players for these drops. Once any player wins this drop, each person's chance to win the AirDrop will also be reset to 0%!

Last winner off-the-shelf game system development-blockchain system development 13570980718 micro-electric Same number

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