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Recently suddenly want to get to know SEO optimization things, want to really grasp on SEO optimization of everything so have with some SEO optimization experts to consult some of the content of SEO, from the site's outside the chain to build the layout of the search engine's friendly degree, and then the content of the site and search rankings of the impact. Also let me gradually understand the SEO optimization influence the principle of site ranking and the role of the main embodiment of where, how the site structure for SEO optimization, how the chain is a high-quality outside the chain. That is the site structure of SEO optimization has what impact, mainly from which aspects of the site's inclusion rankings, I sum up some experts have told me the point of view. The influence of website structure on SEO optimization mainly lies in the Div+css architecture, the static and dynamic state of the Web page, the catalogue series and the size of the Web page.

The influence of div+css on SEO optimization

Div+css is one of the common terminology of Web Standard, the design standard of XHTML website uses div+css precisely because this kind of DIV+CSS program language Design website has very important influence to SEO optimization, because of its simple structure, conforms to the standard, utilizes the div+ CSS architecture sites are generally popular with search engines like. But not all div+css on the site rankings are good, the right page layout, SEO is very advantageous. For the div+css layout of the XHTML standard, it is generally necessary to pass the universal authentication after the design is completed.

Second, the static and dynamic state of the Web site to a large extent affect the SEO optimization of the website

In general, search engines will favor static Web pages, that the stability of the credibility of high, and dynamic Web pages are easy to search engine is considered to be extremely uncertain site. More often, static web pages also contribute to the content of the crawl, and dynamic due to the effect of the changes, is usually not conducive to the site included. However, static web pages also have its corresponding shortcomings, such as the number of files generated is quite large, the need for the file storage space will gradually expand, the page maintenance difficult, easy to operate weak, such a situation for our SEO optimization work is also unfavorable. and Dynamic Web page obviously has the advantage of this aspect, the post-step operability is strong, while the page storage space is small. In view of the comprehensive advantages and disadvantages of these two states, in order to facilitate the site's SEO optimization, improve the site's collection and search rankings, most of the webmaster will choose a neutral processing method will be Dynamic Web page pseudo static, which will help the content of the site included at the same time can be very good maintenance, Such a site page is obviously conducive to SEO optimization.

Third, the Web page directory progression to the website SEO optimization influence

The current SEO optimization of the circle, it is generally accepted that the directory series as far as possible control within the three level. At first I didn't understand the argument, and I didn't understand why I had to control the level of the TOC to three levels rather than the finer the content. Gradually their own research and through the master of the explanation to understand that the original catalog classification is to better improve the user experience, increase search engine friendly degree. Because the home page size needs to be controlled in a range, so it is not possible to all the content is now the home page, and then this will make the Web page appears cluttered and cumbersome to users looking for target content. And if you increase the directory progression to level four or five, it is likely to cause the directory too deep, spiders lost the situation, so obviously the content of the site is not harmful, so try to control the directory within three levels, each directory under the single page content is the most appropriate site to do SEO optimization.

Four, the size of the Web site SEO also has an important impact

Page size is usually expressed in kilobytes, as early as a few years ago, more than 100KB of Web pages will appear incomplete content. Perhaps the bandwidth flow is small, search engines can not crawl large pages and the situation. Nowadays, the broadband traffic is big, the network speed is much faster than before, the portal home page mostly in 100KB above, the homepage big bit also is normal. But the specific content page, it should pursue streamlining, too large pages will not only reduce the speed of the Web page loading, but also affect the site in the search engine rankings are also far less than the site page small and refined site, it is obviously not conducive to SEO optimization site.

Engaged in the construction of Shenzhen website SEO optimization has been more than a year, although the Site SEO optimization has a certain experience and experience to summarize, but after all, from a newcomer began to grope for growth, or there are many aspects of the content of skills to master enough. And through the SEO optimization with the master talk to him to ask a lot about the site SEO optimization and network marketing knowledge, only to learn more about SEO optimization. It also lists the above site structure on SEO optimization has important factors, so that I later on a site to do SEO keyword optimization before the website structure and then try to make the site to optimize the structure of SEO.

(Original from Shenzhen website Construction http://www.soowww.com/, reprint please explain, respect original)

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