Linux. Modify environment variables such as Lang in/etc/sysconfig/i18n in the default language

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/Etc/ Sysconfig/i18n

Controls the system font settings. The language variables are used in/etc/profile. d/lang. Sh. An example i18n file:



  • Lang = set locale for all categories, can be any two letter ISO language code.
  • Lc_ctype = localedata configuration for classification and conversion of characters.
  • Lc_collate = localedata configuration for collation (sort order) of strings.
  • Lc_messages = localedata configuration for translation of yes and no messages.
  • Lc_numeric = localedata configuration for non-monetary numeric data.
  • Lc_monetary = localedata configuration for monetary data.
  • Lc_time = localedata configuration for date and time.
  • Lc_all = localedata configuration overriding all of the above.
  • Language = Can Be A: separated list of ISO language codes.
  • Linguas = can be a' separated list of ISO language codes.
  • Sysfont = any font that is legal when used as/usr/bin/lelechars-F $ sysfont... (see console-Tools Package for lelechars command)
  • Unimap = any SFM (screen font map, formerly called Unicode mapping table-see consolechars (8 ))

    /Usr/bin/consolechars-F $ sysfont -- SFM $ unimap

  • Sysfontacm = any ACM (Application charset map-see consolechars (8 ))

    /Usr/bin/consolechars-F $ sysfont -- ACM $ sysfontacm

    The above is used by the/sbin/setsysfont command (which is run by RC. sysinit at boot time .)

Lang = "zh_cn.gb18030"
Language = "zh_cn.gb18030: zh_cn.gb2312: zh_cn"
Supported = "zh_cn.gb18030: zh_cn: Zh: en_US.UTF-8: en_us: en"
Sysfont = "lat0-sun16"

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