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May 21, 2015 The latest release, the old boy teacher, the new Linux operation to get started classic!

Super-rare Linux Classic Enterprise-class introductory combat course

Price: Free

Quantity: 138 knots

This Linux high-paying introduction and advanced, for the basic part of the introductory teaching, in a simple, easy-to-use, efficient way for beginners to explain how to learn the core of Linux learning ideas, computer hardware knowledge, basic commands, Linux basic knowledge and enterprise application scenarios how to use hardware optimization services, clear and thorough, Ultra-fine explanation, suitable for 0 basic friend study or related positions such as sales and it dealings, editing and so on to understand the Linux portal, will also be very useful! People and businesses that do not embrace the Internet are going to face a natural choice when the Internet era begins!

Old boy Linux operation and maintenance high salary introduction and advanced New Classic video (released May 21, 2015) 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Default/images/spacer.gif "style=" white-space:normal;border:1px solid rgb (221,221,221); Background-image:url ("http :// "); background-position:50% 50%;background-repeat:no-repeat;" alt= "spacer.gif "/>650" this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" white-space:normal;border:1px solid RGB (221,221,221); Background-image:url (" Addblog.php "); background-position:50% 50%;background-repeat:no-repeat;" alt= "Spacer.gif"/> Course address, http://, for the convenience of everyone to learn, we made a list of hyperlinks to the blog, to share to Bo friends, hope that more useful.

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  1. Qualified operation and maintenance quality and excavating inner learning motivation

  2. Old boy 23-stage class notes

  3. With the old boy can learn what skills--old boy core education thought

  4. What to learn and what to study-the old boy core education thought

  5. Cultivating good habits of learning and listening to the mind

  6. The thought change of learning good luck dimension

  7. Cultivate oneself to be the quality talented person

  8. How to learn the important idea of Linux operation and Maintenance--the old boy's core idea

  9. Computer and Web server hardware-chassis-power supply Introduction 01

  10. Computer and Web server hardware-motherboard-cpu-memory-HDD 02

  11. Hardware system optimization and IO Optimization core optimization principle detailed

  12. Other Hardware Information Brief introduction

  13. Summary of important knowledge points of computer hardware 01

  14. Summary of important knowledge points of computer hardware 02

  15. After-school homework and content preview

  16. Review of the knowledge content of the previous section

  17. Operating system introduction and function explanation

  18. What is Linux and features

  19. Introduction to UNIX History

  20. Top 5 Features of Unix

  21. Unix OS Revolution Story

  22. Introduction of the Birth of Linux

  23. Introduction to the development history of Linux

  24. Important people to know in the process of Linux development

  25. Introduction to the concept of free software

  26. Free Software Foundation FSF introduction

  27. Inserting an important thought of learning operation and maintenance

  28. GNU Core Knowledge Introduction

  29. Introduction to the GPL core knowledge

  30. The composition of the Linux system

  31. Why Linux is popular

  32. An introduction to the important features of Linux

  33. Introduction to three major enterprise application areas of Linux

  34. Types of Linux distributions and differences

  35. How to choose a Linux version learn expert advice

  36. CentOS version Introduction and selection suggestions

  37. Important suggestions for building Linux learning Environment

  38. Install and create VMware Virtual machine combat

  39. VMware Core Technology Network card three modes of NAT introduction

  40. VMware Core Technology Network card three modes of bridged introduction

  41. VMware Core Technology Network card three modes of Host-only mode introduction

  42. Create a new VM-seeking virtual machine by completing the actual battle

  43. Centos6.6 installation and installation of possible fault explanation

  44. The difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Linux is introduced

  45. Start the actual installation of the CentOS Linux system

  46. Linux system disk Partitioning knowledge Introduction

  47. Linux device naming and Linux basic partitioning scheme

  48. Linux partition type RAID-LVM introduction and Enterprise selection suggestions

  49. Linux partitioning important knowledge-mount point-file system type, etc.

  50. Linux key Pack selection explained and installation completed

  51. Introduction to reboot boot and Linux kernel version number

  52. IP address introduction and configuring IP addresses for Linux

  53. Questions and answers about network card settings

  54. Analysis and solution to the problem of SSH client Connection server failure

  55. Old boy First Order exam Vi-vim-cat-touch-echo order Explanation

  56. Old boy First pass exam-redirect-append redirect-standard input/output knowledge combat

  57. Old boy First Order exam-CAT-CP command Enterprise Application Combat

  58. The old boy First order exam-mv-ls-man-help and other core commands in combat

  59. Homework and preview after class

  60. Observation and summary cases of important operation and maintenance thoughts

  61. How to be happy with a master in important operation and maintenance thoughts and how to ask questions

  62. How to think about important operations and how to ask the details of others

  63. Catch the master's heart-it's hard for him not to answer you

  64. A brief review of the contents of the previous section

  65. Find command Enterprise and application case explaining

  66. Delete Table of contents and special characters single and double point explanation

  67. 08-cat-grep-sed Enterprise Key Case Application explanation

  68. Mkdir-yum-rpm-tree Command Application Case explanation

  69. Learn the important learning idea of Linux command

  70. The tree-rpm command uses in-depth

  71. Alias depth Enterprise case multiple ways to explain

  72. Linux aliases Deep principle-action-practical explanation

  73. Special Home Directory Symbol introduction

  74. In-depth explanation of SEQ command combined with corporate interview

  75. Tail command enterprise application and solve actual problem case

  76. SED Enterprise Interview application case Tutorial-Print line number

  77. awk command Use introduction and practical explanation

  78. Solve Enterprise Interview application cases with AWK commands

  79. grep command to solve the enterprise case application of practical explanation and drawing important thought

  80. Deep application and summary of SED command replacement function

  81. Complex enterprise application case find with SED integrated real-combat explanation

  82. First level command application learning Summary and Big Extension command important explanation

  83. Linux command line important shortcut key explanation

  84. SSH remote connection principle and fault error troubleshooting

  85. SSH Client Usage Tips 1

  86. SSH Remote connection Error troubleshooting

  87. SSH client implementation and Linux shared files

  88. Bulk management of Linux critical applications with SSH clients

  89. SSH client copy label machine bulk copy label tips

  90. VM Snapshot-cloning important application explanation and network card problem resolution after cloning

  91. View Linux basic information commands-uname-hostname and important operation and maintenance thoughts

  92. Linux system useradd-passwd Add account password explanation and Su command introduction

  93. The SELinux detailed and operational level of Linux optimization

  94. Linux optimization needs to start the focus of service detailed

  95. Linux optimization using Chkconfig-sed-awk various methods to solve the boot-start combat

  96. iptables firewall processing and operation and maintenance thought of Linux optimization

  97. Chkconfig Command Application Summary

  98. 5 ideas to minimize the security of Linux optimization

  99. Homework and preview after class

  100. Important Basic Commands Review review

  101. Very important basic Commands Three Musketeers plus find review review actual combat

  102. Review of SED Command combat review

  103. A review of awk command Combat review

  104. grep Command Combat Review Review

  105. Review of Linux optimization in the previous section

  106. Super-optimized Linux remote SSH connection

  107. Comparison tool Diff-vimdiff-windows Comparison tool explained

  108. Operational thinking-the most effective way to succeed

  109. Image explanation sudo command simple principle and practice optimize user commands

  110. sudo solutions Enterprise-class application Walkthrough

  111. Operational core Learning Ideas-executive class share subconscious issues

  112. which command actual combat and principle detailed-path actual combat configuration

  113. About the specifics of bash built-in commands

  114. Linux Character set introduction and solve Chinese garbled combat

  115. Operational core ideas-learn to help encourage others

  116. Time synchronization Introduction and actual combat configuration-introduction of Scheduled tasks and simple configuration

  117. Time Synchronization Service Enterprise Production Application Architecture description

  118. Optimize the terminal timeout and the number of historical records

  119. Linux history Count control and subordinate record number file control

  120. File descriptor Introduction and actual combat configuration scheme

  121. Linux Kernel parameter base optimization

  122. Hide Linux software name and kernel version

  123. Super-optimized locking system important system files to prevent tampering

  124. Disable ping and clean up the system redundant account description

  125. Password protection for GRUB Boot menu grub is arbitrarily modified

  126. Forbidden Ping actual combat and software bug escalation

  127. Linux system Basic Optimization 16 Knowledge Summary

  128. Configure Linux software download update source address

  129. wget command Enterprise Application parameters detailed

  130. Tell me about the order review and Classification summary method

  131. Less-more use method and difference actual combat explanation

  132. Linux Directory Structure Knowledge introduction

  133. Linux directory tree detailed principles explained

  134. Introduction to the history of the Linux directory structure

  135. Linux directory hierarchy standard and directory introduction

  136. Linux Important directory and sub-directory Introduction

  137. Linux directory Structure highlights summary review

  138. Homework and preview after class

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Linux Ops high Salary introduction and advanced New Classic video-old boy Linux (free)

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