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Just started to contact Linux Some do not adapt, took a lot of detours, has not systematically studied Linux applications, the basic is fragmented Google out of the knowledge, here do a collation:

Vi/vim Basic Operation:

Just started to contact with Linux, do not understand VI ate a lot of losses. In the command line state, once you open the text with VI, you can only exit by restarting.

Vi/vim is divided into three modes: instruction mode, edit mode, and select mode. Input is only possible in edit mode (not absolute).

The default is "instruction mode", this mode only supports VI/VIM instructions, when tapping the keyboard will only drip sound. I don't know how many people have been dizzy by this way (dizzy not dizzy by you, anyway I was dizzy.) If you're not dizzy, congratulations, that's a miracle.

Ok~ about the Vi/vim operation is not intended to be too much to organize here, to meet the basic operation of the line:

1. Press i in the default "instruction mode" to enter edit mode

2. Press ESC to return to instruction mode in non-instruction mode

3. Under "instruction Mode", enter:

: W Save current file

: Q Exit Edit if file is required for save in mandatory mode

: q! forced exit does not save changes

: Wq combo instruction, save and exit

4. Move under "instruction mode":

H Left

J Down

K On

L Right

#Page turning

Shift + f (front) Next

Shift + B (back) previous page

About Vi / vim finishing up here, know that these basic can avoid I just touch Linux when those silly x problem

About vim need more?

Concise VIM Training Guide-http: //

Online tutorial + web version vim-http: //

Terminal Basic Instructions

#Permission related

sudo to elevate the current operation permissions

passwd [Username] Modify user password, generally used to activate the root user (administrator)

Chown [Target][user] Modifying the owner of the target set

chmod 755 [command] to increase execution permissions for a specified file

#chown/chmod, these two instructions didn't dig in.


Man[command] View instructions for help, generally use vim to open the TXT help file, press Q to exit (Focus)

Cat [file name] outputs the contents of the specified file

which [command] view the location of the instruction: which Ruby can check the environment

#Basic file operations

ls-a [path] View all files in the current directory, including hidden files

Ls-l[path] View complete information about the file, including owner, read and Write permissions

RM-RF [path] Delete folder

MV [Source path] [target] Move File/rename

CP [Source path] [target] Copy file

Utilities in Terminal

Tail-f$catalina_home/logs/catalina.out Viewing the Tomcat log

Tree-l 3. Viewing the table of contents in a tree structure,-l setting the viewing depth

grep Regular Expression tool, which can be used to filter results

ls-a | grep. BA can find hidden files containing BA, sometimes used to find. bash_profile files

SVN St | grep ^? View files that are not added in the current library

Ping-c 3 3 times Specify the target, and the unspecified number of times will always ping (this is not the same as Windows)

Terminal Operation Tips

Ctrl + A cursor moves to the beginning of the line

Ctrl + E ... Move to end of line

Double tab to list alternate commands/optional files

Ctrl + C forces the current operation to be rolled out

Under Mac OS

Command + K Clear Screen

Command + T new label

Command + {}x left/right Toggle tab

Mac OS uses iterm instead of bring-your-own terminal

3 ways to make ~/.bash_profile effective immediately

1 ... bash_profile

2.source. Bash_profile (using this method)

3. EXEC Bash--login

Process actions:

ps-a | grep [process name Regex]: Review the development process,

e.g:ps-a | grep Eclipse View Eclipse process

Kill [PID]: Force kill to make progress

sudo lsof-i-P | grep 9092

Very useful for viewing the PID of a specified port



This is faster.

SSH operation:

SSH [email protected] #The server needs to set up an OpenSSH server

SCP./lib/*.jar [Email protected]:jeespace/biandan/war/web-inf/lib #向SSH Server remote Copy file

Text manipulation:

Replace the <title> of all JSP pages under the war;:

Linux/mac OS Personal common terminal skill finishing

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