Lnmp Server Installation edition ISO and download, integrated wdcp Management System

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Lnmp Server Installation edition iso and download, integrated wdcp Management System

Wdlinux is a simplified centos-based version. It removes most of the uncommon software packages and services, filters basic system packages, web application environment packages, and optimizes the system. some commonly used tool kits, such as iptraf, nmap, sysstat, strace, tcpdump, and curl, are added to facilitate routine maintenance and troubleshooting.
In addition, the installation is convenient and fast (you only need to set the IP address, gateway, dns, host name, and root user password during the installation process, which can be completed in about 5 minutes ).
For more versions, see http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdlinux_centos_5.5

Integrated lnmp application environment
Lnmp is short for linux + nginx + mysql tutorial + php tutorial. lnmp is a popular and widely used web application environment. it is also installed together here. You do not need to complete the system, compile it, and configure it again.
More about lnmp see here http://www.wdlinux.cn/lnmp

Integrated wdcp server/virtual host Management System
Wdcp (wdlinux control panel) is a linux server management system developed using php. It is designed to be easy to use and manage linux servers. It can manage servers and virtual hosts online through web pages. simple, convenient, and easy to operate. only the linux version and no windows version make it easy for you to use and manage linux servers. users who do not know linux can also use linux as servers without having to remember or enter commands, you can use linux. supported centos/redhat versions
For more information about wdcp, please refer to the http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdcp here

In general, the lnmp environment and wdcp management system have been installed. You can easily manage servers and virtual hosts in the wdcp background, open websites, upload programs, and put them into production applications.

See wdlinux_lamp installation tutorial http://www.wdlinux.cn/doc/wdlinux_lamp_install.doc.

After installation, you can directly use the IP address to open it in ie.
Http: // ip
The default page information, probe, and phpinfo information are displayed.
(This content is in the/www/web/default directory)
The management background is
Http:/// ip: 8080
Default User Password: admin wdlinux.cn

The installation directory of the software/www/wdlinux. The related software versions are as follows:

The system partition is as follows (automatic partition ):
/Boot 100 m
/Tmp 1g
Swap 2g
/Remaining space

(32-bit and 64-bit)
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lnmp_32.iso
Http://dl.wdlinux.cn: 5180/wdlinux_lnmp_64.iso

Wdcp background demonstration (Note: The data center has a domain name white list system, so the point cannot be opened)
Http://demo.wdlinux.cn: 8080/
User Password: admin wdlinux.cn


1. The iso installation package is automatically partitioned and the hard disk is formatted. If it is not a new system, do not use this installation. (If data is lost, I am not responsible for this installation)
2 for testing or learning, it is strongly recommended to use virtual machine environment installation, such as vm http://www.wdlinux.cn/doc/vm.mht
3 if you need to partition your own, you can download the wdlinux_base installation version of the installation system, and then download the one-click installation package of lanmp and the wdcp management system.
Wdlinux_base http://www.wdlinux.cn/wdlinux_centos_5.5
Lanmp one-click installation package http://www.wdlinux.cn/linux_lanmp

This update
1. The software version has been upgraded.
2. added the wdcp server/VM management system.
3. The limit of 30 GB space for virtual machines is removed. It can be installed as long as 5 GB.


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