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First, Introduction:

in testing and development, there is a API Testing tools have been the role of the martial arts leader, that is the reputation of the Postman Google company .

Postman originally A browser plug-in, later developed into an application, has been loved by the martial arts colleagues; but But what if you want to run unattended api test, to introduce a win two tools, actually two frames, she is a newman and jenkins : newman postman Export data, then batch execution, you can automate the execution of api test; jenkins is a continuous integration platform, all the test framework, can be executed by the command, timing, set the scene trigger, realize unattended.

Purpose: To use Newman+postman implementing API Automation testing

dependency:1,Postman export API use case (JSON,XML..)

2,Newman ( because Newman is node -written, you need to rely on Nodejs)

extensions: in Implement unattended API testing on Jenkins

ii. installation of Nodejs and NPM

Nodejs is a language that has developed rapidly over the years, enabling the rapid development of Web pages and the installation tutorials of predecessors, which I have directly quoted:


Install using the second method

Third, installation Newman

The ancestors planted trees, posterity, do not waste the predecessors with time and Sweat to give us guidance:


Iv. methods of use ofNewman

Open Source address has been given a small white way to use, here will not repeat the useless description, directly on the original meal:


<API Automated Test >centos-newman

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