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In the Mac OS X system, there are a lot of good FTP tools, such as Cyberduck, transmit, but do you know that in addition to these third-party applications, the system has prepared a built-in FTP tool for you? /m:e0 j%? (N4 m seven degree apple Computer software
+ N5 w+ F2 H0 x ' Seven degree Apple Computer software
From the Finder menu bar, go to "Go-connect Server ..." (shortcut CMD + K)-J0 ^-Q "r. T seven-degree apple Computer software
Enter the FTP server address (for example:
Click the + Sign button on the right side of the address bar to add the current address to the "Favorites Server"% i2] (o/D6 ^ Seven degree apple Computer software
Click the "Connect" button and follow the prompts to connect to the FTP server after successful authentication

P.S. If you need to connect to an FTP server that supports SSL, you can modify the protocol prefix FTP to FTPS

Once the server is connected successfully, you can operate the remote FTP Server directory in the Finder as if you were browsing a local folder. Of course, the built-in FTP tool can only give you these simple operations, if you need a richer feature or recommend the use of the third-party FTP application described above.
Because Mac os X is a Unix-based operating system, a friend who is familiar with command-line mode can also type in the terminal (Terminal) app: FTP into FTP mode. Specific commands are not listed, interested friends can search for a study.


Many friends ask Macgg,os X have the FTP tool? Today just the egg hurts, the OS X commonly used some FTP tools are listed, the following FTP tools have special features, we choose it.


Transmit is a practical and popular FTP client software that supports countries other than Unicode, supports IDisk WebDAV and TLS,SSL transmissions, has tabbed features, and uses the Sidebar sidebar design like OS X Finder, A dedicated Dashboard Widget is also available to make it easy for you to drag files to the FTP server at any time.

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This software spans three main platforms. Has Windows,linux and Mac OS x version. So we can also enjoy the apple, do not need to crack, completely free

FileZilla is a free open source FTP client software, divided into the client version and the server version, with all the FTP software features. The controllable, structured interface and streamlined way to manage multiple sites makes the FileZilla client version a convenient and efficient FTP client tool, while FileZilla server is a small and reliable FTP server software that supports FTP&SFTP.

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Cyberduck is an open source FTP and SFTP software, licensed under the GPL, with a simple interface to support WebDAV and Amazon S3 browsing and file transfer. The Cyberduck built for Mac integrates some of the features of OS x system, Examples include Spotlight, Bonjour, QuickLook (only supported for 3.0 versions) and Keychain (keychain).

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Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP is the best FTP client under Mac OS X, supports FTP, SFTP, good interface, Chinese support. And the other FTP tools under the Mac, there are some problems. Very special FTP client program, modify server files, set local or remote path, upload download file. Yummy FTP is written by Mac obsessed enthusiasts. The goal is to be an FTP client that both novice and veteran can enjoy, and to keep the Mac's ease of use, flexibility, and customization.

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crossftp Pro

CROSSFTP is a powerful FTP client tool with excellent Chinese support, operating close to FLASHFXP and CuteFTP

CROSSFTP Server network start to build professional-grade FTP system.

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Forklift is a powerful file management program, make up the Finder file management compared to a single function, strong enough to remotely connect Ftp,sftp,amazon S3,webdav,smb,nis,afp and other network-sharing services agreement.

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Captain FTP for Mac
The FTP software used under Apple ──captain FTP for MAC, and supports Simplified Chinese encoding (formerly garbled) words do not say much.

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Flow for Mac

Flow is an award-winning, beautiful, fast, and reliable FTP + SFTP client. With URL Copying, droplets, a built-in editor, and QuickLook, it's no wonder why Flow was the go-to choice for those who WA NT the best.

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Mac built-in FTP tools

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