Mac computer tomcat download and install (details)

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Download TOMCAT1. Open Apache Tomcat website and select the version you need to download: Address 2. Unzip the apache-tomcat-7.0.82 file, Better put him in/library (repository)

Mac looking for library repository

(1). Click finder--> User--the name of your computer--and the library (some also called/library)

(2). Some apples hide the library directory, to enter the directory, need to use a certain skill.

Open the Finder, press shift+command+g, enter "~/library" (enter the quotation marks), and then press ENTER to go.

3. Configure Tomcat

(1). Set permissions on the directory:

Open Terminal Input Enter sudo chmod 755 Library/tomcat/bin/*.sh , set the file read and write execution permissions; (You need to enter the administrator password here)

To make it easy to use, rename the extracted apache-tomcat-7.0.82 to Tomcat again.

sudo chmod 755 (You can drag and drop into the location of your tomcat)/bin/*.sh

Note: sudo is typically a system Super Administrator 755 for users who have read, write, execute permissions on the file, have permission to execute and read from other people in the same group, have no write permission, and other users have the same permissions as the group. 777 stands for, User,group, others, both read and write and execute permissions.

(2). Start Tomcat

Start method One: Enter in the terminalsudo sh

The following prompt indicates that the installation and operation succeeded:

Start method Two: Locate the file in Library/tomcat/bin, drag the file into the terminal and enter the boot

4. Verify that Tomcat is started

Open your Safari and enter http://localhost:8080/in the URL entry box

If you can open the Tomcat home page correctly, the Tomcat configuration starts successfully:

5. Stop Tomcat


Mac configures Tomcat in Eclipse:

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Mac computer tomcat download and install (details)

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