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1, installation

Installing RABBITMQ under Mac is very simple, and the general default RABBITMQ server-dependent Erlang has been installed, with the following two commands to complete the RABBITMQ installation (provided homebrew has been installed):

Brew Update
Brew install RABBITMQ

Be patient, add/usr/local/sbin to $path after Setup completes, and add the following two lines to ~/.bash_profile:

export path= $PATH:/usr/local/sbin

After editing: Wq save exit, make environment variable effective immediately.

SOURCE ~/.bash_profile
2. Start RABBITMQ Service

After the configuration is complete, you need to close the terminal window, reopen it, and then enter the following command to start the RABBITMQ service:

3. Login Web Admin Interface

Browser Enter http://localhost:15672 account password full input guest can log in.

If the display does not find the host, add it in the Hosts file

Vi/private/etc/hosts  localhost

Note here that starting with version 3.3.1, RABBITMQ does not allow remote IP logons by default, that is, you can only use localhost logins. If you want to log on remotely, add user permissions

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