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The development of the Internet and the mobile phone industry has dramatically changed our lives. These two revolutionary technologies have been merged with the launch of smartphones. Smartphones are now almost everywhere, creating new opportunities to develop applications for these mobile devices.

If you have a WordPress publishing platform, or if you are a developer offering WordPress solutions to your customers, there are some mobile apps that manage WordPress blogs, will help you and your customers to manage the WordPress publishing platform anytime, anywhere.

  IPhone & ipod Touch

    • WordPress for IOS

The software allows you to write blogs on your iphone or ipod Touch, upload images, edit pages, and manage WordPress blog comments. It supports and independent WordPress blogs (2.5.1 or later)

    • Iblogger

You can use Iblogger to manage most popular blogging systems including WordPress. The iphone, iphone 3G, and ipod touch work pretty well. Iblogger allows you to easily manage your blog including adding pictures, categories, and labels.

    • BlogPress

Support for most mainstream blogging platforms including wordwress, support for setting all options for wordwress: Tags, classifieds, release dates, and online drafts (private logs). You can write, edit, and delete articles quite simply, and you can edit a wide variety of logs and pages.

  BlackBerry Phone

    • WordPress for BlackBerry

The software can be compatible with most of the current BlackBerry devices including 8700,curve,pearl,bold and storm. BlackBerry equipment requires system version 4.2.1. The software supports and self-built standalone blogs for WordPress 2.5.1 or later versions and Wordprss MU 2.6 or later. Using the wordpress for BlackBerry You can write blogs, edit pages, manage blog comments, and more.

  Andriod Mobile Phone

    • Wptogo

Wptogo enables you to manage your worpress blog on andriod devices. Features: To be able to log in multiple accounts to edit the blog title, content, tags and various categories. Can upload whole picture and thumbnail, can customize thumbnail size. Ability to select whether the journal will be published or saved as a draft.

    • Postbot

Postbot is a andriod app that allows you to publish logs on and your own standalone blog.

Mirosoft Windows Mobile

    • Writer for Windows Mobile

This is one of the best desktop blogging programs in the mobile version of Windows Live writer. Currently a beta version that supports Windows Mobile 6 and later.

    • Moblog

Moblog is a Windows Mobile 2003 and later blogging program, Moblog currently supports,logger, and live spaces. Moblog is optimized to run on the WM phone with minimal resource consumption. It can be used offline, and you can write and edit articles without networking. Networking is only required when you first set up your blog account and when you want to update your blog's content.

    • MobiBlogr

MobiBlogr is a free blog program for Windows Mobile, using MOBIBLOGR you can blog anytime at any time. EThis means that you can enjoy the freedom to publish a blog. MobiBlogr can edit articles, upload pictures, add labels, and build a built-in picture viewer.

Nokia mobile Phone (Symbian S60)

    • Wordmobi

Wordmobi is a wordpress client application written by Python for Nokia S60. It is used to manage WordPress, can do some commonly used operations like writing a blog, approving comments, deleting articles, and so on.

    • Scribe

scribe allows you to add, edit, and post articles from your handheld device to WordPress blog anywhere. Scribe is still in its early stages of development and may not be very stable. scribe uses S60 python, so you should first install Python for S60 before installing scribe.

    • Wavelog

Wavelog is a wordpress writing program that applies to Nokia S60 handsets. Includes the following features: You can use any network connection (mobile network, WIFI, etc.) to manage the blog, add music and video, save drafts after the release, add hyperlinks, tags, blog when the choice of classification, modify the previous published articles, set up multiple account information at the same time published to multiple blogs. Wavelog developed and run on the Nokia N95, and many of the Nokia S60 R3 phones can also be installed for use.

  Support Java (J2ME) mobile phone

    • Mopress or Mopress

Mopress can enable Java (J2ME) mobile phones to blog via any valid network connection (mobile network, WiFi) (supporting text, pictures, music, video). Mopress uses XML-RPC coprocessor to communicate with the blog, support Worpress 2.3.1 and above version.


All above are for the open platform smartphone, install the client to manage WordPress. The following is the installation of Plug-ins on the server side or related settings to adapt to the mobile phone WordPress background to manage WordPress.

    • Wphone

Wphone is a WordPress plug-in, enabling the plug-in can produce a suitable for mobile phone WordPress management backstage, can install WordPress via mobile phone. Wphone contains 2 versions: Deluxe Edition, mobile design for iphone/ipod Touch and other browsers supporting javascript,css,ajax and active menus; compact version, lightweight, simple version, designed for other phones (no JavaScript or other requirements). The plug-in's XHTML compatibility can even ensure that browsers that do not support CSS can receive a clear and Easy-to-use interface to manage WordPress blogs.


A friend who writes Bo in is actually a very concise and fast mobile version of the management background. Can enable you from the mobile phone into the for blog management. You can post blogs, manage reviews, and view statistics on the mobile site, and basically do whatever you want to do.

    • Use email to post blogs

WordPress can be set up to use e-mail to publish blogs. To post an article through e-mail, you need to set up an e-mail account with POP3 permissions in the admin background. Any messages received at this address will be published.

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