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Recently the company project needs to use Xib nested XIB to layout the interface, studied for a long time to achieve!!!

Share to everyone, hope to help more developers ...

There are two ways of customizing the interface in development

One: Pure code implementation

Suitable for a single, extremely complex interface, such as: Custom Playback Video Interface ...

Two: Xib realization

Suitable for multiple interfaces with a common one UIView component, multiple interfaces common use, this time using Xib custom view

#pragma mark-xib Custom View

Step One:

Create EYRedView.h and EYREDVIEW.M and eyredview.xib three files

As shown in the following:

Step Two:

Associate the Eyredview.xib file with the Eyredview class.

As shown in the following:

Step Three:

Drag the required components into the EYREDVIEW.XIB and set the constraints using the AutoLayout automatic layout (a UILabel and a uitextfiled are set in the figure, and the automatic layout is completed)

Step Four:

Providing a class method to the outside world in EYRedView.h

In EYRedView.h

+ (instancetype) Redview;


+ (instancetype) redview {  //  mode one:returnclass]) Owner:[self alloc]  Options:nil] Lastobject];  //  Way two  //  return [[Uinib Nibwithnibname:nsstringfromclass ([self class]) Bundle: Nil] Instantiatewithowner:nil Options:nil].firstobject; }  

How to use

In the Viewdidload in the controller

Eyredview * Redview == CGRectMake (0); [ Self.view Addsubview:redview];


Note: use Xib to customize the view you must set the frame!!! otherwise the size of the redview is the size set in Xib

Nesting of Xib #pragma mark-xib

The need now is to add a blue view to the red view and this blue view also wants to use XIB to define

PS: This blue view needs to be used in many xib, so use xib to define

Step One:

Create EYBlueView.h and EYBLUEVIEW.M and eyblueview.xib three files

Step Two:

Associating eyblueview.xib with the Eyblueview class in another way (PS: You cannot use the method above, you need to use the following method)

As shown in the following:

Step Three:

Eyblueview.xib add UIButton and Uitextfield and two controls, and use AutoLayout Auto layout to set constraints

PS: Normal Drag line will be able to get the control

Step Four:

Eyredview.xib Drag a UIView set to Eyblueview type, use automatic layout to set a good location

As shown in the following:

Step Five:

-(Instancetype) Initwithcoder: (Nscoder * = [super Initwithcoder:adecoder];  if   //  load as normal view  UIView *view = [[Uinib NIBWITHNIBNAME:NSSTRINGFROMCLA SS ([Self class  ]) Bundle:nil]        Instantiatewithowner:self Options:nil].firstobject;  //  set location (be sure to set)  View.frame = self.bounds;          //  add to yourself      [Self addsubview:view];  return   

The results are as follows:

The Perfect realization!

PS: The following can be selected implementation (recommended implementation, so that others use this custom view will have more ways)

In EYBlueView.h

+ (instancetype) Blueview;


+(instancetype) Blueview {//Way One    return[[[NSBundle Mainbundle] Loadnibnamed:nsstringfromclass ([Selfclass]) Owner:[self alloc] options:nil] lastobject]; //Mode two//return [[Uinib Nibwithnibname:nsstringfromclass ([self class]) Bundle:nil] Instantiatewithowner:nil Options:nil]. Firstobject;}-(Instancetype) initWithFrame: (CGRect) frame { self=[Super Initwithframe:frame]; if(self) {UIView* view = [[NSBundle mainbundle] Loadnibnamed:nsstringfromclass ([Selfclass]) owner:self options:nil].firstobject; View.frame=Self.bounds;    [Self addsubview:view]; }    returnSelf ;}

This allows others to use the two methods above to load the Eyblueview with code!!!!!!

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