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  March 2010 12-14th, we are in the Ministry of Education, the National University Teacher Network Training Changchun training base for 3 days on the construction of High-quality Nursing courses Network training, completed the study task, the content of this study is very rich, mainly by Professor Lou Feng Lan introduced the development of nursing professional , Shandong Medical University nursing team, Shandong Medical University on the "Foundation of Nursing" and "Nursing psychology" excellent course construction status and its experience in the course construction. In addition, through the two "nursing psychology" teacher and a nursing basic teacher's demonstration course and the thorough explanation as well as with fellow colleagues on-site discussion and the network communication interaction, everybody obtains many enlightenment, feels the benefit. The discussion will now be reported as follows: First,               how you combine classroom teaching with clinical practice. Zhang Lu Fung: In the teaching process of nursing psychology, after the clinical symptom and the treatment psychological nursing, the psychosomatic disease patient's psychological nursing theory course concludes, through the clinical probation, the student to the surgery patient and the common psychosomatic disease patient's psychological assessment, strengthens the psychological nursing procedure The theory knowledge, grasps the nursing psychology practical skill , strengthen the theory with practice, train the student, make it have the preliminary psychological assessment and the psychological nursing ability, and grasp the common and particularity of the psychological problem of the nursing object, make the student can apply the nursing psychology theory and skill to the clinical psychological nursing practice, carry on the pertinence psychological nursing to the different nursing object. The main task of the students is to apply the theoretical knowledge of the students to the psychological assessment of the patients before and after the operation, to put forward the main psychological nursing diagnosis and to carry out psychological nursing, through clinical probation. I feel this is one of the key contents of nursing psychology students ' training. Sun beauty: In the teaching of basic nursing, The theory class finishes, next lesson is the experimental class, so that the theory and practice are closely linked, and after the theory class, let the students memorize the operation steps and some of the values in the experiment, first watch the video at the beginning of the experiment class, then find the students to demonstrate the operation method, and then find the students to point out the Finally, the teacher to do the correct operation, students group practice, the final assessment. The students are very active in the experiment.               What do you think are the effective ways to improve the teaching level of teachers? Zhang Lu Fung: I think there are many effective ways to improve the teaching level of teachers, such as: Teaching experience Exchange meeting, old teacher experience introduction, listening to demonstration class, collective preparing lessons, attending lectures, clinical nursing Practice and self-study and network learning Exchange can improve teachers ' teaching level. Sun beauty: TeachTeachers to improve the level of teaching, the first thing to do is the following points. Selection of textbooks: Some students do not want to check the data, more lazy, textbooks on what content to see what content, so the textbook should be carefully selected. Learn from peer experience: especially young teachers, to more lectures. Carefully designed each class: first of all to prepare a good lesson, more information, broaden the knowledge. Regular Seminars: Teaching experience accumulation: To make teachers develop the habit of summing up teaching experience, pay attention to the accumulation of information at ordinary times, experienced teachers, after each lecture a lesson, a chapter, a section, in the teaching plan to write "after feeling" according to the purpose and teaching principles, self analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of teaching. In this foundation, the Teaching and Learning section holds the experience Exchange, which is specific, rich, and can receive the mutual Enlightenment effect. Training and learning is also a very effective way to improve the quality of teachers. Third,               how you treat students unwilling to listen to the phenomenon. Zhang Lu Fung: I think students do not want to attend lectures, as teachers, should be reflected in the following aspects: 1. To reflect on their teaching in time
In the traditional sense of the classroom, is the teacher said, the students listen, the teacher rarely look at their own teaching has aroused the interest of students, and not enough attention to student participation is related to themselves. When the students appear inconsistent with the classroom teaching behavior, just complain about the students, rarely reflect on their teaching behavior to adapt to the psychological characteristics of students, stimulate the students thirst for knowledge.   One of the characteristics of excellent teachers is that they reflect on their teaching in time after each class, and improve teaching, in order to increase the charm of classroom teaching, to control students ' emotion in time, to guide students to participate actively in classroom teaching, and to make students get better development. 2. Space and time for students to think
The result of a student acquiring knowledge is far less important than the process of obtaining results. Let the student discover in the study, have experience, the important premise is to give him in study and research knowledge of the process of active thinking and active exploration of time and space, so that his experience is happy and self-confident. For example: Group cooperative learning is a very good form.
3. Learn to appreciate students
    teachers should establish a student-oriented modern educational concept in teaching, and give each student the opportunity to think, create, perform and get a successful experience. To do this, teachers should learn to appreciate every student, find every student's shining point. Students in the teacher's attention, not only will like the teacher, like class, the formation of harmonious teachers and students feelings, but also in the classroom positive performance, happy to learn, at the same time, as a teacher must be everywhere strict demands on themselves, to be a model for students. Must continue to learn new knowledge, always stand in the forefront of the professional. Compared to general education, our teachers ' words and deeds, special professional ethics and work attitude have a special influence on students. 4. To learn how to master and use modern science and technology in today's world, computer, multimedia, e-mail and other modern technology has become a universal phenomenon and rapid development. "A piece of chalk, a mouth" education form is no longer suitable for today's social requirements. Modern teachers should change their ideas, strengthen the proportion of science and technology in teaching application, learn to use computer, multimedia and other advanced science and technology, and constantly improve teaching means and methods. Sun beauty: I think students do not want to attend lectures because one is not accept the teacher, the second is not interested in content, so we should start from their own, to find their own shortcomings. 1. The instrument dignified, the manner is kind, lets the student accept you 2. Enrich their knowledge, language humor Four, how do you see the application of bilingual teaching in the nursing profession. Zhang Lu Fung: In the Teaching of nursing psychology, because of the relationship between teachers ' level, bilingual teaching is not ideal. But I think it is very important to carry out bilingual teaching in the undergraduate nursing specialty, each school can design the bilingual teaching content according to the teacher's ability level, for example can strengthen the bilingual teaching through the classroom teaching, the network interaction, the written work and so on. Sun beauty: Teaching in the nursing profession is a very important role, but now the students of nursing professional English proficiency is really limited, so bilingual classes open up very difficult. At present, the College of Nursing of Shandong Medical University has developed into a school with characteristics of running school and domestic influence, and it is the important base of national high level nursing talents training and nursing scientific research and technological innovation. Prior to this, the nursing school has been lack of systematic learning platform, this time, finally the nursing teaching staff's wish. For 3 days, we have studied the nursing course system, the characteristic and the fine course construction procedure and the experience, and has had the deeper understanding to the curriculum construction plan, the teaching outline formulation, the textbook selection, the teaching method and the means reform, the curriculum examination plan and so on course construction content as well as the entire nursing education system. It also recognizes that scientific research promotes teaching and realizes the importance of continuing education, and establishes the goal of lifelong learning. I always thought that the continuing education did not learn any new knowledge, so always feel that delay time, as read reading, prepare lessons, really recognize the importance of continuing education, set up the goal of lifelong learning, improve the understanding of continuing education. LearnThen the lack of knowledge, this is one of my experience. Through this study, I feel that the knowledge of the past is too limited, and look at the problem is too superficial. In the past, we often said: "To give students a glass of water, teachers must have a bucket of water." "However, after training, I think the teacher is definitely not a bucket of water so simple, it should be a source of the stream." In my opinion, only by setting up the lifelong education thought of "Live to old, learn old", can we keep abreast of the progress of the times and the pace of knowledge development, and be competent for the complex and creative education work. "Ask the canal which is so clear, for have fountainhead come." "Only by continuing to learn, constantly enrich their knowledge, and constantly update their educational concepts, and constantly deny themselves, in order to continue to progress, the knowledge can be like a ' spring '-like selling, and not just poor" a bucket of water.

In short, after attending the study, make me more profound understanding, as a teacher, a student life on the road of the guide, communication between school and parents, social bridge, must update the concept, and constantly improve their quality, and constantly update their knowledge structure, with their own new knowledge to educate and lead students, For the country to cultivate cross-century talent.                                               

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