Oem7Y3.1 NT6 excellent activation tool for Windows 7 flagship edition download and features

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Oem7Y3.1 NT6 excellent activation tool for Windows 7 flagship edition download and features

The reputation of Oem7 may not match a certain activation, but it must be the best in technology. win7 pony activation welcomes you to compare Oem7 with any one, and use the facts to speak...

Improvement of automatic elevation of permissions that plagued pony (not necessary)

The Display language is modified.

Currently, one of the two new foreign tools (RemoveWAT/Chew-WGA) cannot be automatically updated. to update the tool, You Have To uninstall it and crack it again. The other tool cannot pass genuine verification, long-term stability remains to be tested. Therefore, Oem7 wins... (if you cannot activate Oem7, consider activating Oem7)

For all questions, please Email: [email protected] waiting for resolution

Oem7 features

One-click activation, the highest activation rate among all activation software (user identification )!

It is permanently activated after use, and can be automatically updated like a genuine version!

Minimum activation-Oem7, only about 0.5 Mb

Original PE Repair System Boot!

Original boot file protection!

Intelligently identifies hidden partitions.

You can customize the boot name, which is more secure after activation.

You can also customize the import key and certificate for a user-friendly design.

The self-detection module makes activation more reassuring.

Based on the latest grub and smart technology, start the no-boot information.

Based on the security guidance mode, you cannot enter the system.

Original system deployment interface to meet encapsulation needs. (Click here to open detailed interface description)

Supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems and multi-language systems.

Supports simultaneous activation of Vista/Win7/2008/2008 R2.

Supports all brand machines, assembly machines, Apple machines, and virtual machines.

Supports Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, family advanced edition, Family Basic edition, simple edition, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, win7 32, etc. More functions to be discovered ......

The purpose of this software is to write Windows 7 for new users. It is only for learning and testing. Please delete it within 24 hours after the download! All consequences have nothing to do with this program and its authors! Do not think that hard activation is a worry-free solution. Microsoft can do it.

This article and this program are both original, reprinted, please maintain the integrity of the original, please be sure to indicate the source, thank you

Click the Oem7Y3.1 NT6 flagship activation tool for Windows 7 to download >>>

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