Old boy Education--experience of training three months

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Time too fast, suddenly I came to the old boy education has been three months, this three months in the teacher's guidance, I learned a lot, how to get along with people, how to make a master, not only technology, it is important to learn a kind of thought.

Before I did not know what is operation, I still passed my brother introduced to me, he said the old boy Linux operation is a good choice, can let you from a 0 basis into a market three years work experience of the person. Not only can learn the technology, more important is the idea, operation is what to use, now studied for three months, I have learned.

The teacher's teaching method is very different, has own characteristic, the thought is very important, the thought decides the height, the breadth, decides the way of doing things, the criterion of the person, the angle of thinking.

Teacher's education way: One is the thought, the second is the practice. and want to know what they say, let others know, also let others learn, is really capable. Sometimes it really is not the most important, to let others believe that you will be the most important.

Now think back I have been learning for 3 months, in this period of time, I learned a lot of knowledge before received, learned the teacher Yun-dimensional thought important. There are drawing, technical document typesetting, sharing, communication.

We must listen to the teacher carefully in class, will not leave first, and then after class discussion, not because of a problem and delay behind the study, to ensure class an output, followed by the teacher said, do, think, practice. Let the brain move, so that it is easy to remember. Also learn to grasp the focus of knowledge.

Finally, after-school review, the teacher said the content must be reviewed, good at summing up, the teacher more than once to us, his success and good at summing up has inseparable relationship.

I remember the teacher often said the words "important is not oneself will, is to let others believe you will" I feel this sentence is very classic, and we have to learn to learn from experienced people, learn the strengths of others, to supplement their shortcomings.

Finally here I would like to thank the old boy teachers, as well as those who have helped my little friends. It is because of your company that you help me to succeed. Hope that we can work together to progress together to achieve our dreams!

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Old boy Education--experience of training three months

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