Old boy Linux Ops High Salary Guide Series Open Class "51CTO Academy" opens in March

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theold boy from college to General ops Dick Silk one moreLinuxoperation and maintenance experts, finally to the worth of millions of development road "
Keynote Speakers:   old boy          class Time:3Month9DayNight8Point30--10Point  

success must have a way, failure must have a reason!
now the old boy teacher is willing to start from their own twists and turns development, from the students to the operation of the cock silk, and then to the operation and maintenance of experts, finally developed into an old boy education founder, become worth tens of millions of operations industry leader Development Road, to the success of the development of the facts for everyone to explainITpeople grow up in the process, the choice should not choose, do not do those things, who said success can not be copied?
the old boy was able to succeed, everyITpeople can succeed. There are career development questions that can be learned from this sharing.

theTenA summary of the experience and teaching experience of business operations in several years:LinuxRoad Map and career development planning proposals for operation and maintenance career planning "
Keynote Speakers:    old boy           class Time:3Month -DayNight8Point30--10Point   

old boy from the experience of many years of combat and teaching experts to help you design a scientific professionalLinuxEnterprise-Class high-paying job learning roadmap, from junior Middle school operations, to senior operations and maintenance architects, to senior architects of the entire process of analysis, comprehensive and detailed explanation of the threshold of the stage learning, knowledge system, knowledge boundaries, difficult breakthrough programs, andLinuxa knowledge system of key career competencies outside of operations to help you solve the problems of various learning tasks.

" billion-class PV Large e-commerce website Architecture Evolution details of the disclosure"
Keynote Speakers:  President Zhao          class Time:3Month atDay Night8Point30--10Point
for netizens to explain the large-scale e-commerce structure from No to billionPVdetails of the evolution process, including but not limited to stand-alone, distributed clusters, distributed caches,SOAarchitecture, distributed architecture, disaster preparedness, database expansion, big data, etc., and finally share the future development path.

Design and release of Server code Publishing system
Keynote Speakers:   WuSir         class Time:3Month inDay   Night8Point30--10Point
1, release system importance
2, the design of the release system
3, today's implementation of the release systemNKind of way
4, elegant implementation1000+Server Rapid Deployment

Instructor Introduction

old boy
Beijing old boyITfounder of Education,51ctoGrand Lecturer, Operations and maintenance CommunityNLPPsychology operation and maintenance ideology the first person (founder), from the general operation of the cock silk struggle to worth more than million, by the industry as the ultimate model for the development of operators.
Tenmany years of experience in real-time operational architecture and teaching training experience, experience and led not less than two times from several to thousands of servers large-scale cluster operation and maintenance of the process, operation and maintenance structure of the real-world knowledge system comprehensive, good at large-scale cluster architecture deployment tuning, virtualization, cloud computing, big data,MySQLdatabases and other technologies, areITWorld's most seniorLinuxone of the practical experts in cluster architecture.
in the teaching, the psychology operation and maintenance thought is applied to the teaching training practice extensively, especially to the low degree,0Foundation of the students, has achieved significant results, the average employment wage and the late development rate of continuous years in the domestic industry ranked absolute first!
Teaching focus on the theory of contact with the real case of enterprise cases, serious and responsible, rigorous thinking, vivid image, in layman's way, attaches importance to the students of the operation and maintenance of thought, thinking, norms, habits, summary, communication and other learning ability to train, the cumulative benefit of the crowd tens of thousands of people!
.years3the month will be published "Learn with the old boyLinuxOperation Dimension:Weba book of cluster combat!

President Zhao
8Internet operation and maintenance experience, good at cloud computing and automation operations, and high performanceWebarchitecture. Unixhotfounder of the OPS community,SaltstackChinese user group promoter, "SaltstackIntroduction to technology and actual combat, the author, senior lecturer of the old boy's education operation and maintenance architect course.

WuSir(Silver horn King)
Good atc#,python,phpa large number of language development, is currently a large Internet company senior Automation development Engineer, has been intensive reading several open source software source code, self-developed improved version ofTornado WEBframe, lectures witty humor, in addition to the long ugly, no shortcomings! The Lake person"Silver Horn King", and Golden Horn King as a par.

old boy Linux high-paying training course is coming soon

Course Details

This course includes basic Web services for Linux website operations (batch Management service SSH, Network File system NFS, data Synchronization Service rsync and inotify), Web Premium service lamp, LNMP architecture explaining, Web Big Data Log Analysis Foundation and the Linux Three Musketeers deep practice, MySQL database core technology depth theory and application actual combat, memcached cache database actual combat, Redis cache database actual combat, Shell advanced programming combat explaining, lvs/ Nginx website load Balancing cluster and keepalived high availability cluster combat, enterprise-level monitoring and Iptables firewall control, Java application Services, SVN version management system and code-on-line solutions, RPM custom Yum Warehouse Building automation technology, Unattended Kickstart/cobbler automation necessary technical combat, VPN technology combat, python automated operation and Maintenance Foundation.

Training Methods    

Number of lessons: 300+

Time: Every Wednesday night 8:30-10:30 (if there is a holiday, the class in advance notice)

Duration: 4 months

Recording Video + Live Answer + Live replay->24 Hour FAQ--job check and stage test--resume revision and interview guidance->51cto College authorized completion certificate--recommended employment

Details and public class QQ group for consultation


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Old boy Linux Ops High Salary Guide Series Open Class "51CTO Academy" opens in March

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