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The system can be divided into three parts: first, the website platform trading system mainly completes the whole platform of borrowing operation, display, bidding and other functions. The main functions include: User registration, login, loan details display, the issuance of borrowings, investment loans, etc., while the lender to complete the repayment operation, the front desk function of the main operator for the platform users. Personal Management Center platform for individual account lenders and investors. Mainly include: Personal data management, account management, borrowing and investment management of the target and details, email authentication, real-name authentication, VIP applications, online recharge and withdrawals and so on. Borrowing and lending transaction system background support system is mainly for the entire loan transaction system management, maintenance and other functions, mainly including the user's account management, the audit and release of the borrowing standard, user recharge management and the user's real name authentication, mobile authentication and other functions. In addition, the system also has powerful data statistics function, can observe the status of the platform trading and the latest statistics in real time. Sub-project split version with a data source, the data volume is large, do MySQL master-slave + read-write separation, considering the system internal system (that is, the management platform, which is called mgrtool) and the front-end application (that is, the user participates in the module, is called uiweb) separate deployment, so, Split the system into 3 subsystems: Core,mgrtool,uiweb. Core as the base model and the underlying service project. Because the background and the foreground application is separate deployment, involves the resource synchronization question to need the unification processing. Sub-Project Partitioning: Core: Includes reusable components in Mgrtool and Uiweb, mainly including domain,mapper and service; Mgrtool: mainly includes background management related interactive operation and view layer control; Uiweb: Mainly includes user operation and web site interactive operation and view layer control; Project Technology 1, Project management: projects using MAVEN to manage three sub-project modules; 2, Project Technology architecture: 1, Database: Mysql+redis (log database); 2, Persistence layer: Mybatis+redis (cache), 3, Business layer: Spring; 4,web:springmvc; 5, front end: jquery+bootstrap3; 6, ... This document briefly describes the requirements of the module involved in the project; Front Module Login module: ordinary user login; registration module: Registration of ordinary user information; Home module: Homepage of the website, display banner, in the borrowed information, website information; Borrowing module: If you are not logged in, Display the type of information supported in the system, if logged in, display the current user's borrowing conditions, if the conditions are met, you can fill in the borrowing information, to apply for borrowing; I want to invest in modules: In this module, you can view the information in the system from various angles; the standard module:The module is entered from the investment module, you can view the details of each subject, and in this page to conduct bidding operations; Personal Center Personal Center module: Display the user's account information and related account status and operation information; My account module: Fill in the account related information; 1, account information: Display user's account information and related account status and operation information, 2, real name authentication: Complete the real name authentication application and view; 3, wind Control data authentication: The borrowing user submits the wind control data and views the submitted wind control data; 4, bank card management: User-bound bank card operation; 5, login record: View the current user login record, 6, Personal information: Users fill in personal information, contact information; Loan Project module: In this large module, is to view the user-related bids and borrowing details; 1, tender Details: In this module can be integrated query investment users have been cast all the subject of the details; 2, payment details: In this module can be integrated query investment user's payment details; 3, borrowing items: In this module can be a comprehensive query of the borrower's loan details of the target; 4, repayment items: In this module can be comprehensive query loan user's repayment details and the repayment operation; Asset Details module: In this module, You can view the user's asset information from various angles; 1, asset details: View the user's asset flow situation from various angles; 2, recharge details: View all the user's top-up information, 3, withdraw the application: in the module to submit a withdrawal application; 4, withdrawal history: View all withdrawal information in the module, background module Backstage is mainly to provide platform operators to the platform of the content of the audit and inspection system; User management: In this module is mainly to the user management platform, the user is divided into two categories, one is the platform of users, including investors and borrowers, one is the platform of the management staff, is the users of the backstage; 1, platform User management: In this module to the Platform users comprehensive management, including investors and borrowers; 2, employee Management: In this module for the background users in the integrated management; security management: Control of the system's underlying security in this module: 1, System data Dictionary directory: Manage system data dictionary contents in this module ; 2, System data Dictionary details: In this module relational system data Dictionary details, 3, Rights Management: System Rights Management, 4, Role management: System role Management, 5, Menu Management: System Menu Management, 6, Login history: Current user login information query; 7, database anti-tamper monitoring: This module in the system of the core data of the database anti-tamper monitoring information query; Audit Project: In this module on all systems need to audit the content of comprehensive management: 1, real-name authentication audit: The user submitted by the real-name certification audit and query operations; 2, Video authentication audit: The user directly to the video authentication audit and query operation; 3, certification material Audit: The user submitted by the wind control materials to score, auditand query operations; 4, certification before the audit: the user submitted the loan application information for the audit and query operations; 5, full standard first trial: full-scale first trial and inquiry operation; 6, full-standard second-trial: full-standard second-trial and inquiry operation of borrowings; 7, offline top-up audit: The user submitted offline top-up list of audit and recharge operations 8, the withdrawal of the audit: the user submitted a withdrawal application for the first audit, 9, the withdrawal transfer confirmation: has been approved by the withdrawal of the audit if the transfer is successful, here to mark the withdrawal of the transfer confirmation; financial management: In this module to manage the comprehensive status of the platform, 1, the System account flow: The system integrated Account flow query 2, borrowing query: Comprehensive system of borrowing to inquire;

Internet financial Platform Project Ssm+redis+mysql+bootstrap+jquery Project actual combat

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