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Perhaps as a webmaster you may be very clear that the color of the site will affect the user's experience. But do you know the color of the site and site marketing is inextricably linked. So what's important to marketing? Some people say that the beautiful, beautiful site, consumers can naturally be pleasing to spend on our site. True, but this is only a small point, more crucial is that the color of the site can often affect the consumer's purchase decisions, can play a hint of the psychological role of consumers. This sounds a bit iffy, the following author through a few simple examples to talk about color and site marketing between the things you have to know.

Before we begin to analyze the marketing relationship between website colors and sites, let's look at a few sets of data. The data is from Kissmetrics, an internationally renowned research firm.

1: Survey shows that more than 90% of consumers in a website before consumption, will first consider the site color and layout design.

We are in the design site, from the point of view of marketing, we not only want to make our site looks beautiful, in fact, we also want to let our color layout looks more atmosphere, through the color hint of our customers, our products are authentic, have the strength of the product brand. Let consumers have confidence in our products.

Because enterprises in doing online marketing, the most need is the consumer's sense of trust in the enterprise. If our site color messy, excessive frivolous, will let our site without authority, consumer trust on the site will fall apart.

2: More than 70% of the visitors said that the color of the product was the most critical element when deciding whether to buy a product on an electronic business platform.

When buying a product on an electrical platform, the key reference factor is the color of the product. We generally look for our product color purchase, but often we will be in some evaluation to see such as: the physical look and merchandise picture is much worse, after receiving goods do not have the site pictures on the good-looking and so on evaluation.

The results of these evaluations may be because we are in the image processing is not good, in fact, is largely from the layout of the color of the site, the consumer of the product color judgment is largely based on the background color of the site to see, when our site color layout and product color more appropriate words, Consumers can get more authentic pictures of the product information.

3: Site Color layout Success can add points to the brand effect of the enterprise

We can treat ourselves as an ordinary consumer. As a consumer if you see a home appliance business platform of the site color is too bright, fancy, background color is primary and secondary, so even if you are visiting a well-known brand mall, your first instinct will also take it as a cottage site. If your site in the color layout of meticulous, do color with unity, unique style, then I think you even an unknown site, I think consumers will be very willing to understand you. This is as the site to consumers the importance of the first sense.

We are talking about the importance of color in the site marketing, then in the actual application, how can we adapt to local conditions for their own site tailored color layout? The following is a brief analysis of some of our common colors.

Yellow: hints of youthful optimism

Web use: can be used to attract the attention of consumers, but the color is generally only as a color, not suitable for the site's main color or background color.


Red: A hint of enthusiasm, unrestrained, urgent

Web use: We use for the site's promotional interaction, discounted price activities and so on, can be very good to attract the attention of consumers. There is also an urgent sense of urgency that can spur consumers to spend.


Blue: Implied authority is reliable

Web use: This color applies to our site, you can enhance the authority of the site, so that consumers more trust in our site. (This is why CCTV news is the main reason for using this hue.)


Green: Hint of freshness, nature

Web use: We generally see this hue in some cosmetics, skincare products, health products and so on. The main purpose is to tell consumers that our products are natural, fresh, no harmful substances and so on.

线上营销与网页颜色之间你不可不知的那些事-你不可不知的人性 pdf

From the above content we can see that online marketing and site color is inextricably linked. As a marketing staff, we need to be in the layout of the site of the site's target users and the promotion of products such as factors into the color layout considerations. I hope this article is helpful for everyone.

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