Oracle Cloud technology becomes a cash cow

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All along, Oracle hasDatabasein the database field is often a single show. Oracle databases account for more than 90% of the market share of the commercial database market, according to the latest survey. Moreover, this number is increasing year by week. Therefore, in the database talent market, there is a large area of demand in the situation. Of course, a number of database training institutions have sprung up.

with theJava,. NET,Databasetechnology is used basically in the background, people have less chance of contact, because in people's consciousness, penetration is not high. The most important feature of Oracle database technology is that it is private and quite difficult, and there are few materials translated into Chinese.

this has led to a lot of OracleDatabasetraining institutions appear harmful database training industry behavior. Therefore, when choosing an Oracle database training facility, Oracle's officially Authorized training organization, the WDP Center, is supervised by Oracle, on the other hand, is based on Oracle's course materials and certified by Oracle Company training, The quality is guaranteed. Moreover, this type of licensing center, which is closely related to Oracle, is very helpful in absorbing the latest technology developed by Oracle. For example, the southwest Chongqing area has the relatively outstanding WDP center--think Zhuang science and technology, the teacher technical force is abundant, contracted the Chongqing and even the periphery area a large proportion of Oracle maintenance business, about Oracle certification is also many years of experience training hundreds of outstanding DBA, It people who are committed to the development of the database can learn the website or go directly to the center to learn

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Oracle Cloud technology becomes a cash cow

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