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1. Use the following method to separate css and javascript from external files.

<Link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" href = "css/style.css" media = "all"/>
<Script type = "text/javascript" src = "include/common. js"> </script>

What makes html code the most possible is to display the actual content.

2. Use xhtml code to write pages, discard the traditional Table layout mode, and remove formatting control labels such as font/bgcolor from pages. Use web-compliant code to create a page. In this way, the xhtml code can be structured and semantic. Improve the readability of Page code.

3. Using the above method, you will find that your html code will become very small. Of course, if you can. Make it smaller. A large page may affect the processing speed of the search engine. Generally, html code can be controlled within 50 kb for webpages designed using xhtml + css. You can take a look at websites that have been well reconstructed using web standards.

4. Use the alt tag of the image and use the page keyword to describe the image properly. This increases the keyword density of the page.

5. Use javascript as little as possible to do content-related things, such as displaying the body with document. write. This will affect the search engine's search for page content.

6. Do not use javascript to navigate your website. In this way, the search engine will be lost.

7. the keywords of each page should appear in the Title of the page, that is, the Title tag of the header. Of course, it should be properly applied, not to be too long, and not to use a large number of popular network keywords irrelevant to the page content. Because it is not optimization but cheating.

8. Try to use

I made web pages, so I don't know much about SEO's many professional technologies and algorithms. If you want to learn more about this method, we recommend that you visit some well-known SEO optimization websites in China, such as dianshi interactive. You can learn a lot about "reverse link", "page PR value" and other professional knowledge. Here we will discuss some of the details involved in the page creation process. This can also explain why websites based on web standards are more conducive to SEO.

If you do not want to spend money to ask a professional SEOer to optimize your website, you can let the Page Maker pay attention to some details. I believe that such free details can also achieve a better effect.

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