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Introduction: This is a detailed page of the PHP open-source project. It introduces related knowledge, skills, experiences, and some PHP source code.

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WordPress [PHP open-source blog]

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source Personal Information Publishing Systems (blogs), built based on PHP + MySQL. Features provided by WordPress include:
1.ArticlePublish, classify, and archive.
2. Provides RSS aggregation in various forms such as articles, comments, and classifications.
3. Added and categorized links.
4. Supports comment Management and spam information filtering.
5. Supports CSS and PHP styles.ProgramDirectly edit and modify.
6. In addition to the blog system, you can easily add the required page.
7. set various parameters to make your blog more personalized.
8. generate static html pages.
9. You can easily change the page display effect by selecting different themes.
10. By adding plug-ins, you can provide a variety of special functions.
11. Supports trackback and pingback.
12. Supports the import function for some other blog software and platforms.
13. Multiple users are supported.
14. installation is the easiest.
15. Excellent support for web standards.
16. Easy to use.
17. A large number of themes and plug-ins are available.

Mambo [PHP Open Source Content Management CMS]

Mambo is a rich-featured dynamic portal engine/Content Management System (CMS) built using PHP + MySQL ), it can be used to build websites with several pages to thousands of pages. It has the following features:
1. Powerful content orchestration Functions
You only need to be familiar with simple online editing methods to maintain your website content.
2. Rich and exquisite templates/themes to choose from
3. Excellent Performance
Use unique website caching technology to speed dynamic websites with static websites
4. Features optimized for search engine indexing.
5. multi-language support
6. Advertising Management System
7. Document Management System
8. Content comment System
9. Traffic Statistics
10. The entire system is designed with compaction.
Many plug-ins are available for selection.

Lifetype [PHP open source blog]

Lifetype is an open-source blog platform that supports multiple blogs and multiple users in the same system. It has the following features:

Friendly user interface
With the WYSIWYG Article editor, you can edit beautiful articles including pictures, sounds, and videos. Implement the podcasting function. On the summary page, you can view all the statistics of your blog, including the latest articles, comments, and references, every time you log on to the Administrator's background interface.

Multimedia Document Management
The Administrator's background interface allows you to easily scale images, upload a large number of documents, and write document descriptions, so that you can easily create a blog that supports podcasting.

Diverse themes
More than 60 exquisite templates are provided for you to choose from. Through the administrator interface, you can install, delete, and edit all your current themes.

Rich plug-ins
If the standard installation does not provide the functions you want, you can install more than 60 plug-ins to meet your needs. The most popular plug-ins are: moblogging, template editor, and nested comments.

Junk information filtering mechanism
Built-in junk information filtering mechanism using Bayesian decision rules to ensure that comments and references of your blog are not disturbed by junk information. In addition, you can use the plug-in program to add the CAPTCHAs and the Reference URL check.

Reference supported
As long as you add the URL of the document you want to reference, the lifetype function of the automatic search function will automatically find all referenced URLs for reference.

Supports multiple authors of one blog
You can give your friends the permission to write a blog with you so that your blog can work collaboratively.

Easy to install
The Installation Wizard will guide you through easy installation. In addition, you can control all settings through the Management Interface, without the need to edit the configuration file.

Mobile Functions
By installing the plug-in, you can bloging on your mobile device.

Support for Multiple blogs and multi-user environments
Lifetype is very suitable for setting up blog hosting by supporting Multiple blogs and multiple users, single blog background management, and global website management.CommunityWebsite platform.

Unified community website page
You can register a new weblog in four simple steps. on the homepage of the community website, you can view the latest and most popular web logs, articles, or users in the current lifetype.

Supports second-level domain names
This allows your users to easily own their second-level domain names, such as or (you must enable wildcards settings in DNS to use this function ).

Supports multiple languages
Including Chinese characters.

High-performance data access
Use template caching, Data Object Caching, and comprehensiveCodeRefresh and other technologies to reduce lifetype's consumption of system resources and maintain the stable operation of the entire website. This makes lifetype ideal for setting up large community websites.

In addition, lifetype is developed based on the MVC Architecture with high scalability. Related documents can be automatically generated using doxygen. All pages comply with the xhtml1.0 standard. Has a powerful plug-in framework. Integrates with the smarty template engine. Supports XMLRPC.

Squirrelmail [PHP open source email]

Squirrelmail is a standard-based Webmail system developed using PhP4. It has built-in IMAP and SMTP protocols supported by PHP only, and all pages comply with the html4.0 standard (without JavaScript support), so as to maximize compatibility with more browsers. It has very low system requirements and is easy to install and configure. Squirrelmail provides all the functions of a client mail program, including support for enhanced mime, Address Book, folder operations, and so on. Outlook skin theme.

Sugarcrm [PHP open source ERP & CRM]

Sugarcrm has strong operability, flexible applicability, perfect functions, unique personalized design, and professional technical security assurance. It is an ideal choice to help enterprises achieve customer relationship management. Most importantly, sugarcrm is not only an application software, but also an advanced sales management solution. professional sales training doubles your sales performance and indeed improves your business. It establishes a three-dimensional management system between enterprise management personnel, sales personnel and customers to help enterprises achieve "customer-centric" Comprehensive Management both internally and externally. Sugarcrm is such an excellent customer relationship management software. based on the summary of successful enterprise management managers and the modern cutting-edge marketing philosophy, it manages customers and sales in an all-round way according to the actual needs of small enterprises.
Sugarcrm features
*. It is written in PHP, so it has the widest compatibility and can be run on various operating systems.
* There are multiple interface schemes available for users to select based on different themes
*. Supports multiple languages and can be switched at any time.
*. High scalability. new functions and modules can be added at any time according to user requirements or by yourself.

B2evolution [PHP open source blog]

B2evolution is a mature and excellent blog engine developed using PHP + MySQL. It contains all the functions of a blog tool. It has the following features:
1. Instant blogging: blogging can be directly performed on Web pages. You can also send an email or MMS or use a client tool such as W. bloggar to perform blogging.
2. Provide a large number of beautiful appearances for you to choose from.
3. Anti-Spam mechanism.
4. Supports multiple languages including Chinese (simplified or traditional ).
5. Support for multiple blog systems: If you need to put 2, 3, or 100 different blogs/news on your website, you only need to install them once. Each blog is placed on its own page, or Multiple blogs can be placed on the same page at the same time.
6. Multi-user and multi-author support: Each blog has a group of users belonging to it. You can set different read/write permissions for these users.
7. flexible classification: Each blog can be divided into different sub-classes. Then, the sub-classes organize and manage your posts/news item through themes. Each post can be assigned to multiple sub-classes.
8. Compliance with web standards: integrate An XHTML standard checker.

Oscommerce [PHP open source e-commerce]

Oscommerce is an open-source online shopping e-commerce solution based on gnu gpl authorization. The system has an easy-to-operate visual installation interface, perfect foreground product display and online shopping cart functions, powerful background management and maintenance function modules, simple and easy to use, 70,000 people of official Community users and active 121,300 mature plug-ins for the solution of forums and 3,000 registered online stores for you to choose from. Oscommerce adopts a variety of mainstream technical solutions in the Open Source world and provides a complete set of free and open platforms, including powerful php dynamic website development languages and stable Apache Web servers, and a top-notch MySQL database server. Installing and using oscommerce does not require a special system platform. scommerce can run on any web server that supports PHP 4.1 +. The environment must support PHP and MySQL. The operating system can support Linux, solaris, BSD, or Microsoft Windows.

Xoops [PHP open-source content management CMS]

Xoops is a highly scalable and object-oriented website building system developed based on the PHP language and MySQL database. As a mature website construction management tool, xoops can easily build and manage various websites: Content Management is separated from the interface style to facilitate flexible design switching between different presentation styles; mature modular functions and various modules are available for customization, such as news publishing, article management, forums, photo albums, resource downloads, AD Yellow Pages, e-commerce, blogs, and knowledge bases; a sound permission management mechanism, you can set different access and editing permissions for different user groups. As an ideal web secondary development system, xoops can develop dynamic network communities of different sizes to implement highly customized content management functions. Chinese site: xoops China.

PhpBB [PHP open source forum system]

PhpBB has a friendly user interface and easy-to-understand Management Panel and FAQs. You can use PHP + MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or access/ODBC database to build your own forum system.
1. Supports popular database servers;
2. There is no limit on the number of forums and posts;
3. multi-language interface;
4. Public and private forums are supported;
5. integrates powerful search functions;
6. There are a large number of templates to support users to achieve different forum performance styles;
7. Integrated instant message receiving/sending system;
8. Supports two secure sessions based on cookies and URLs;
9. hierarchical security management for users and groups;
10. User posting statistics, user grade awards, and other practical functions.

Serendipity [PHP open source blog]

Serendipity is a weblog/blog system implemented in PHP. It has rich functions and complies with standards. It is based on BSD license open source. It has the following features: WYSIWYG and HTML editing; powerful built-in media database; multi-author, configurable permission/user group system; support for Threaded comment and nested classification; support for multiple languages; rich plug-ins and templates Library; powerful junk filtering functions; can be embedded into existing web pages; Support for XML-RPC; support for a variety of databases SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, mysqli; support for other blog systems (WordPress, textpattern, moveable type, bblog ,...) import function.

Textpattern [PHP open source blog]

Textpattern is a concise and beautiful blog engine with elegant themes and a large space for personalization. Built-in textile writing syntax, so the author can easily write without having to understand the HTML Tag syntax. The preset topic is concise, but customizable. Txp is built using PHP + MySQL, with small code size, high efficiency, and fast webpage access. Currently, Chinese language packs are available. It is suitable for fresh and concise styles.

Vtiger CRM [PHP open source ERP & CRM]

Vtiger CRM is a customer relationship management system (CRM) based on web-based sales capability automation (SFA ). It is based on a derivative version developed by sugarcrm Professional Edition (spl1.1.2. Provides the following functions:
1. Schedule Management
2. potential customer management
3. Manage the company and contacts (*. Produce quotations, orders, and invoices from the company and contacts. *. Tracking the history of the customer's purchased products)
4. Product Management (*. Create a price list and classify the products. *. Establish the connection between products and knowledge base articles. *. Upload product images and other functions)
5. quote (*. trace quotations that have not yet responded to from the list *. add line items and update subtotal, tax, adjustment and total amount in the quote *. select different prices for the same product in different customer groups *. create quotations suitable for printing and send them to specified customers through the built-in email system)
6. order Management (*. combining Order Management with CRM can make the entire organization's procurement and execution process smoother *. track unpaid orders from the order list *. product information can be obtained through vtiger CRM manufacturers, manufacturers and dealers *. manage the inventory level in a timely manner through the integration of warehouse inventory and order status *. the customer purchase order (PO) and sales order (SO) fields can be adjusted according to the requirements of each organization *. avoid repeated jobs when the payment and delivery address are dynamically displayed *. add line items and update subtotal, tax, adjustment and total amount in the order *. regularly inform relevant units of the minimum inventory limit so that the inventory can meet the order requirements at any time)
7. Invoice Management
8. Manage the product knowledge base and FAQ.

Phpldapadmin [PHP open source LDAP management]

Phpldapadmin is a Web-based LDAP management tool used to manage all aspects of the LDAP server. You can use it to browse the LDAP tree, create/delete/modify and copy a node (entry), perform a search, import/export an ldif file, and view the schema of your server. You can even copy objects between two LDAP servers to restore, delete, and copy Tree nodes.

Thinkphp [PHP Open Source Development Framework]

Thinkphp (FCS) is an open-source, fast, compatible, and simple object-oriented lightweight php development framework.Fast, compatible & simple oop php framework. The FCS framework is a Chinese php development framework transplanted from the struts structure of Java. It was born to simplify enterprise-level application development and uses the object-oriented development structure and MVC model, it also simulates and implements the struts tag library and draws on some good foreign ideas, especially the Java framework. Therefore, developers familiar with Java are relatively easy to use. While learning from foreign excellent ideas, the FC also considers the domestic application development needs more. PhP4 compatible, fully support UTF-8, and pathinfo support, more conducive to the domestic host environment and development needs. The purpose of FCS is to simplify development, improve efficiency, and facilitate expansion.

PhpMyAdmin [PHP open source database management]

PhpMyAdmin is a Web-based MySQL database management tool. It can create and delete databases, create/delete/modify tables, delete/edit/Add fields, and execute SQL scripts.

Typo3 [PHP open-source content management CMS]

Typo3 is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) and Content Management Framework (CMF ). Features: comprehensive user and permission management and authentication systems; automatic saving of edited content, automatic optimization of images; Clipboard support for copying, cutting, and pasting; convenient context menu, innovative shortcuts; user-friendly operation guides; Support for operation logs and system-level Cache control; supports offline editing, foreground editing, content import and export, scheduled tasks, full-text retrieval, version control, and process control; supports multiple sites and databases; mature and complete template and extension mechanisms, supports Static Page (HTML) output.

Drupal [PHP open-source content management CMS]

Drupal is an open-source content management platform with multiple features that can be used to build personal websites to large community websites. Drupal includes the following features:

  • Blog
  • Collaborative writing Platform
  • Forum
  • Bulletin Board
  • Album
  • File upload and download
  • Full-text search
  • Multi-Role permission management
  • Modular
  • Theme Engine
  • Multi-language support

  • Nucleus [PHP open-source content management CMS]

    Nucleus is a tool used to manage one or more blogs. It is developed with PhP4 and requires MySQL database support. Synus supports multiple writers, including previewing and submitting, built-in comments and voting systems, automatic archiving and full-text search, RSS/atom, file/image uploading, and IP address filtering, backup and recovery of database content. In addition, you can use the plug-in to expand it.

    Joomla! PHP open-source content management CMS]

    Joomla! Is a Content Management System (CMS) that has won many awards ). Joomla! Developed using PHP + MySQL databases, it can run on Linux, windows, MacOSX, Solaris, and other platforms. Joomla! In addition to some basic functions such as news/Article management, document/image management, website layout settings, and template/topic management. You can also use thousands of plug-ins to Expand functions, including: e-commerce and shopping cart engines, Forum and chat software, calendar, blog software, directory Classification Management, advertising management systems, e-reports, and reporting tools, and periodical subscription services.

    Osclass [PHP Open Source Content Management CMS]

    Osclass is an open-source system developed based on PHP + MYSQL to create and manage classified advertising websites. It can be used to display any type and quantity of entries in a category interface. It also provides some industry-specific extensions (such as automobiles, job hunting, real estate, reservations, etc.) to facilitate the creation of such lists. This application also has a customizable interface (there are multiple built-in themes available for choice ).

    More. groupware [PHP open-source OA system]

    More. Groupware is an office kit developed based on PHP on the web. Features: simple installation wizard, easy module management and upgrade, advanced permission management, integrated online help, easy skin replacement (using CSS), based on the smarty template engine, mySQL and PostgreSQL are supported. multiple languages are supported, including simplified Chinese. The modules include webmail, notepad, to-do list, Address Book, project management, file management, and calendar.

    Gforge [PHP open-source collaborative work]

    Gforge is a web-based collaborative development platform. It provides a set of tools to help your team develop collaboratively, such as forums and email lists. Used to create and control accessSource codeA tool used to manage databases (such as CVS and subversion. Gforge will automatically create a source code library and perform access control based on the project's role settings. Other tools include file Publishing, document management, news and announcements, defect tracking, and task management.

    Phplist [PHP open source e-news]

    Phplist is an open-source newsletter manager that is easy to integrate with any website. Phplist downloads more than 10 thousand times a month. It has two-way confirmation (opt-in) Subscription mechanism, regular scheduling, RSS, click tracking, support for attachments, return management, and other features.

    Phpmyvisites [PHP open source website traffic statistics]

    Phpmyvisites is a website traffic statistics system that provides very detailed statistics reports and advanced graphic reports. Phpmyvisites is not an Apache log analysis tool. It has its own log. It has the following features:

      • Installation and deployment: provides a visual Installation Wizard. If you are easy to use, you only need to add a simple JavaScript code to the page of your website to start collecting visitor information immediately.
      • A simple and user-friendly interface can be used to display data and help with data analysis.
      • Provides concise and clear graph analysis reports.
      • Security: phpmyvisites can prevent intrusions and external attacks to the maximum extent.
      • Supports multi-site statistics
      • Multiple users: You can add unlimited users and grant different management permissions to each user (view and manage permissions for a website ).
      • International support: phpmyvisites provides 30 language packs.
      • Accurately calculates the traffic volume within a period of time (days, weeks, months, and years ).
      • Visitor return rate: new visitors, regular visitors, regular visitors.
      • Provides statistical reports (PDF, image, etc.) in multiple file formats ).
      • Group or classify the webpages.
      • Visitor analysis: calculates the page on which the visitor leaves the website and from which the visitor enters the website or through which the search engine is used to access the website, the website stay time, And the accessed page.
      • You can obtain website traffic information through e-mail or RSS aggregation.
    FFmpeg-PHP [PHP open source and others]

    FFmpeg-PHP provides an easy-to-use and object-oriented API to access and read information in video and audio files. It contains methods that can obtain images from movie files as images. This feature is ideal for automatically creating thumbnails from movie files. FFmpeg-PHP is also very useful for reading the playback time and speed of audio files (MP3, WMA. FFmpeg-PHP supports many video formats, including mov, Avi, mpg, and WMV.

    Fpdf [PHP open source PDF]

    Fpdf: This PHP class allows you to use pure PHP (more specifically, pdflib is not required) to generate a PDF file. It has the following features: selectable unit size, page format and margins; header and footer management; automatic paging; automatic line feed and automatic text alignment; Support for JPEG and PNG image formats; supports coloring and file hyperlinks, TrueType, type1, and encoding, and page compression.

    Ucenter home [PHP open source Social Network (SNS )]

    Ucenter home is a set of social network software (SNS) built using PHP + MySQL ).

    Through ucenter home, the website builder can easily build a communication network centered on the relationship of friends, so that site users can use mini blogs to record the details of life in one sentence; you can easily and quickly publish logs and upload images. You can easily share information with friends and discuss topics of interest.

    Ucenter home emphasizes the concept of "home" and fully recognizes the importance of personal privacy of each site user. Provides powerful and rich privacy settings. Each person has the permission to set whether or not his/her personal homepage, materials, logs, albums, etc. are made public, whether they can be viewed by friends only, or whether they can be viewed by special friends only, or if they need to be input. the password is readable; you can also have full control over which actions can be dynamically pushed to your friends.
    Ucenter home emphasizes that it only provides information that users are willing to pay attention to and provides multi-level Filtering Control on information noise. Each person can group his or her friends and select which user groups are blocked. At the same time, he or she can separately block specific friends and specific dynamics, make sure the information noise caused by the increase of friends.

    Ucenter home uses ucenter as a multi-application exchange center. It can operate independently and be connected to multiple applications, including discuz! Forums, supev videos, ecshop stores, and so on, users' actions in these products can be dynamically sent to the ucenter home, so that interested friends can learn about their actions in a timely manner. At the same time, you can also easily understand updates in various systems of your friends on the site at ucenter home.
    Ucenter home 1.2 official version is fully open-source and available for free download.

    Xaraya [PHP open-source content management CMS]

    Xaraya is an open-source content management solution and Development Framework. It contains the basic modules and tools required to create a dynamic cross-platform content management system. Xaraya is easy to install, easy to use, and platform independent (it can run on all platforms supporting PHP, including Linux, windows, Mac OSX, and a variety of databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL ), modularization (the use of identity authentication and event systems can add new authentication methods to the required modules to the core of the system), scalability (using its own dynamic data model, it allows you to easily register the data structure of the new module), support for multiple languages, secure (based on role permission control), and fast (implemented using a configurable output cache system ).

    Pluck [PHP Open Source Content Management CMS]

    Pluck is a small and simple content management system written in PHP.Programming LanguageKnowledge. You can also use it to easily manage websites.

    1. Insert a photo on your page-
    2. Write an article in your blog
    3. Use album-option to share your favorite photos and photos with friends from all over the world. 4. You can contact your site visitors through the email form on the page.
    5. Change the site information to make it more conducive to search engines.
    6. Download and install a new theme to make your site feel new.
    7. A beautiful visitor traffic statistical table
    8. Edit your webpage in your own language
    9, conforming to W3C XHTML-Output
    10, it is easy to use, intuitive and has a beautiful Management Center

    Nibbleblog [PHP open source blog]

    Nibbleblog is a powerful blog engine. Easy to install and use (only one step is required ). Databases are stored in XML format.

    Easy to use and install.

    You can publish videos.

    Supports multiple languages including Chinese.

    Use XML to store data instead of MySQL.

    Supports plug-ins.

    Templates and themes can be changed.

    Provides the WYSIWYG editor (implemented using the elrte ).

    Provides simple File Management (implemented using elfinder ).

    Lightweight (only 900kb ).

    The search engine is friendly.

    Snews [PHP open-source content management CMS]

    Snews is a completely free, standard-compliant Content Management System Driven by PHP and MySQL. Snews is a lightweight, simple, And customizable system. It is easy to install and easy to use through simple web pages. Snews only has one core engine file, an independent template file and its attached CSS style table file, and A. htaccess file to make all URL search engines friendly.

    Simplesamlphp [PHP open source, others]

    Simplesamlphp is a PHP implementation that implements the SAML 2.0 service provider and identity Provider functions. It is compatible with shibboleth 1.3 and 2.0.

    Coremvc [PHP Open Source Development Framework]

    Coremvc is a small and exquisite MVC Framework of PHP. Design module: converts the requirement into a module, maintains a low coupling between modules, and determines the functions to be implemented by the module. Development Module: implement required functions in the module, maintain the logical relationship between functions, and clarify the call relationship between modules. Reconstruction module: optimizes the module structure based on the needs and purposes to achieve reuse and expansion, and improve operation efficiency.

    Letodms [PHP Open Source Document Management]

    Letodms is a document management system developed based on PHP + MySQL.

    It has the following features:

      • Upload files on the web page
      • Create a folder
      • Edit and modify document and folder attributes online
      • Add detailed instructions for uploaded documents
      • Lock and unlock documents
      • More documentation-old versions of documents will be saved
      • Set different icons for different types of documents
      • Set document expiration time
      • When the document expires or the document is added/modified, the user will be notified by email.
      • You can download a document in a browser or view it online.
      • Supports detailed ACLs-based access control.
      • User and User Group Management
      • Powerful Search Engine
      • Multi-language support
      • Template System
      • Users can log on to the system in different languages.
      • Intuitive user interface
      • Shocould work with every browser
      • Easy to install
      • Automatically converted to HTML for online viewing, or even ms word Documents
      • Support multiple databases through ADODB
    Customer Support System Platform SMI [PHP open source, other]

    SMI (Services Maintenance interventions) is a complete Web Solution for managing the services and technical support provided to customers. Manages Contracts, Asset tracking, order maintenance, working hours, leasing, tasks, and distributors.

    Phpminiadmin [PHP open source database management]

    Phpminiadmin is a MySQL database management tool with only one PHP script file (about 10 KB. You can easily Execute SQL commands (select, update, insert, and so on ). You can browse the table and view all the data. Manage tables in the database. Import/export data into SQL scripts and CVS files.

    Deltasql database model version control [PHP open source and others]

    Deltasql is an advanced version control software for database models, similar to CVS and SVN. It allows a team to develop a data model at the same time. The tools currently support databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

    Ding [PHP open-source development framework]

    Ding is a PHP framework that implements dependency injection, AOP-oriented programming, lightweight, simple, and fast MVC mode, syslog, non-blocking sockets on the tcp client and server, timers, custom errors, signals, exception handling, PAGI integration, PAMI integration, and so on, similar to the Spring framework of Java.

    Jframework [PHP open-source development framework]

    Jframework is a PHP development framework that supports international best practices. Optimized multi-database driver. URL management. Best MVC implementation. Security Authentication support. Extremely high performance. Fully supports Web2.0, including comet, simple and powerful templates, and multiple plug-ins to expand core functions.

    Phrozn [PHP open-source content management CMS]

    Phrozn is a static website Builder developed using PHP.

    Main features:

      • Supports multiple text input formats, including twig, textile, markdown, and less.
      • If the supported text format is not enough, you can expand it by yourself.
      • Ease of use:You only need to learn a few simple commands
      • PHP 5.3 +
      • Based on some mature frameworks, including:Pear, Zend framework 2, symfony 2, twig, PIRUM.
    Question2answer [PHP open source, other]

    Question2answer is a PHP-based Q & A system similar to the stackoverflow website. Easy to install, easy to modify themes through CSS, and quick integration of search engines. Credit-based level management. Q & A tags. You can add comments to questions and comments. Simple and secure management interface. Provides user account management. Supports single-point logon.

    Php q & A system qwench [PHP open source and others]

    This is a clone of the stackoverflow Q & A website. Main functions:
    1. Questions and answers from users
    2. Point system similar to stackoverflow
    3. You can submit an article for Knowledge Base Construction.
    4. Only registered users are allowed to ask and answer questions.
    5. Simple CSS layout
    6. Support mainstream browsers

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