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  • (PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5, PHP 7)
  • Mb_convert_encoding-convert character encoding
  • mb_convert_encoding-encoding of converted characters
mb_convert_encoding($str,$to_encoding[,$from_encodingmb_internal_encoding()])//Converts the character encoding of string str to to_encoding from optionally from_encoding.
    • The string being encoded.
    • The string to encode.
    • The type of encoding that STR was being converted to.
    • The type of encoding to which STR is to be converted.
    • is specified by character code names before conversion. It is the either an array, or a comma separated enumerated list. If from_encoding is not specified, the internal encoding would be used.
    • specified by the character code name before conversion. It can be an array or a comma-delimited list of enumerations. If from_encoding is not provided, the internal (internal) encoding is used.
Return Values
    • The encoded string.
    • The encoded string.
<?php/*** Created by Phpstorm.* User:zhangrongxiang* DATE:2018/1/28* Time: PM 10:34 */$str="Hello World\ n";/ * Convert internal character encoding to SJIS * /$str=mb_convert_encoding( $str, "SJIS" );Echo "1---".$str; //1---Hello world$str="Hello World\ n";/ * Convert euc-jp to UTF-7 * /$str=mb_convert_encoding( $str, "UTF-7", "EUC-JP" );Echo "2---".$str; //2---Hello world$str="Hello World\ n";/ * Auto detect encoding from JIS, Eucjp-win, Sjis-win, then convert str to Ucs-2le * /$str=mb_convert_encoding( $str, "Ucs-2le", "JIS, Eucjp-win, Sjis-win" );Echo "3---".$str; //3---Hello world$str="Hello World\ n";/ * "Auto" is expanded to "ascii,jis,utf-8,euc-jp,sjis" * /$str=mb_convert_encoding( $str, "EUC-JP", "Auto" );Echo "4---".$str; ///4---Hello world/** Traversal Character set * /$text="A Strange string to pass, maybe with some?,?,? Characters. Hello China ";foreach ( mb_list_encodings()  as $CHR ){/** other character sets converted to UTF-8 output * /    Echo $CHR.":".mb_convert_encoding( $text, ' UTF-8 ', $CHR ).Php_eol;    /**utf-8 conversion to other character set output * /    Echo $CHR.":".mb_convert_encoding( $text, $CHR, ' UTF-8 ' ).Php_eol;}/** Force Browser Output UTF-8 encoded String * /Header( "content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 " );//output valid before all outputsEcho mb_convert_encoding( "You're a good friend of mine.", "UTF-8", "GBK" );/** supported character encodings * ///ucs-4*//ucs-4be//ucs-4le*//ucs-2//ucs-2be//ucs-2le//utf-32*//utf-32be*//utf-32le*//utf-16*//utf-16be*//utf-16le*//utf-7//utf7-imap//utf-8*//ascii*//euc-jp*//sjis*//eucjp-win*//sjis-win*//ISO-2022-JP//iso-2022-jp-ms//cp932//cp51932//sjis-mac** (alias: Macjapanese)//sjis-mobile#docomo** (alias: Sjis-docomo)//sjis-mobile#kddi** (alias: Sjis-kddi)//sjis-mobile#softbank** (alias: Sjis-softbank)//utf-8-mobile#docomo** (alias: Utf-8-docomo)//utf-8-mobile#kddi-a**//utf-8-mobile#kddi-b** (alias: Utf-8-kddi)//utf-8-mobile#softbank** (alias: Utf-8-softbank)//iso-2022-jp-mobile#kddi** (alias: Iso-2022-jp-kddi)//jis//jis-ms//cp50220//cp50220raw//cp50221//cp50222//iso-8859-1*//iso-8859-2*//iso-8859-3*//iso-8859-4*//iso-8859-5*//iso-8859-6*//iso-8859-7*//iso-8859-8*//iso-8859-9*//iso-8859-10*//iso-8859-13*//iso-8859-14*//iso-8859-15*//iso-8859-16*//byte2be//byte2le//byte4be//byte4le//base64//html-entities//7bit//8bit//euc-cn*//cp936//gb18030**//hz//euc-tw*//cp950//big-5*//euc-kr*//UHC (CP949)//iso-2022-kr//windows-1251 (CP1251)//windows-1252 (CP1252)//cp866 (IBM866)//koi8-r*//koi8-u*//armscii-8 (ArmSCII8)//* indicates that the encoding can also be used in regular expressions. //* * indicates that the encoding is available from PHP 5.4.0. The value of "Auto" and "pass" can also be used for any php.ini entry that accepts an encoded name. The mbstring function that accepts the encoded name can also use the value "Auto". //If "pass" is set, the character encoding will not be converted. //If "Auto" is set, it expands to a list of each character encoding defined in the NLS. For example, assuming that the NLS is set to Japanese, the value will be considered "Ascii,jis,utf-8,euc-jp,sjis". 
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PHP mb_convert_encoding Use

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