Port activation process of brocade San optical fiber switch (new version)

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I have previously reprinted an article about port activation of the brocade San optical fiber switch. You only need to use a direct connection to connect the NIC AND THE brocade switch.

The IP address of the computer is set to Enter the default IP address in the browser to directly configure the vswitch.

There is no random network cable, only one com line, and now the new version of brocade Switch

The management interface of is also greatly changed. Previously, it was a pure web interface in the Java environment. Now, you can access the brocade switch through IE.

A Java program interface is opened directly.

The following describes how to use a serial port to connect to a brocade switch.

Port activation process.

Connection Method: Use a network cable to attach a brocade Switch

The 210e Ethernet port (only one Ethernet port on the switch) is connected to a common switch, and the PC terminal is also connected to the reverse switch, use the com line to connect the vswitch to the serial port of the PC terminal, as shown in.

Install ezswitchsetup on the attached disc. After installation, run the program:

Select "Use Serial Connection" and click Next

Click Next

Ezswitchsetup will automatically search for the brocade switch on the comport

, Find the brocade Switch

Then we can see his WWN address. The format of world wide name is generally 10: 00: 00: XX. Click Next to set the IP address of the switch.

After the IP address is set, a Java program for configuring the vswitch will pop up automatically. If the active port cannot be used, disable it first.

Copy WWN to https://www.switchkeyactivation.com/slkInternet/brocade

, Select Fabric OS feature activation (e.g. trunking, APM etc.), and use the lisence key in the module to activate registration ., An activation number is generated after registration.

Enter the address you just set in IE, and a vswitch management interface of the Java program will pop up. Select the activation port, enter the activation number, and refresh it to see that four ports have been activated.

This completes the port activation process of the blog switch.

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