PwC officially launches block chain audit service aimed at more industry companies to "more comfortably" use the technology

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PwC provides an answer to the block chain: audit it.

As one of the world's best-known "big four" accounting firms, PwC has supported a number of block-chain projects. However, according to the Wall Street Journal report, the company officially announced the launch of the block chain audit services, designed to further encourage people to use these new technologies.

It is reported that PwC in Friday (March 16) officially launched the new service, allowing enterprises to provide the block chain technology use of the external review, so as to ensure that they use the block chain correctly, and enable employees to monitor the company's block chain transactions.

At present, some enterprises and organizations have concerns about the use of block chain compliance, risk management and internal control. Vicki Huff, head of global innovation at PwC, says many companies ' compliance teams don't know how to deal with block-chain technology. PwC believes their latest offerings will make it "more comfortable" to use block-chain technology.

A.michael Smith is a partner of PwC and is primarily responsible for internal audit solutions. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said that the block chain audit service provided the need for independent verification, allowing the technology to work as expected. Block-chain technology uses a centralized digital ledger to provide immutable transactions. Although the technology has so far been associated with cryptographic currencies, it can also be used for online authentication, supply chain management, and financial transaction audits--especially when auditing financial transactions, to assume the role of some auditors.

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