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Download requires a direct download from GitHub and there are bugs in the packages downloaded elsewhere

I'm using the Ubuntu system.

Installation: Pip install git+

Document reference Address:

Suppose there are engineering Mypro in Firebase, library mydb

From Firebase Import Firebase

Firebase=firebase. Firebaseapplication ("", None)

So you connect to Firebase.

Create a new node with post, modify with patch, remove delete (' Test/1 ', {' name ': ' Jack ', ' age ': ' 100 '})

That is, under the MyDB New test node, under the test node has a "1" node, and then on the firebase to see an automatically added string, click the plus sign to expand,

Here's the dictionary we pushed up before.



Where the value can be modified directly on the Firebase

You can also create directly with patches

Result=firebase.patch (' Test/2 ', {' Gender ': ' Woman ', ' hobby ': ' Guitar '})

On the firebase, you'll find a string that's not automatically added this time.

and can be directly modified

Result=firebase.patch (' Test/2 ', {' Gender ': ' Man ', ' hobby ': ' Internet serfing '})

Python firebase

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