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If Java is a pro-son, then Python should be a son. Looking at all the notes about Python, I found out that I had been involved in Python in April, but so far I've actually made a case, and I've been trying to remember my Python learning process and share it with you, which is a lot of detours.

I started to learn Python is to see the official website of Liaoche, probably the basic part of the Python learning is finished, and then I directly started to do a Python visualization case, this is a two-week time! Can start at this time to learn Python is also the gift of the students, every day called Let me teach her, finish her that visual related homework, so push me to learn python. The last assignment was done, and then there was no later.

May we decided to continue to engage in Python, in order to unify the progress, we found a video tutorial, small turtle learn Python. We agreed one months to fix this tutorial, apparently eventually ended in failure, the reason for failure is roughly two points, her time distribution is insufficient, my enthusiasm dropped and back to school ready to reply. Because in the process of learning, I also always play the role of guidance, the back of the enthusiasm to decline, also regardless of asked. By the June, I just learned the object-oriented for Python.

At the end of June, I suddenly came up with an idea, to use crawlers to crawl boss recruitment on the job information, so I started my Python learning path, this time I changed a way of learning, I bought a book, and then every day have no look at the book, this time I began to tidy up something out, Finishing a chapter may take more time than reading a chapter. That time my time is such distribution, Monday to Thursday night stay in the company reading, Friday waves, weekend sleep, accompany family, over ~

In this way, I began to read, take notes, to tell you the truth, my main business is Java, to Python is to expand the mentality of knowledge, the actual application of almost no. Progress has been very slow, there is another reason is my heart has been a small lump, I this Java will not people, but also to engage in what Python,java and Python these two villains have been fighting, apparently recently are in the finishing Java, but see Python I was tired, dragged so long, I can not see the kind of down.

Fortunately, I this also has the result, will be able to be fair and aboveboard bragging force to say oneself also will Python. Why this is so dilatory, I try to summarize, first, there is no overall understanding of Python, the very beginning of learning Python when I do not know what this can do. Just thinking about the fire, I should study. Second, there is no clear direction after the understanding, is to engage in visualization, data analysis, or crawler, web, and even artificial intelligence, did not think clearly. Third, choose a good direction after the choice of learning materials, do not too much ah! One is enough. Four, the time is limited, the output is limited, must believe the time accumulation, otherwise will be very tired.

Why these I can think clearly, the reason understand. I still owe it to the books I read, so I will read more! My life is not monotonous, there is reading outside the work, there is Java, Python, and a variety of blog to write, take care of the public number and so on, life is colorful, but not a bit to show to everyone. Slowly come ~ still that sentence, believe the power of time.

Speaking back to Python, I haven't yet said what I've actually achieved now. It's easy to say that you're going to crawl the job information from the boss and then there are Excel and the database. So I get the raw data. Later on the data on the basis of the operation, is only the first step, have to say, if you are a small white, learn Python implementation of this case does not take a long time.

If you happen to want to learn python, my advice is to get to know what Python can do, what you want to do with Python, and then do it. But in the course of learning must have "purpose", as soon as possible to achieve a sense of accomplishment you can feel the demo, this will increase your motivation. As for the careful study, say it later!

Code and display I will not post, the main and everyone is talking about experience and sentiment. Want concrete realization, can leave a message Oh! Follow-up on this project will follow.

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