Quick Site Creation 2.3 wordpress initialization and feature introduction

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This article is the 4th of the fast-track creation series, and if you have not read the previous content, it is recommended that you click on the chapters in the following directory to read the other content before returning to this article.

1. Website management platform WordPress and cloud computing Platform Azure Introduction (6 minutes this article)
2.1 Creating websites and Web site operations on Azure (13 minutes)
2.2 Domain binding operations and Azure load balancing mechanism (12 minutes)
2.3 WordPress initialization and website management function (11 minutes)
3.1 WordPress Data import (12 minutes)
3.2 WordPress Multi-site support and Azure online Code Editor (14 minutes)
3.3 WordPress Multi-language support multisite Language switcher (15 mins)
3.4 WordPress Theme Installation and configuration to beautify your website (15 mins)
4.1 Visual Studio Online (VSO) development platform (11 minutes)
4.2 Build a DevOps environment with Visual Studio Online and Azure (13 minutes)

In the previous section (2.2), we have completed the binding of the website domain name, we can now use our own domain name to access the site. In this section (2.3), we will be the WordPress site initialization operation, the main functions of WordPress briefly introduced, and the new site for the basic landscaping.

Please cooperate with the video reading text http://v.qq.com/page/l/u/f/l0147u78quf.html
WordPress Initialization

When we finish the domain binding and use our own domain name to open the WordPress installation Initialization page, WordPress can be correctly initialized. As I mentioned in 2.1, WordPress will write the domain name used to run the installation Wizard to the database in the background, so unless you are just testing, do not initialize the domain name binding before you complete it.

  1. Open the newly created WordPress site with a well-bound domain name and make sure the correct domain name appears in the browser address bar

  2. Note: Although we want to use Chinese as the default language, try not to change the default options here. This is a principle that I have been following when installing the software, unless you have to, do not change the default options for the Setup program. Because it is impossible for any developer to test all parts of the software, especially non-default options, there is a high chance of problems.
  3. Click the Continue button in the Welcome page to fill in the information for all fields.

    Here, I would like to briefly talk about the user name and password problem. I believe that everyone will have a lot of user name and password, there are a lot of people in all the site to apply a user name and password, which should be said to be a very convenient "good habit." But the previous several password leaks (Ctrip, 12306,CSDN, etc.) should make a lot of people tremble. Here I will introduce you to a basic network security principle.
    • Never use a user name that has nothing to do with yourself, and the user name should correspond to everyone so that you can be sure that all of your operations are queried. Of course, unless you want to wear a vest to do bad things.
    • Never use admin/user, such a generic name as the user name, because these are too easy to guess.
    • Never use your own passwords, such as birthdays, phone numbers. Because any villain who wants to hack your password will first try to understand the information. Of course, this information can be arranged in a regular pattern, to facilitate their own memory.
    • Never use the "Memory Password/Exempt login" feature on any website, because the only way to remember a hard-to-remember password is to keep repeating it. If you want your password to be remembered only by yourself, choose a password that you can read to others at any time, but you can't remember it if you don't write it down, and for yourself, the only way to remember such a password is to re-enter it every time.
    • Although the password is the safest, it is too difficult to remember. Here are a few common techniques for enhancing the complexity of passwords
      • Add special characters in a fixed position, such as adding a character such as #¥ in the second place, and other places you can use your parents ' child's birthday, which is easier for you to remember.
      • To disrupt the order of birthdays, such as using the illogical order of the month's Day (yes, Americans are illogical)
      • Add the sequential characters you know in a specific location, such as: January passwords with A, February with B, so you can change the password every month without worrying about remembering.

    In fact, the above are some basic encryption algorithm, but for the average person, as long as a little bit of use can be guaranteed safe and easy to remember.

  4. Click on the above Install WordPress, WordPress will complete the initialization operation, enter the following page

  5. Click Log in and enter the previous configuration of a good user name and password, you can enter the WordPress backstage.

  6. Note: You may see WordPress prompting you to upgrade. Since this article is done using version 4.1, I will not be doing this upgrade for the time being, since the plug-ins used are all tested on the 4.1 version and the compatibility of 4.1.1 is unknown.

Here, we have completed the initialization of WordPress, your site can also work properly, now if you use your domain again to open the site, you will see the following Hello World article page. You may think this page is not so beautiful, it doesn't matter, we will show you how to use WordPress "appearance (theme) plugin" to beautify your site.

About WordPress Features

WordPress is powerful, and has strong extensibility. It can satisfy most of the daily web site functions without having to be encoded. For ordinary users, the use of WordPress to build their own site is a time-saving effort, but also a long-term maintenance of the choice of guarantee.


WordPress is maintained by developers around the world, with a large number of user groups and developer groups. Because of this, developers are very willing to share their improvements and new features with others. Basically no 3 months a big version, a small version every month.

WordPress Update Record: https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/

This quick update ensures that the problems you encounter on WordPress can be quickly repaired and new features that need to be added quickly. For the average user, only through the WordPress bring the update system to keep the system continuously updated.

Through the following page, WordPress will prompt users of the current update, only need to click the update.

Article Management

The core of the site is content, the article is WordPress used to carry the content of the tool, users can easily publish articles on WordPress, the article classification, create tags to assist users to search.

Using the article menu on the left side of the WordPress dashboard, you can easily find articles in the current site and start creating new articles.

Several important features of the WordPress article editing page are indicated in the

  1. Permalink: Here you can specify the URL of the current article so that the link to the article can be displayed as meaningful text instead of a random ID. Although not everyone will care about your page link, but the search engine is concerned about, a good URL can improve your page is the chance to search. Here, the most important principle is kiss (Keep It simple Stupid), your URL should be directly related to the content of your page.

  2. Also, do not modify URLs that have been placed for some time unless you have to. Modifying the URL will not only break other links that are already linked to the current page, but will also force the search engine to re-index your page, which will have a huge impact on your PageRank. Interested students can learn about Goolge's PageRank algorithm: Http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank, the number of inbound chain is one of the important index. About search engine optimization is a specialized technology, interested students can refer to the following links, a simple look:
    http://www.searchenginejournal.com/url-naming-best-practices/46740/ Note: Here must specifically explain why I hate Baidu (once in the interview as long as the candidate said that Baidu as a search engine directly pass), is because it destroys the Internet search engine principles, excessive use of human factors to influence the results, not only by people bored, And it will undermine the fairness and impartiality of the Internet. Of course, Google will also artificially influence the results, but some basic principles are still to be adhered to.
  3. Rich Text Editor: This is an essential tool for any Web site management platform, so that what you can see WYSIWYG editing is an important sign of judging an information management tool. You can try to paste a piece of formatted text directly into the WordPress editor, most of the time it can be very good to keep the original format.
  4. Text (code) editor: for students with certain HTML editing basics, it is also necessary to edit the code directly. Basically all of my blog's content is first edited with code, and then easily corrected with a visual editor. I do this in order to keep the page data minimized, which is, of course, a personal hobby.
  5. Multi-language switch: Here I use 2 wordpress plug-ins to achieve the same article in English and Chinese switch, WordPress mutisite and multisite Language switcher. About plugins I will do a special introduction in the 3.1-3.3 of this series. Multi-language support now many sites need features, before I have tried many ways to achieve this function, multisite Language switcher is the best one, because I can control the URL, can independently edit different languages, You can use different templates on pages in different languages, and we'll break them down for later sets.
  6. Release control: The article can have drafts and publish different status, can be for different user groups to control permissions, can have a version record, release time can be manually edited.
  7. Tags: tag is an important tool for secondary users to search, because the content of an article in addition to a major classification of a lot of relevant content, you do not want your article can only be found in one category, but also want to be indexed by a certain keyword, which is the meaning of the label: a secondary index outside the main category.
  8. Category: catalog should correspond to the site's column settings and add a guide to the menu. I'll make a special description of the menu later.
Plugins and Skins

Plug-in and appearance is a favorite WordPress is a major reason, who want to be simple and convenient to add features, who want to be easy to beautify the site, from time to time to change a version of what. With plugins and skins, these changes are very simple.

Here is a list of the plugins I used in this series

  1. WordPress Importer: Data import plugin, you can import the content of one WordPress site to another. I used this plugin in 3.1 to import old blog content into a new blog.
  2. Multisite Language switcher: Multi-site multi-language switching support, you can create links on WordPress in multisite mode, and set up different languages.
  3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Google Analytics plug-in, can automatically complete the collection of Google Analytics data, help me on the site visits, user habits and other analysis. A dashboard plug-in is also available to directly see the basic traffic data.
  4. Application Insights: This is the data analysis provided by Microsoft Visual Studio online and azure, and you can see the traffic data for my site on the Auzre portal. I use both Google and Azure analytics tools, primarily to compare them
  5. Backup Scheduler: Automatic backup tool, I use this tool to automatically back up the contents of the entire site to an azure virtual machine in the FTP, the best event about the backup is described in 3.3.

Here is a link to all the plugins and skins on WordPress

    • Appearance (theme) Library https://wordpress.org/themes/
    • Plugin Library https://wordpress.org/plugins/

Here, the basic configuration of WordPress has been completed, the second part of the "Quick Create website" series is also over. Hope that through this part of the content you can have a certain understanding of cloud computing and WordPress. In part III of the Quick Create site, I'll show you some of the more complex features, such as:

  • WordPress Multi-site Support: That is, how to create multiple subsites in a Web site.
  • WordPress Multi-language support: How to use the above multi-site, in the same content to achieve the switch between different languages, while taking into account the search engine optimization.
  • Website monitoring and data analysis: Big data is now a very hot topic, how to use good access to your own site data to optimize the visitor experience, enhance the site's visibility and access to every operating site students want to know. Here I'll take advantage of the two tools of Google Analytics and Azure application insight, combined with the real data from this site, and share with you how you can help optimize your site with data.
  • Azure Online Code Editor: How many of these operations will need to make some changes to wordpress background configuration files, in order to avoid file upload and download, I use all the way in the cloud, using the visual Studio Online Code Editor Monaco is available to do these things, while using Git for version control.
  • Site Backup: Any site's data is valuable, whether it is a server failure, or you want to migrate to other platforms, a backup is required.

Thank you for your interest in following up on the Quick Create site series.

Please pay attention to the public number Anb-io, weekly push content, have the technology also has the life, together to make a sentimental program ape.

Quick Site Creation 2.3 wordpress initialization and feature introduction

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