"Er mao seo Tutorial" Lesson nineth: SEO Operations-page optimization operations

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Site optimization: keywords, tags, pages, content building

Previous Lessons review:

1. spiders to crawl first robots file

2. A description of the title, description of the mixture of long-tailed words, by the front to add the contact method (increase the reverse chain)

3. ALT tag (for picture), Nofollow(for unimportant outer chain)

The Tenth lesson text:

Ways to promote in-page inclusion:

1. Best illustrations. (Alt tag is added inside the HTML edit button)

2. Hair outside the chain, promote the next.

3. Within the chain of help, do anchor text (long tail keywords) to promote.

Alt Tag Content notation:

1. Be sure to specify the keywords for this page.

2. Clear the contents of the picture.

Blend under. Keywords + content.

section of the page, before basically said, here again:

1.404 error page of the production and function.

First step: Download the 404 error page

Step two: Modify the 404 error page, note the 404 page jump to the homepage this situation,

Step three: Upload 404 pages, and set (server, virtual space) 404.html htm

Domain hijacking ... 1. Template 2. home file 3. Database--Domain hijacking 4.bocai

2. The production of site map and the production of the website entrance.

First step: Site Map online generation software: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

Step two: Download XML and HTML maps in both formats

Step three: Upload FTP or server.

Fourth step: Website entrance. (Not now, just add it directly to the robots file)

What is the site Portal:

When browsing some websites, drag to the bottom of the page and you'll see the words of the Sitemap (sitemap. html or XML) and can be clicked.

3. Production of robots.txt files.

Write a good upload. (FTP upload)

User-agent: *







Introduce some SEO novice books: (roughly look)

ZAC SEO real-day password 20 times times the website traffic increase SEO Art (Original: foreign) Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide 2.0[ official Version]: A word a word to see, Baidu official Dry! Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0 points out: There is no record of the domain name and not included in the rankings, the speed of the impact of the site included;   Books + Research + discussion + Notes + combat  URL Note points: http://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/13.htmlhttp://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/? 13.htmlhttp://tj.hf365.com/xglfy/13/ Summary: Do a page corresponding to a URL. Key Summary: Baidu Search engine Optimization Guide 2.0 Three sentences in the user, so seoer do not optimize and optimization, search engine to the end by the user to eat.

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"Er mao seo Tutorial" Lesson nineth: SEO Operations-page optimization operations

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