"Cloud Alert" 26 AWS Launches network File storage EFS, tapping into NAS storage market

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2015-04-10 Oriental Cloud Insight

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Amazon's Web services continue to erode the enterprise storage market, and AWS plans to release a new service to replace network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Amazon Elastic file System (EFS) will provide a shared, low-latency file system that supports project teams and organizations that need to share large files and quickly access their scenes, such as video production companies.

"The file system is a missing link today in the popularity of cloud services," Andy Jassie, head of Amazon Web Services, said in San Francisco in Thursday at the AWS Summit that the service had not yet provided full commercial use, but the preview would be available soon.

EFS is "managed services to easily manage and extend your file storage," Iaşi said. AWS wants it to attract enterprise users as a content library, a Web server cluster, and a shared directory.

AWS has provided many storage options for the enterprise. The Simple Storage Service (S3) Saves the formatted object's data so that they can be accessed directly through the program. Amazon's resilient block Storage (EBS) provides disk capacity storage for cloud computing, equivalent to delivering large-scale SAN (storage area Network) systems from EMC's peers. Amazon Glacier provides inexpensive data archival storage that is accessed through APIs (application programming interfaces).

The difference between EFS is that it allows users to access files directly, and users can access the files on their computer's hard disk in a similar way, and it also allows multiple users to access the same set of files at the same time. As a comparison, EBS volumes can only allow access to an instance of an elastic cloud computing engine (EC2) at the same time.

EFS uses the industry-standard network File System 4 (NFS) version, which is used by most network-attached storage, such as storage (NAS) systems made by NetApp and other companies. Typically, a NAS device will provide a shared file directory service for a local area network (LAN) in the enterprise.

For EFS, data is stored on a flash drive to ensure the fastest responsiveness, and data is replicated across multiple geographically dispersed Amazon datacenters for redundancy and disaster recovery purposes.

EFS pricing is calculated based on the amount of data stored. At $0.30 per GB per month, the price is significantly higher than the AWS Glacier Service ($ 0.01/GB per month). But users can get faster access to data, and can be accessed in parallel by multiple users.

In addition, many enterprise applications cannot work with object storage, although they can use NFS-based storage to point to Forrester's senior analyst Henry Bartazar. Compared to other cloud services, users only pay monthly bills for the storage they use because there is no upfront cost of purchasing hardware.

AWS's involvement in the storage market may be because it provides a way to sell other related services, such as data analysis, by appending the company, because the customer's data is already stored on Amazon. "The huge profits of the storage companies have been going on for a long time, and now cloud providers are entering the enterprise market, offering lower-priced services and earning money through other related services," said Baltazar

In Jassy's keynote speech, EFS is one of several new services. The company also launched a new machine learning service and published its AWS LAMBDA, which runs a highly synchronous application service. Amazon also announced the full listing of its EC2 container business, running and managing virtual Docker containers.

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"Cloud Alert" 26 AWS Launches network File storage EFS, tapping into NAS storage market

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