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Use H5 's history.pushstate (add New) and history.replacestate (replace current) to manipulate the history stack


Advantages     - experience a good local refresh    disadvantage -browser forward back will resend the request, did not take advantage of the cache

Hash value

hash value unique Irreversible resolution history issue     - #后面的字符串: Fragment identifier (hash URL) H5 provides two APIs     - window.location.hash         -Takes the # start string         - can change without adding #     // callback Listener Hash Change


Related Components-Router router components, including other components, explorer home-History ={Hashhistory} listens for changes in the browser address bar, resolves URLs to an address object-Sub-component route-Route routing component, registering routing-Path="/xxx" //the requested address-Component={XXX}-indexroute Default Routing component-hashhistory routing switching by URL hash change-Link routing link component, generate <a>-to="/xxx"-Activename="Active"//classname of the highlighted state


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