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Backup software

    • Amanda-Client-server model Backup tool
    • Bacula-Another client-server model Backup tool
    • Backupninja-Lightweight, extensible meta-data backup system
    • BACKUPPC-Client-server model Backup tool and file sharing scenario.
    • Burp-Network backup and restore program
    • Duplicity-bandwidth encrypted using the RSYNC algorithm-efficient backup
    • LSYNCD-Monitors the change of a local directory tree and then generates a process to synchronize changes. Rsync is used by default.
    • Rsnapshot-File System Snapshot Tool
    • Safekeep-Using Rdiff-backup, centralized, pull-based backup
    • TARSNAP-Secure backup service with an open source client
    • Urbackup-Another client-server backup system
    • Backup scripts for Drebs-aws EBS support policies

Cloning software

    • Clonezilla-Partitioning and disk mirroring/cloning programs
    • Fog-Another computer cloning solution
    • Redo backup-Simple backups, restores and restores
Cloud computing
    • appscale– Open source cloud computing software compatible with Google App engine.
    • Archipel-Manage and monitor virtual machines using Libvirt
    • CloudStack-Cloud software for creating, managing, and deploying the underlying cloud services
    • Cobbler-cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows you to quickly build a network installation environment
    • Eucalyptus-Open source private cloud software compatible with AWS
    • Mesos-Development and operation of highly energy efficient distributed systems.
    • Opennebula-A user-driven cloud management platform for system administrators and development operations
    • OpenStack-Open source software for building private and open clouds
    • The Foreman-foreman is a full life cycle management tool for both physical and virtual servers. FOSS.
Cloud Business Processes
    • The Bosh-iaas business process platform was originally used to deploy and manage the cloud computing platform PAAs, but it is also used for common distributed systems.
    • Cloudify-Open Source tosca-based cloud business process software platform written using Python and Yaml.
    • Juju-Cloud orchestration tools for managing services, such as CHARMS,YAML configuration and deployment script sets
    • Mcollective-Management Server business process and development of the Ruby framework from the puppet lab
    • Overcast-Deploy VMS on different cloud providers and run command lines and scripts in parallel via SSH on any or all (VMS)
    • Rundeck-A simple business process tool
    • Salt-python Writing
Cloud storage
    • Git-annex Assistant-A sync folder on your every OSX and Linux pc, Android device, removable drive, NAS appliance and cloud service
    • OwnCloud-Provides unified access to your files through the Web, your PC and your mobile device
    • Seafile-Another open source cloud storage solution
    • Sparkleshare-Provides cloud storage and file Synchronization Services. It uses git as the storage backend by default
    • Swift-a highly available, distributed, and ultimately consistent object/Big data store
    • Syncthing-an open source system for private, encrypted and authenticated data
Code review

A collaborative code review system based on web

    • Gerrit-based on git versioning, it facilitates software developers to review source code modifications and approve or reject these changes.
    • Review Board-free software available based on the MIT license
Collaboration software

Collaboration software and groupware Suite

    • Citadel/ux-Collaboration Kit (messages and groupware) inherited from the Citadel family program
    • Groupware software written by egroupware-php
    • Horde Groupware-PHP-based collaboration software suite, including mail, calendar, wiki, time tracking and file management
    • Kolab-Another groupware kit
    • SOGo-Collaboration software server, focus on simplicity and scalability
    • Zimbra-collaboration software suite, including mail Service and Web Client
Configure the Management database

Configuration Management database (CMDB) software

    • I-doit-Open Source It document management and CMDB
    • ITop-A fully open source, ITIL, web-based service management tool
    • Ralph-Asset Management for large data centers or smaller local networks, DICM and CMDB systems
    • Clusto-helps track your inventory, where, how to connect, and provides an abstract interface for interacting with infrastructure elements
Configuration Management

Configuration management Tools

    • Ansible-python, managing nodes via SSH
    • CFEngine-Lightweight proxy system. Configure the state by stating the language.
    • Written in Chef-rbuy and Erlang, using pure RUBYDSL
    • The Fabric-python library and CLI tools simplify the use of SSH for application deployment or system administration tasks.
    • Pallet-schema definition, configuration and management via Clojure DSL
    • Puppet-ruby written, using Puppet declaration language or Rbuy DSL
    • Salt-python Writing
    • Slaughter-perl Writing
Continuous succession and continuous deployment

Continuous integration/Deployment software

    • Buildbot-Python-based Continuous integration tool
    • Drone-Build a continuous integration server in Docker, configured with YAML files
    • GitLab CI-based on Rbuy. They also provide gitlab for managing git repositories
    • Go-Open source Continuous delivery server
    • Jenkins-A scalable, open-source, continuous Integration Server
    • Vlad the Deployer-automated deployment
Distributed File System

Network Distributed File System

    • Ceph-Distributed object storage and file systems
    • DRBD-Distributed block device replication
    • Leofs-unstructured objects/data storage and high availability, distributed, and ultimately consistent storage systems.
    • GlusterFS-extensible, Network attached storage file system.
    • Distributed, scalable, portable file system for the Hadoop framework, written by Hdfs-java
    • Lustre-A parallel Distributed file system, generally used for large-scale cluster computing.
    • Moosefs-Fault tolerant, network Distributed File system.
    • MogileFS-application level, network Distributed File system.
    • OpenAFS-read replicas and distributed network file systems supported by multiple operating systems
    • TAHOELAFS-Secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, point-to-point distributed data storage, and distributed file systems.
    • The XTREEMFS-XTREEMFS is a fault-tolerant distributed file system for storage requirements.

DNS Server

    • Bind-the most widely used domain name service software
    • Djbdns-dns application collection, including Tinydns
    • Designate-dns REST API, back-end support for multiple DNS servers
    • DNSMASQ-Lightweight service that provides DNS,DHCP and TFTP services for small-scale networks
    • Knot-High performance, authoritative DNS server
    • NSD-Authoritative, high-performance, simple domain name server.
    • Powerdns-A DNS server with a variety of data storage backend and load-balancing capabilities.
    • Unbound-authentication, recursion, and caching of DNS parsers.
    • Yadifa-A lightweight, authoritative domain name server with DNSSEC compatibility that supports the. EU top-level domain name.
Host Control Panel

Web Host Control Panel

    • Ajenti-linux and BSD Control Panel
    • Feathur-vps Supply and management software
    • Ispconfig-linux Host Control Panel
    • VESTACP-host panel for Linux and Nginx
    • Virtualmin-Webmin-based Linux control Panel
    • Zpanel-linux BSD and Windows Control Panel

IMAP/POP3 Mail Server

    • Courier IMAP/POP3-Fast, scalable, enterprise-class IMAP and POP3 servers
    • Cyrus IMAP/POP3-run on a sealed server, the normal user is not allowed to log on.
    • DOVECOT-IMAP and POP3 servers written primarily for security purposes
    • Qpopper-an old and popular POP3 server implementation
It Asset Management

It Asset management software

    • GLPI-Information Resource Manager with additional management interfaces
    • OCS Inventory NG-allows users to liquidate it assets
    • Racktables-Data center and server room assets, such as the hardware assets, network address, in the shelf space, the network configuration document.
    • Ralph-Asset Management, DCIM, and CMDB for large data center systems and small LAN networks.
    • Snipe IT-Asset and license management software

LDAP server

    • 389 Directory Server-Deploy with Red Hat
    • Apache Directory Server-Apache Software Foundation project written in Java
    • Fusion Directory-improved service and corporate directory management based on OPENLDAP
    • Opendj-opends Branch
    • OpenDS-Another directory server written in Java
    • OpenLDAP-Developed by the OpenLDAP project
Log Management

Log management tools: Collect, Parse, visualize

    • Elasticsearch-a Lucene-based document store that is used primarily for log indexing, storage, and analysis.
    • FLUENTD-Log collection and issuance
    • Flume-Distributed Log collection and aggregation system
    • GRAYLOG2-Pluggable log and event Analysis server with alarm options
    • Heka-Stream processing system, which can be used for log aggregation
    • Kibana-Visualizing log and timestamp data
    • Logstash-Tools for managing events and logs
    • Octopussy-Log management solution (visualization/alarms/reporting)

Monitoring software

  • CACTI-web-based network monitoring and graphics tools
  • Cabot-monitoring and alerting, similar to Pagerduty
  • Extended collection of Check_mk-nagios
  • Dash-a low-overhead web dashboard monitor for gnu/linux machines.
  • Icinga-nagios Branch
  • Librenms-observium Branch
  • Monit-Small open source tools for managing and monitoring Unix systems
  • Munin-Network Resource monitoring tool
  • Naemon-NAGIOS4 Core-based network monitoring tool with performance enhancements and new features
  • Nagios-Computer systems, network and infrastructure monitoring software
  • Observium-SNMP monitoring of servers and network devices, running on Linux
  • OMD-Open Monitoring distribution
  • Opsview-based on Nagios4,opsview core for Small it and test environments
  • Riemann-Flexible and fast event handlers that allow responsible time and metrics analysis
  • Sensu-Open Source monitoring framework
  • Sentry-Application monitoring, event logging and aggregation
  • Shinken-Another monitoring framework
  • Thruk-web interface for multi-background monitoring, support for Naemon,nagios,icinga and Shinken
  • Xymon-inspired by Big Brother's network monitoring
  • Zabbix-enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.
  • Zabbix-Enterprise-class software for monitoring networks and applications
  • Zenoss-Zope-based application, server and network management platform
Metrics and Metrics Collection

Metric collection and display software

    • COLLECTD-System Statistics Collection Daemon
    • COLLECTL-High precision system performance metrics collection tool.
    • Dashing-ruby Gem, allows rapid development of statistical dashboards. Based on HTML5, allows large screen display in data center or conference room.
    • Diamond-Python-based statistics collection daemon
    • Ganglia-high performance, scalable monitoring device based on RRD servers for grids and/or clusters. Compatible with graphite, using a single collection process.
    • Grafana-A graphite or influxdb dashboard and graphics editor
    • Open source, scalable drawing server
    • InfluxDB-Open Source distributed time series database with no external dependencies.
    • KAIROSDB-Fast distributed Extensible Time series database, Opentsdb 1. Branch of X.
    • OPENTSDB-store and service large amounts of time-series data without losing granularity.
    • RRDtool-Open source Enterprise standard, high performance data logging and plotting system for time series data
    • STATSD-Application Statistics monitoring
Network configuration Management

Network Configuration management Tools

    • GESTIÓIP-an automated web-based Ipv4/ipv6 address management tool
    • Rancid-Monitor network device configuration and maintenance history changes
    • Rconfig-Another Network configuration management tool

Newsletter software

    • Dadamail-perl writing a mailing list Manager
    • Phplist-php-Written newsletter manager

NoSQL Database

    • Column Family
      • Apache Hbase-hadoop database, a distributed Big data store
      • Cassandra-distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across multiple servers.
      • Hypertable-A C + + based BigTable DBMS that saves communication and can be run independently or on a Hadoop-like distributed fs.
    • Document storage
      • CouchDB-a document-oriented database system for easy-to-use, multi-host replication.
      • ElasticSearch-Java-based database, popular log aggregation, and e-mail archiving projects.
      • MongoDB-another document-oriented database system
      • RavenDB-Document-based database with Acid/things functionality
      • RETHINKDB-Open source distributed document storage database, focus on JSON
    • Figure
      • Flockdb-twitter distributed, fault-tolerant graph database
      • NEO4J-Open Source graph database
    • Key value
      • Leveldb-google High Performance Key-value database
      • Redis-Support network, memory-based, key-value, and persistent database
      • Riak-Another fault-tolerant key-value NoSQL database

NoSQL Server comparison: Http://

    • FPM-Versatile multi-format package creator
    • Omnibus-ruby-Full stack, cross-release package management software (Ruby)
    • Packman-Full stack, cross-release package management software (Python)
    • Tito-Build rpm for GIT projects
    • Beanstalkd-a simple, fast work queue.
    • BEANSTALKD-A simple and fast work queue
    • Gearman-Fast multi-lingual queue or task processing platform
    • NSQ-messaging platform for real-time distribution
    • RabbitMQ-Robust, full-featured, cross-release queue system
    • ZeroMQ-Lightweight queuing system

relational database management System

    • Firebird-A truly global open source database
    • The Galera-galera MySQL cluster is an easy-to-use, high-availability solution with high system uptime, no data loss, and scalability for future growth.
    • Mariadb-mysql's Community Development Branch
    • MySQL-A very popular RDBMS server
    • Percona Server-enhanced, replaceable MySQL
    • PostgreSQL-Object Relational database management system (ORDBMS)
    • POSTGRESQL-XL-A scalable open source database cluster based on PostgreSQL
    • SQLite-Self-contained, weak server, 0 configuration, support for transactional SQL DBS Implementation Library

Security Tools

    • DenyHosts-block SSH dictionary attacks and brute force attacks
    • Fail2ban-Scan log files and take action on IP that shows malicious behavior
    • SpamAssassin-a powerful and popular spam filter that uses a variety of detection techniques.
Service discovery
    • Consul-consule is an Igor service discovery, monitoring and Configuration tool
    • Doozerd-doozer is a highly available, fully consistent storage for a small amount of very important data
    • Zookeeper-zookeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization and group services

SMTP server

    • Exim-The Message transfer agent (MTA) developed by Cambridge University
    • Haraka-high-performance, pluggable SMTP server written with JAVASCIRPT
    • Mailcatcher-ruby Gem deploys a simple SMTP MTA gateway that receives all messages and displays them on the Web interface. Useful for debugging and development.
    • Maildrop-Open Source one-time mail server, also useful for development
    • OPENSMTPD-Secure SMTP server implemented from the OpenBSD project
    • Postfix-Fast, easy to manage and safe sendmail alternatives
    • Qmail-a safe sendmail alternative
    • Sendmail-Message transfer agent (MTA)
Software containers

Operating system-level virtualization

    • Bitnami-producing open source software installers or packages for Web applications, development stacks and virtual appliances
    • Docker-an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, publish, and run distributed applications
    • Openvz-linux Platform Container-based virtualization

SSH Tools

    • AUTOSSH-Automatically resets the SSH session after a network outage.
    • Cluster SSH-Controls multiple xterm windows through a graphical console.
    • Dsh-dancer's shell/distributed shell-executes multiple remote shell commands from a single command-line wrapper.
    • Mosh-Mobile Shell
    • PARALLEL-SSH-Provides parallel versions of OpenSSH and related tools
    • SSH Power Tool-execute commands and upload files to multiple servers simultaneously without using the pre-shared key

Analysis software

    • Analog-the most popular log analysis tool in the world
    • Goaccess-Open source real-time Web log analysis and interactive view running at the terminal
    • Piwik-Free and open source web analytics app
    • Webalizer-f Fast and free Web server log file parser
Work Order System

Web-based work order system

    • Bugzilla-generic bug tracking and testing tools developed and used by the Mozilla project
    • Cerb-a group-based mail management project based on commercial open source licensing
    • Flyspray-Bug tracking system written using PHP
    • MANTISBT-another Web-based defect tracking system
    • OsTicket-Open source technical support ticket system
    • Otrs-free and open source failure notification system software packages, companies, organizations, or other entities can use it to assign work orders based on queries and track further communication.
    • Request Tracker-Work order tracking system written in Perl
    • Thebuggenie-Open source work order system with very complete user rights assignment
Trouble shooting

Troubleshooting tools

    • Mitmproxy-ython tool for intercepting, viewing, and modifying network traffic. It is very important to exclude certain problems.
    • Sysdig-captures system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then saves, filters and analyzes
    • Wireshark-the world's leading network protocol analysis tool
Project Management

Web-based project management and defect tracking system

    • Chiliproject-redmine Branch
    • Gitbucket, a github-written clone, a separate jar installation
    • GitLab-The clone of GitHub written with Rbuy
    • Gogs-Write with Go
    • Openproject-Open Source project collaboration Project
    • Phabricator PHP Writing
    • Redmine-written in rbuy based on Rails
    • The Bug genie-php written
    • Trac-python Writing
Version control

Software version and version control

    • Fossil-distributed version control, built-in wiki and bug tracking
    • Git-Fast distributed versioning and source control
    • GNU Bazaar-Distributed version control system sponsored by Cannoicalzi
    • Mercurial-another version control
    • Subversion-Client-server version control system
Virtualization of

Virtualization software

    • Ganeti-Clustered Virtual Server management software built on KVM and Xen
    • Kvm-linux Kernel Virtualization Architecture
    • OVirt-Managing virtual machines, storage and virtual networks
    • Packer-Create the same machine image from a single source configured for multiple platforms
    • Vagrant-Tools to create a complete development environment
    • VirtualBox-Virtualization products from Oracle Corporation
    • Xen-Virtual machine monitor for 32/64-bit INTEL/AMD (IA 64) and PowerPC 970 architectures

VPN software

    • OpenVPN-Use SSL/TLS with a custom secure key exchange protocol.
    • PRITUNL-OpenVPN-based solution for easy setup
    • SoftEther-Multi-protocol VPN software with advanced features
    • Sshuttle-The Poor VPN
    • Full IPSec implementation under Strongswan-linux
    • TINC-Distributed point-to-point VPN

XMPP server

    • Ejabberd-XMPP SMS server written in ERLANG/OTP
    • Metronome Im-prosody IM Branch
    • Mongooseim-ejabberd Branch
    • OpenFire-Real-time collaboration (RTC) server
    • XMPP server written by Prosody Im-lua
    • Tigase-java implementation of XMPP server

Webmail applications

    • Mailpile-a modern, fast Web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features.
    • Mailpile-an advanced, fast Web-mail client that has a user-friendly encrypted private personality
    • roundcube-browser-based IMAP Client with an Application-like user interface.
    • Roundcube-browser-based IMAP client with an app-like user interface

Web server

    • Apache-the most popular web server
    • Cherokee-Lightweight, high-performance Web server/reverse Proxy
    • More optimized Web servers in the Lighttpd-speed-critical environment
    • Nginx-Reverse proxy, load balancer, HTTP cache and Web server
    • Uwsgi-uwsgi Project, the goal is to develop a full stack of build hosting services

Web Performance

    • HAProxy-load balancer, SSL offload and performance optimizations, compression and generic web routing
    • Varnish-HTTP-based Web application accelerator, focusing on memory optimization and compression

Wiki software

    • DokuWiki-Using a simple and highly versatile wiki, this does not require a database.
    • Gollum-A simple, git-powered wiki with good APIs and a local front end.
    • Ikiwiki-a wiki compiler
    • Mediawiki-Strengthening Wikipedia
    • MoinMoin-an advanced, easy-to-use, extensible Wiki engine with a full interactive wiki of community user Tiddlywiki-javascript
      • Ōlelo Wiki-wiki for saving pages on git storage

A variety of resources, such as books, websites and articles, to enhance skills and knowledge

    • Code as Craft-etsy's operations blog, a large number of technical blogs
    • Devopsguys-devops Consultant, operation and maintenance blog
    • Rackspace Developers-blogs with a lot of devops topics

Books related to the sysadmin

    • The Linux command Line-william Shotts's book about Linux commands line
    • The Phoenix project:a novel about it, DevOps, and helping Your how business win-devops technology fixes issues that occur in IT organizations
    • The practice of System and network administration-first and second editions describe best practices for systems and network management, independent of specific platforms or technologies.
    • The Visible Ops handbook:implementing ITIL in 4 practical and Auditable Steps-a methodology designed to initiate implementation control and process improvement.
    • UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook-Walk into system management from the perspective of usage

Open Source Code Editor

    • Atom-Text editor from GitHub
    • Brackets-Open source editor for Web design and front-end development
    • Eclipse-IDE written in Java with extensible plug-in system
    • Geany-gtk2 Text Editor
    • GNU Emacs-An extensible, customized text editor
    • Haroopad-markdown Editor with live preview
    • Icecoder-Very good code editor, built-in common Web language
    • Real-time collaborative code editing supported by Jotgit-git
    • Light Table-Next generation Code Editor
    • Lime-designed to provide an open source alternative to sublime text
    • Graphical text editor under Textmate-os x
    • Vim-A highly configurable text editor for efficient editing
    • Servers for Hackers-Programmer's Newsletter to find out what they need to know about server-related content.

Package Storage

    • Dotdeb-debian the storage of the lamp update package
    • Remi-rhel/centos/fedora the storage of the lamp update package

Useful system administrator-related sites

    • Ops School-A comprehensive program that will help you become an OPS engineer.
    • Digital Ocean Tutorials-a very large resource, access to basic applications, tools, and even systems management topics.

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Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers

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