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What is the marketing alliance of pig Bajie?


Welcome to the marketing alliance of pig Bajie reward center! Every registered member will automatically get a promotional link of their own (for example: /? 18) if someone else uses your promotional link to enter the pig reward platform, it will bring you cash or credit gains!


The income rules are:



If you register a member through your promotion link, the system will automatically add you 10 points. This credit point can be used to change your member profile picture and view some website content that requires points. In the future, you can also use credit points to use some website functions that can only be used when points are reached.



If you recommend a registered member to win the award in the reward challenge, you will automatically receive 5% of the reward amount. For example, if you offer a reward of 1000 yuan, you will receive a reward of 1000 yuan * 5% = 50 yuan if the registered member is recommended to win the bid.



You can get a 10% sales commission for the rewards released by your recommended members. That is, if you recommend a 1000 yuan reward for a member, you will automatically receive a 1000 yuan reward % 10 = 100 yuan.



The excellent brand effects and names (increased every day) of the pig Bajie online reward platform provide you with powerful technical support and the best service.


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