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In the previous analysis of my company's website keyword ranking disappeared mentioned (now from the company resigned), the company's website keyword ranking disappeared the most likely reason is 302 redirect, now can be determined, is because of 302 redirect, Baidu punished the site, the keyword ranking down until disappeared; Google is cautious about 302 redirects, or Google has been able to handle 302 redirects (but not to Google)!

November 3 Baidu Monthly Update, I noticed that the homepage of the site was put out, before the search keyword is the ranking of the page, and very close to the back, now is the home, although also relatively lean, but a slight rise, since the home page out, then restore ranking is very possible; today, November 6, Top keyword rankings are restored to the home page. Previous analysis of the time also mentioned may be IP redirection, optimization is too obvious and the growth of the chain, and other reasons, but these are not likely to cause the site is down right. Another site keyword ranking recovery, can better prove that the impact of 302 Redirect, that site is not with the WWW domain name 302 Redirect to the WWW, I found only to change it to 301 redirect, no other external factors, the results are also updated after the Baidu monthly, the keyword ranking back; And I also noticed that before, although there are keyword rankings, although relatively lean, but is not with the WWW domain name, now ranked restored, but also with the WWW domain name, which can be explained is the impact of 302 redirect.

From this case also can see Baidu and Google Treatment 302 redirect attitude and processing method. Baidu can not handle 302 redirects very well, directly to the site to punish, and whether it is 302 redirect or 301 Redirect, Baidu response is very slow, it will take a long time to make a deal, this time with one months to restore the Site keyword rankings, also proved this point. Baidu Lee said: "The page 301 jump is subject to the Spider page update cycle constraints, this update cycle is currently likely to be longer, we are also committed to improve it." Google is different, 302 redirect and did not let Google on the site to punish, the most intuitive impact seems to be close to Google key word ranking slightly reduced, after a few days to 301, Google's keyword rankings rose several, from the previous 6, 7 stable in the 2nd place. Do 301 permanent Redirect, the weight is concentrated on the main domain name and not dispersed, so the ranking is inevitable.

Let's look at the theory to see why the 302 redirect will cause the site to be dropped right.

Google Webmaster Tools help in the 302 temporary redirect is described in this way:

The server is currently responding to requests from Web pages in different locations, but the requester should continue to use the original location for subsequent requests. This code, like the 301 code in response to a get and head request, automatically moves the requester to a different location. However, since Googlebot will continue to crawl and index existing locations, you should not use this code to notify Googlebot that a page or Web site has been moved.

That is, if a 302 temporary redirect to B,a can change the idea to show itself or make other changes at any time, then when Googlebot (including Baiduspider, and so on) crawls a, it actually crawls the contents of the destination address B, This causes a and B different addresses have exactly the same content, and are indexed, is considered to be "use of repetitive content to interfere with Google search results of the site rankings", the site was punished is also understandable.

and 301 Permanent redirect is not the same, Google Webmaster Tools help to say so:

The requested page has been permanently moved to the new location. When the server returns this response (as a response to a GET or head request), the requestor is automatically transferred to the new location. You should use this code to notify Googlebot that a Web page or Web site has been permanently moved to a new location.

A301 permanent Redirect to B, this is to tell Googlebot,a no longer exist, has become the past, now completely replaced by B, a also will not appear in the index.

From another point of view, 302 is only temporary movement, so it will not transfer and transfer weights, and 302 is permanent, the original page accumulated weight will be transferred to the new page.

Therefore, when it comes to redirection, we must be careful. Whether it is the old domain name to replace the new domain name, or to avoid different URLs to disperse the weight, 301 permanent Redirect is the right choice! Original, original address: Please specify!

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