Seo details that are easy to cause the sandbox effect [webmasters must see]

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I believe that I have a deep understanding of Google's sandbox mechanism. Because I have written several articles about the sandbox mechanism before. Article. Related Articles include:
1. Sandbox sandbox Effect of Google
2. Seo, Google sandbox and downgrading
For some basic things in the sandbox, you can read the above two articles if you do not know.
We have said before. When a website goes online, 90% will hit Google sandbox. The reason for encountering this sandbox has been mentioned in the first two articles. I will not repeat it here.
Judging from Seo experience, it does not mean that only new websites will touch the sandbox. Even websites that have been running for several years may trigger the sandbox mechanism if some SEO factors are not well handled. Put the website into a sandbox.
For example:
1. External links are increasing too fast;
External links increase too quickly and are considered by search engines as unconventional methods. This may trigger Google's sandbox mechanism and attract the attention of search engines.
2. The Anchor text of the external link is too single;
The text of the external link should use as many different types of anchor text as possible, but each anchor text should be related to the website subject. Such as Seo, Hangzhou Seo, Seo, Hangzhou search engine optimization, and search engine optimization.
3. a sudden increase in content;
It is best to maintain consistency when the website content is updated frequently. For example, 10 articles are updated every day. If you suddenly Add 100 more articles than before, it will also attract the attention of search engines. The mechanism for triggering sandbox is only one of them, and there should be other influences.
Basically, the important details that can trigger the sandbox mechanism are the above points.
If you accidentally trap your website into a sandbox, you do not need to worry too much. You only need to maintain updates and high-quality external links for expansion. The only impact is that it will waste a lot of time.
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