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    • SEO Quote Tool


    • Positioning words and choosing keywords

1. Keyword targeting

Choose from a few key keywords that can bring benefits to your product or business

Company founder Business Unit manager of the company's products

2. Keyword selection

Keyword Acquisition method

Competitor website Analysis

Baidu Next Box Search

Baidu Search Box

Baidu Related search terms

Baidu Bottom Recommendation

Baidu Keyword Planner

( registered Baidu promotion account

3. Keyword Analysis

Manual analysis

Analyze the first five pages of the search. View top-level domain sites

Tool analysis

Keywords Easy analysis tool


4. Key keywords

Search engine Text Match

1. Scan Web content

2. Scan Page Title

3. Scan page description

4. Scan the Web page outside the chain

    • Keyword layout

1. Layout keywords in title

3-5 keywords

31 characters or less

Spacer underline, English comma, vertical bar

Keyword 1 (_) (,) (|) Keyword 2 (_) (,) (|) Keyword 3 (_) (,) (|) Brand Word

Search Engine Segmentation Technology

2. Layout keywords in the description (description)

A summary of the content of the Web page

Naturally incorporate the 3-5 key keywords in the title into the description

70 words or less

3. Keywords in keywords label layout

Set 3-5 Keywords

4. Layout keywords in navigation

Reasonable arrangement 1-5 times

5. Layout keywords in plate title and plate content

6. Appear in the article

7. Layout keywords in links

    • The density of the proper layout of keywords

Web keyword 2%-8%

keyword query tool

    • Long Tail words

Baidu keyword Planning

Third-party tools Jinhua Webmaster Tools

Long Tail keyword optimization

Edit articles based on long tail key composition headings

In the beginning of the article, the middle, the end appears several times the title

Add keyword links to other articles (inner chain)

links to articles in the chain of words plus keywords

    • Long Tail Word layout

articles that appear when you update an article

    • Web site outside the chain

Website Speed processing

Link process (reduce number of requests)

download page (compression optimized Gzip)

    • GZIP Compression Technology

(with Web gzip compression technology)

Compress Web site picture size

SEO optimization

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