SEO quiz: For Baidu search on-line Aurora algorithm, how should we respond?

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Q: For Baidu search on-line Aurora algorithm, how should we respond?

Ze Industry construction Station NET Webmaster Yang Zeyi Answer:

Baidu on May 30, 2018 on-line the Aurora algorithm, aimed at advocating The resource side attaches importance to the website landing page time specification . The time factor of landing page is the important reference for Baidu to search and judge the website to collect, display and sort the result.

In order to provide users with a more satisfying search experience, we will give more time-sensitive pages that meet the requirements of landing pages and more timely, and reduce the opportunity to show the non-conforming websites.

This also means that the specification of the article release time will be given priority to show, for example: Ze Construction station Network article Published time contains: year, month, day, hour, minute, second. An example of the above article: ()

Baidu search on-line Aurora algorithm advocates the importance of landing page time specification

So, how your page landing page is the norm, then Baidu search results ranking will be better. If your webpage does not have the time of landing, then ask you to add the specific time of landing page in your own webpage, accurate to second better.

You are welcome to pay attention to ze industry construction station Network SEO column, so that your site included better, search results ranked better!

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SEO quiz: For Baidu search on-line Aurora algorithm, how should we respond?

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