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This is of Chengdu wrote an article, I personally do not agree with his choice of the AMD series to do the server, the current server CPU and motherboard I think still with Intel's mature stable some.

Server Hosting Full Documentary

Author: of Chengdu

Looking back, the 2004 is a surge of broadband development of the year, but also the Internet flourished a year, because the speed of the bottleneck gradually broken, many of the original operation of the Internet business difficult to finally wait until a profitable day, many Web site operators in this year to seize the opportunity to earn a bowl full of pots, Look at so many brothers by a server hair up, old Tang also a bit unbearable, teach others installed so many servers, today also installed a Taiwan, managed to go, what? All think about it, temporarily fashion, first do a little "blog", may be That day my "blog" also appeared a "Gold beauty", "water son of the United States," The text wrist, diary mad, then I old Tang is not followed by the name of it, it does not matter if not success, anyway, just play a play. Say dry on dry, Saturday early up, in the wife of the roar of the slam door and go, straight to Zhongguancun.

The first step: purchase 1U Server Accessories

You must be particularly concerned about what configuration my server is going to use. Oh, that also used to say, of course, do not look expensive, P4, Xeon We do not need, anyway, is to try to play a game, so go straight to AMD counters, according to the following cheap prescription:

Item model Price (for reference only)
CPU Bulk amdxp2500+ 580 yuan
Memory 2 256M Kingston DDR400 280 Yuan x2
Motherboard Yingxiu M7NCG400-PC Motherboard 580 CNY
Graphics integration
Network card integrated 10/100m network card
HDD 1 Seagate 7200 ext. 160G (up to 4 hard drives) 720 yuan
1U chassis "Xuan Ice 1 generation" 1u4dxb625 nine fan 1U rack-type server chassis, including 300 watts full power power supply 1100 yuan
CPU Heatsink Chassis Gift AMDXP dedicated 1U ice Cooling module

Total Price 3540 Yuan

According to the prescription, a few minutes, a discerning eye to know, this is a special value of the 1U server configuration, amdxp2500+ has a 512K level two cache, Speed can be comparable to p4-2.8, but the price is only the same as half of the latter, because of the good overclocking potential, by the game players praise, of course, we do server stability first, overclocking and other children things we will not consider, but overclocking performance is good, also from a side to prove the stability of this CPU is very good, suitable as a service Application of the device. In fact, with XP Server example Super many, once a friend told me, amdxp2500+ in the running database, performance beyond p4-2.8c, oh, that friend in the computer room hosted more than 20 1U server, are all AMDXP, from 1700 to 3000+ have, Dedicated to do virtual host and film download, has long been rich.

And then look at the cornerstone of the server stability-the motherboard, perhaps some friends will be against my choice of this piece of Yingxiu motherboard, in fact, you are wrong, Ying Tai motherboard in the support of the AMDXP has been very good, this piece of Yingxiu M7NCG 400 through the AMD certification, the use of Nvidia NForce2 IGP+MCP chipset, as a demanding server application, this complete set of motherboards is enough to deal with, do not forget the price you want to use a real server-level motherboard is not possible.

The image above is the integrated Realtek RTL8201BL 10/100m Adaptive Network control chip on the motherboard, which is very common in the internal integration of the South Bridge with the network function of the motherboard IC,RTL8201BL with the motherboard South Bridge chip can provide the physical layer of PHY, can be used to connect the RJ-45 network interface , stable work.

The bigger the hard drive, the better, I always prefer Seagate's bulk drive, in fact, this is only a personal reason, because the last loading machine, accidentally, a hard drive fell, I am anxious to foot a block, wow, accidentally forcibly too fierce, the result will be the hard drive to fly out, hit the wall, and then fell on the cement floor, picked up to connect the electricity, There is nothing wrong, hehe. Now a 7200-turn Seagate 160G hard drive as long as 700, immediately down. This time I installed 4 pieces of hard disk in the server, one of which is my, the other 3 is a friend to carry, now the spacecraft can carry, not to mention the server. Speaking of this, I think that many friends always ask me, IDE hard disk is not as reliable as SCSI hard drive AH? Is it not as fast as a SCSI hard drive? In this respect, I personally realize that IDE hard disk to do Internet server is completely feasible, other brands are not good to say, I used the Seagate 2M IDE hard drive, has not been bad, a few days ago, I went to Violet, founder look at their new Nas (presumably can be interpreted as "Storage Server"), Used to do disk RAID is a water IDE hard drive, is the same port, does not contain hard drive, a set price tens of thousands of yuan Ah! Oh, scary. As long as we're happy with this server, use a transfer card to connect to an IDE RAID card, can be used as a storage server, but to remind you, used to do disk array of hard disk, it is necessary to choose a brand, the best boxed, because do raid very select disk, hard drive slightly bad, can not succeed, This is why some friends find that their hard drive does not do raid good, a raid on the error. As for the speed of the IDE hard drive and the ability to load many people at the same time, in fact, not to worry, the Internet server is different from the LAN server, in the LAN, because the network environment is good, sometimes can do thousand trillion, then the speed of the hard disk may become a bottleneck, but as an Internet server, the main bottleneck is still bandwidth, As we all know, in the most common hundred gigabit shared environment, for example, managed servers can be allocated to the actual Internet bandwidth, not more than a few megabytes, any IDE hard disk transmission rate is not less than dozens of trillion, so the bottleneck is not on the hard drive. When you are willing to rent hundred megabytes of bandwidth, you consider the speed of the hard drive is not too slow bar.

Chassis aspect I chose can support 4 hard disk 1U chassis, and can for the temperature so high amdxp2500+ safe heat dissipation, this case contains the stable support 4 large capacity hard disk 300 watts full power thousand Pure server power supply, to the server, the hard drive nature is not afraid many, Don't forget now is the broadband era ah, a huge amount of data in a moment will make hard drive tight!

Step two: Assemble the 1U server

Count things together, start, assemble 1U server for me, it's easier to dream than eat, dance a rusty screwdriver, and swish a few. (Small series: to this reservations, according to the small part of the old Tang get the night of the 11 o'clock is not finished)

When installing the CPU, be aware that before the boot test, the thermal module installed, the Heat dissipation module must be properly buckle, remember that the button to press the handle to the side of the motherboard edge, if the buckle, the bottom of the thermal module can not be good contact with the CPU, like the seesaw, if the contact is not good, Instantly it could burn the CPU, really, do not believe that many media said Amdxp already has a good overheating protection circuit, I buy accessories when the friend of the counter in the light of the board when the test plan to use a common P4 radiator on the CPU on the boot, the results of a few seconds later, the CPU burned, performance is , from the bottom of the CPU to see a few sticks like a few traces of charred paste, then the friend died, so the burning of the CPU, in accordance with the rules of the village, the home is not to warranty, a cautionary tale ah, must be careful.

Then plug in the memory, see? A total of 3 memory on this motherboard, to turn on dual-channel technology, plug one memory into one of the two memory slots on the left, and then plug the other memory into a separate memory slot on the right so that the dual-channel memory technology can be opened successfully.

Well, look, a beautiful 1U standard rack-type Server was born, although the configuration is general, but still stable, and large capacity, are fast catching up with a small NAS storage server tens of thousands of yuan, oh, if you are willing to use PCI card to transfer a Ide-raid card, do a small Nas, Make sure that the leading colleagues are impressed.

All right, turn on the boot and see, right, notice in the boot into the BIOS settings, the motherboard FSB set to 166MHz, so as to correctly identify the frequency of the CPU, otherwise the motherboard will default to the CPU to identify the lower frequency.

In the BIOS into the health option to see the CPU temperature, oh, just boot unexpectedly only 21 degrees Celsius (pictured below), did not expect in just 4 centimeters high 1U chassis can achieve such good results. Open for a while, 23 degrees Celsius, and waited for 1 hours, 25 degrees Celsius, see no big problem, began to install the system, installed is Windows2000 Advanced Server version.

Installed system, with the motherboard with the temperature of the software to see, after entering the system, the CPU temperature idle only 21 degrees Celsius, copy large files to run some programs, 1 hours or so temperature rise to 27 degrees Celsius, very satisfied.

Use software to detect, find out the system loopholes, one by one to play a good patch, especially to first dozen good SP4 patch set, on this basis to hit the shock wave patch, oscillation wave patch, because now the room in the two kinds of things, once the network contracted, then too late, difficult to do. So prepare early to prevent it.

Finally, install anti-virus software and remote management software, because you have to host the server to the telecommunications room, the room is completely closed, every time in the debugging machine to make an appointment, very troublesome, so the general debugging as far as possible through remote management to complete, many friends like to use 3389 of the Win2000 from the client to manage, I like to use a gadget--radmin, I use the Chinese version, this software is small, but the function is still relatively strong, RAdmin is a remote management program, you can control the remote server through the network, you can achieve Full-screen function, as if using a local computer. As long as you can connect through a LAN or interconnect, you can manage servers, transfer files between local and server, and restart and shut down the server. Radmin consists of two parts: the first is the server, installed on the remote computer, you can transfer the display of the remote computer, the second is the client, installed on the local computer, is also the viewing side, the control side, through which you can control the other computer. The use of this software is very simple, a look will be, do not say more. It should be noted that Norton Antivirus software will think that Radmin is a virus, other anti-virus software does not think so, so if you use this software, do not install Norton Antivirus software.

Install the remote management software, first try on the local LAN, start the software, connect successfully. You see, the screens on both computers are completely synchronized, exactly the same, manipulating the mouse on the control side, opening the folder, and displaying the same actions on the next server screen.

The third step: trusteeship.

The test was successful, carefully wrapped on our 1U server, ready to go--managed.

Hosting the place I have long been found, in line with the size of the company, long operating time, good reputation, a lot of people (do not laugh, this is really words, too few of the hosting company is most likely to happen "Bishing") and several other principles, I chose a company located along Changan Street, the old IDC companies, the price has been discussed, the contract also looked, Although the contract "trap", but for the old Tang this long in the server industry, "veteran", the fundamental structure is not much of a threat, first of all, I wrote the famous "Insight: the first hosting server Experience Complete Handbook", when the network management was wilting, originally you are of Chengdu Ah, got, served, this insider you are clear, I will not be a trick, the contract you look at change, changed the good to know the little brother will do. Look at him so sincere, although I knew sooner or later he had to hurt, I still smile, people in the rivers and lakes, who can not get knife ah, forget, at random, some special mixed provisions of the contract to cut a bit, for example, not to increase the cost of half-way, not without my permission to my server to subcontract other companies and so on, it is decided, in fact, Signing a good contract is important, but more important is the strength, reputation and service level of each other's company, if their strength can not reach, then all the contract promises are a piece of waste paper.

Well, cut the crap, that company is not far away, simply call colleagues Lao Liu, riding his electric bicycle sent over, you see our 1U server is so small, sandwiched in the back of the bicycle is very convenient. Let's not joke, many nouveau riche took the bus to the original ...

Through the tree-lined Chang ' an street, the breeze blowing gently, all the way and old Liu talking and laughing, planning the future use of the server to make money plan, the mood seems to fly up.

For 10 minutes, the mansion of that company is standing in front of you, look, is it stylish? A lot of friends read my article about trusteeship and asked me, in the end what kind of custodian is a relatively large custodian? Look at this, the lowest also have to do so, the worst also have to work in this place office of the company, just a bit of credibility, after all, is thousands of yuan, tens of thousands of yuan of things entrusted to strangers, look at so shabby can be assured? You said it was not.

Gossip less, wear the lobby, take the elevator, go upstairs, enter the room where the custodian is located, look at this, the room about 200 square meters (this is very large in the custodian), the hall wall affixed to the "Staff Code", with glass walls and small partitions into several small rooms and many small lattice, and I keep in touch with the salesman small strong, Waiting for me in one of the squares, and seeing me coming, and immediately smiling like flowers coming up, although he is so enthusiastic, but always unlucky I still worry that if I pay, this face will immediately become another pair of virtues, so he pre-announced "trial three days to give money, not satisfied to move away", Xiao Qiang generously answer, a heart landing, There's no need to worry about him yet.

Look, this is the company's meeting room, which is sitting in the seat of Xiao Qiang, with a row of certificates hanging on the wall of the meeting room.

Xiao Qiang said today a total of 3 servers to be sent to the hosting, I sit with a technician here chatting, he said that the other two are shipped from the field, one is still on the road, is the Henan consignment, a while, that server sent, I see he did not detect our server, hello cockroach, hold on the server, Open.

Came downstairs, I did not see the delivery of the car, Xiao Qiang took me and technicians walked through Changan Street overpass, came to the bus station across the road, my days, did not expect, such a large company, to the computer room hosting server, but also technicians holding servers, take customers crowded bus! My head immediately big, a 1U server nearly 20 kilograms Ah! Holding all the way, the heart can not help but dark sigh, is really the bigger "oppression" of the more ruthless ah, but see Xiao Qiang and the technician laughing, it seems to have been accustomed to. Just then, Xiao Qiang's mobile phone rang, he answered and said, Ah, the company told me to go to another room, can not accompany you to the sorry. Said the slip, I see, forget it, wave a taxi, with a technician straight to the room in Jinrongjie, this is a unicom's room, bandwidth is good, but Xiao Qiang said, put here is temporary, soon to put me into the east of Beijing, a telecommunications room.

To the computer room, the technician showed the work certificate, took me into the room, the room is very clean, a row of cabinets neatly arranged, technicians took me to their company rented a row of cabinets, open the cabinet, the server one by one put in, inside already have several 1U, 2U server, the technician to the server connected to the power, Network cable, open the server, binding IP address, DNS, gateway address, etc., all OK. Unfortunately, this room does not know for what purpose, not to take pictures, so I can only while they do not pay attention to a quick shoot some, we look at it, and then have the opportunity to shoot more pictures of the computer room for everyone. By the right, I specifically asked the technician to put my machine on the top, so as not to be caught up and down, heat dissipation.

Fourth step: Remote Management Server

Back home, open the remote control software client, input Xiao Qiang to my server IP address: 218.30.116.*, remote connection, I now want to manage their own local computer like the management of remote servers.

Right click on the top of the window, select Full screen view, so that you can manipulate the remote server like the local computer. But do not faint ah, many people are easily dizzy, forget that they are not using their own computer, but remote server, you now download, install the software, are installed on the remote server. Into the desktop, first out of the temperature monitoring software, to see the temperature, oh, very good, only 23 degrees Celsius.

Fifth step: Open a virtual host

Server hosting well, I'm going to put my little blog on the server, I have to this "blog" Application for an international domain name:, how cool it is. How can you make friends access to new servers through this domain name? Of course not to let friends directly with the IP address access, although this can also, but for the server is too wasteful, to know that now IPV4 address is exhausted, so each IP address is very precious, the domestic practice is now mostly, in an IP address bound as many domain names and web sites, This is the effective use of IP resources and server resources, this is what we often hear about the "virtual host" technology.

To put it simply, a virtual host is a server running several Web sites at the same time, providing Web, FTP, mail and other services. Let me introduce the virtual host settings for the most common web services. First, I first go to the Domain name management interface, add a new a record, will and of a record point to 218.30.116.*, at this time a record does not take effect immediately, generally the slowest not more than 24 hours will be effective;

Secondly, I through Remote management software, access to the server to set up: (should be small set requirements, here the setting of each step are given out in detail, familiar with these software friends do not have to see)

1, open "Control Panel"-> "Administrative Tools"-> "Internet Services Manager"-> "Default Web site."

2. Press the right mouse button on the "Default Web Site" and select "New"-> "site". Press "Next".

3, enter the site description, such as "" Press "Next".

4, in the "site's main head" on the input domain name "". Press "Next".

5. Specify the directory path of the site in the path. Press "Next".

6, in the right to choose the right permissions. Press "Next" to complete.

After this setup, friends can visit my blog by visiting, but I hope that you can use to access the blog, so do the following settings:

1. In Internet Services Manager, press the right mouse button on site 1 to select Properties.

2, in the IP address to the right click "Advanced."

3, click "Add", enter the port number 80, and then enter the host header names "".

Finally do not forget, add index.htm, index.html, index.asp in the document, the server default document originally did not have these several, if forgot, your website will not appear, many people are dizzy to here.

In fact, the above steps are now the most common practice of virtual host operators, if there are more than one site to add, repeat the above steps can, of course, also install FTP server software on the server, to each site users set up an FTP account, This allows the user to upload the content of the site via FTP to the directory of their site on the server.

OK, everything is ready, in the browser address bar input, ha ha, my blog out, the speed is OK, these days, I am busy to open a virtual host, really called a cool! Overall, the IDC service provider's services are relatively in place, Xiao Qiang often contacted me, asked me to use the feeling, to my views, but also more attention, very big company style, it seems that this year entrusted to them, should not be anything unexpected. In short, or the old saying, the day long to see the people, the quality of the custodian or the need to pass the test of time.

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